Thursday, May 10, 2007

GOP Made Their Beds, Slept With Dogs... Now What?

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Hey Jude!

Contributor, Jude Rouslin

I began to think about the situation Republicans now face as a party. It's a multi-faceted issue. Given the fact that they supported , rubber stamped, and contributed to both Bush campaigns, they must be extremely uncomfortable today which makes me wonder about the psychology and motivations of their own actions and behaviors as well as the future of the Republican Party/RNC.

How does a group of Rep. Politicians as well as supporters, figure out how to go from here? Finding a new identity while at the same time trying to reconcile the fact they were the ones that created the monster. No matter what they say now, I can't help wonder where they place 6 years of ideological behaviors that were motivated by greed, self interests, hate and power.

I personally cannot forgive them and certainly do not feel sympathy for them now that they are pushed into a corner . Because the truth is, if they could have continued, they certainly would have. Had it not been for the eruption of public outcry that was finally able to push past the propaganda machine and MSM. I'm still angry for what they've help to create. However, now they're all jumping ship as fast as they can. The loyalist that they are: I find it so very hypocritical and it merely exemplifies how easy it is for them to change course once they realize that the problems they created are not going away.

Though they want to appear as if they finally cannot take the lawlessness any more? Hell, they were all caught and now they are doing what they do best. Strategies and plotting a new course of action that will help them to remain in their elected seats as individuals. Not a group. However their stripes have not changed. Their public statements have changed only. It means squat.

I suspect many Bush voters/supporters may feel a sense of betrayal, guilt, anger ... but the politicians that created and supported it, are now trying to find their way through a self made field of land mines. They've bullshat their way to to the top, have signed on to warring , no longer engaged in diplomacy, they've manage to buy and write their own self-serving policies via K street and now that the reality of their deeds are obvious. They have to find a new identity and cause.

How can they shed all their mandates, wedge issues and propaganda; then to face the voters now and state they are still a strong party with a purposeful and fair agenda that is good for America? What? Are they going to tell their base, "Oh forget all that stuff we managed to bang into your head, we're moving to plan B?" And can those conditioned brains actually turn it off and on so easily?

It's totally bogus. But I suspect that the Rep Party is going to have to go through years of readjustments and redefining. I think the Dems will also have to do some soul searching as well.

This may be the first time that an entire 'US party' has created such disastrous policies to the extent of effecting the entire globe, which in the end came back to bite them in the ass. They were all for corruption. They all stood by Bush/Cheney as long as they were able to reap the rewards, and it didn't matter who they screwed to meet their objectives.

If they were able to sell out America for their private gains, then what makes them think that they can be trusted? Because we all know that, had the regime not began to show signs of decay, those assholes would still be out their doing what they do best; politicizing the US government, dividing the country with propaganda and vileness that target emotions.

Hell, we know they are a devious bunch. They've worked hard and long over 50 years and they finally got the pay off, but it didn't last long. Now, they're faced with so many corruption charges and investigations it makes the head spin. They have infiltrated every office in our federal system to the point of near collapse.

So now, how do they take all of that undermining, and attempt or pretend to be honest?

Identity crisis for sure; but they're opportunist's and I feel as though there jumping ship is yet just another opportunity or strategy. All else be damned and they've no remorse for the evil they have injected into this country and around the globe. They can't even own up to what they've done. I'm frankly pissed each time a reporter states that another Rep. has denounced Bush as if it will make the dead come back to life; as if it will replace the trillions of dollars they have embezzled from our Treasury; as if it will somehow reverse the corruption, and take back the lies and the political machine that created it; as if it would bring back the displaced votes; as if it could reverse history.

I will never forgive them for making foreign and domestic policies based on greed, hatred, and arrogance, corruption and inventing an ideology that swept this Country after 911. They exploited for as long as they could and now they're jumping ship?

But they are not saying "we're sorry". It's not easy for me to just shove 6 years of evil, under a rug. We have come just inches from a fascist state and I doubt many people realize how close our democracy is from total collapse. We've got a long way to go to repeal the laws that were changed to only serve those in power and Multi National Corporations' interests.

As we demand accountability, and hold many more investigations concerning the fact that the Rep.'s desire to make our Country a one party system, we'll understand how they came extremely close to making it a reality. Plus, we are now faced with a population of people in this country that are continuing with the same ideologies and how does one eradicate the huge neo-conservative design in our citizens... that is, the ones that fell for it? How do we teach them that they were prayed upon due to their own personality flaws?

Even if our Government was placed back on track? They've created a monster and it may take a while to extinguish those hate filled greed motivated ideologies. So, even if the Rep.Party were to eventually redefine itself, they would not get the votes because many of their base, are still shouting the neo-conservative mantra that was instilled in them 24/7.

The Republican party may not be dead; however, it is on life support at this time and possibly for years to come; due to their own misguided strategies. They started the fire and scapegoating politicians will not be able to put out the flame for years to come. All is due in part to the NeoCon's infiltrating the Republican Party which the party swallowed and accepted with open arms.

