Friday, May 25, 2007

DC Comprehensive Immigration Reform Poll

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By far the most bipartisan issue of our time, the need for immigration reform or enforcement is the most economically and morally important duty of our time.

Please participate so we may provide this data to our elected officials.

It is a very complex issue, so feel free to make suggestions on additional polling data you would like to see collected on Duly Consider!


JoeR said...

I think you could ask in your poll if it is

1.fair to immigrants waiting in line to become citizens and melt with this country?

2. It this amnesty?

Just a suggestion.

Nice poll!

JoeR said...

Another good question may be:

Do you think the government will enforce the laws?

All American said...

Another question might be...
- If immigrants do become citizens, should their relatives be automatically allowed to enter this country?

scriblerus1 said...

I'm not quite sure how to form a question on this issue. Maybe you can think of a way.

I am opposed to illegal immigration, but I sympathize with the illegals, who in almost all cases are merely trying to improve their and their families' lives.

The real culprits here are the elite proponents of globalization who actually tacitly support illegal immigration in order to defeat organized labor and keep wages down so that they can improve the bottom line of their corporations.

Indeed, the elites are using the old strategy of divide and conquer to pit middle class and poor American citizens against the illegals. We need to rise up and help the illegals improve conditions in their own countries so that they don't have to take our jobs and reduce our wages. We and the illegals should be brothers and sisters instead of opponents.

Anonymous said...

This problem is fallout from the population bomb. Populations of the most overcrowded countries are migrating to the less populated ones. Besides the issues with wages, health care and education, population increase in this country is an ecology problem.

Ekangas said...

My brother-in-law is a retired former district director of INS( one of 6 in the country). He suggests that a very important past program called the 1950's Barcerro(SP) program should be re-activated to address the shortage of workers without the negatives of illegal immigration. Four parts of this program include: (1) Move the program back to INS, who has the authority to conduct this program legally. Currently the program is under the USA labor department, who has no legal accountablity nor expertise in the immigration area. (2) Open these centers in Mexico to recruit workers. (3) The employer would pay for the entire process including the transportation to and from Mexico.(4) The employment is for specific employment and time period of six months, which can be repeated using the above steps. In this way you solve the labor shortage, cost of implementation, and avoid the legal problems of the
current illegal citizenship issue.
Eric Kangas

Anonymous said...

I think the following questions should also added to get a better sense of the participants:

I have contacted my elected official to voice my opinion.

I have submitted articles to my local paper to voice my opinion.

I have attended local rallies to show my support.

I joined a community group to show my support.

Editor said...

Great comments and fantastic participation so far! As it is too late in the polling process to add questions to the poll, any future polls will consider the input of DULY Consider readers.

The Duly Consider/Netscape Users poll is strictly a sampling of the readers who volunteer to do the survey. The question formulation used standard academic standards for creation and none of the results were edited to support a preconceived notion.

As it is NOT a statistically significant random sampling of data, it is not to be confused with a scientific poll. But, neither should any poll unless all results and variables of the method are disclosed.

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