Did they really think the Rep. politicians would remain loyal to the ideals they espoused in the face of getting caught? Hell, they used their own base and the citizens supported it for their own selfish agenda. Hopefully,they'll get what they deserve. Karma will slap them all in the ass.... and they'll blame anybody but themselves anyway.

Ahh, I needed that vent. Thanks for listening.


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radiofreeeuropa said...

The GOP had sold it's soul. The string yanking PNAC neoconservatives
hijacked it and strategically duped evangelicals into The Big Tent. But the tent was only a facade, and as the moderate conservatives and honest faithful marched through the door toeing the line... a giant trap door opened and they were never heard from again. When they crawl back out of the bottomless pit do you think they will trust the republican party again?

Just My Thoughts said...

I totally agree with what you have said.
Bush keeps pulling 9-11 out of his ass. They didn't do anything execpt get hammered. The only thing they have done since is lie and cheat to get the agenda they wanted.
This whole administration is the biggest buch of eliteist assholes since Hitler and his crowd.
Yes we need to be very aware of the brink these people have brought us to.
There needs to be some accounting for the damage that has been done to this Nation. I know that the Right wants to blame all this on Clinton. I do not find that to be an option. The man made mistakes, however Bush and Company have been running things for seven years now. I think it's time due credit was given where it belongs.
Bush and Co. started out poorly. 9-11 made them the masters....and they f'ed it up. Like everything else they have done.
They did however manage to frighten the American people enough to carry on their agenda of control.
I think it's time to end the Domestic terror and remove Bush and Cheney from office.

Anonymous said...

YES, to ALL the above.... comments and statements!

Anonymous said...

Indeed I agree with you 100 percent. We should have never gone to war with terrorists. We should let them live in peace....when are converting to Islam and you need to buy the authentic Islamic dress for women by the way...and women have no voice in Islam and men can strike them in puplic with no recourse. Beware the terrorists which will soon be here. Oh and by the way if you think that is not true. Read some of the Islamic radicals sites. They feel that any infidel deserves to die because they are not of Islam and even their on people can die for the furthering of thier causes. No read the Democratic bushwah. This country was founded on your right to state your opinion. American soldiers have died for you to keep that right. Freedom is not cheap. It never is or will be. But you ask this question. What would the ones who died for you think of your post. I don't know but in the deepest part of your soul think you this you could never say this or write this in a Islamic state. Didn't you see what the Islam nation did about the cartoon about their beloved Mahommed. Or are you wearing rose colored glasses. A person that does not live in real world. Oh the next time a mugger tries to rub you talk them out of it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have all the facts about Islam ic terrorists. Do you try to get inside the head of person willing to blow themselves up and other Islamic believers and the infidels. Do you understand that they would willing do the same in America. Do you not understand that we are truly at war with a ruthless total dedicate warrior who believes that Ally will reward them for dieing for their beliefs. This country is based on the right of freedom of speech American soldiers have died to keep that right. Each day abortions have killed more Americans than in Iraq. I do not know the totals. But do you think abortion clinics do this out of the goodness of thier hearts, if so they would provide the service freely. A friend of mine from MA once explained her views and I could not understand them. I tryed to explain my views and she could not understand them. This country is based on freedom of choice and if you want to belittle the Repulicans you should look at some of the doozies the Democrats have done. Just a thought. I don't you will publish this since you do not like others points of view.

leslie said...

I used to wonder how countries ended up with a facist type government. It only took 2 elections to put us on the edge. I hope we don't fall back in. It is now apparent to me just how easy that would be. One more election?

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Watergate. Yet Rove didn't learn anything, except how to become more manipulative and cunning than his processors. The Republican Party has been at this for years and they are not likely to change anytime soon. They may pander to the NRA for arms rights and the religious, but the truth is all about money and don't you ever forget it. They will buy, sell, beg, steal, and/or borrow to maintain their own power. I personally find it funny that I know so many people who gloats how they are Republicans because they think it transforms themselves into so rich, powerful, all-important person. But 99.99% of them are fooling themselves, because they are not in that top bracket that owns more than half the nations wealth. Particularly if you're religious, perhaps you should revisit your bible and reread the sections about how difficult it is for a rich man to enter heaven.
As for parties I'm disgusted with the Democrats too. Sure they bad mouth their counterparts, but at the end of the day they are all shaking hands and cutting deals together. I'm voting green and libertarian. This 2 party system is a farce!

waynepacific said...

You have been way to kind to these murderous war criminals. We need trials and then exections of those found to have lied us into this genocidal war.

The other uneducated fools in our governemnt that backed this war, the torture policies, and the "Patiot Act", should be convicted of crminal negligence and sentenced to at least 20 years in federal prisons.

Anonymous said...

The GOP wasn't hijacked; this is who they really are.

The scandal is that the level of intelligence and plicy knowledge on the part of the average GOP congressperson is equivalent to that of a right-wing talk show host....speaking of which....if Bush is down to 28%, why is talk radio 98% extreme right wing cranks ?

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