Friday, May 18, 2007

Congress Scurries To Rush Amnesty For Milllions Of Illegals

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Duly Consider has seen an increasing outrage at a bipartisan effort to give America away through laws that would grant illegal invaders more rights than American citizens. Based on the brief story below, we are on the edge of being forced to eat 20-million plus criminals.

(L-R) US Senators Mel Martinez, Lindsey Graham and Ted Kennedy arrive for a news conference to announce a compromise on immigration legislation between the White House and the Senate at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Key Democratic and Republican senators said Thursday they had reached a deal on bringing 12 million illegal immigrants out of the shadows and securing US borders, after exhaustive round-the-clock talks. (AFP/Getty Images/File)

WASHINGTON (AP) -A bipartisan group of senators reached agreement with the White House Thursday on an immigration overhaul to grant quick legal status to millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and fortify the border against new ones.

One of the key negotiators, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said he expects President Bush to endorse it.

The deal came after weeks of painstaking closed-door negotiations that brought the most liberal Democrats and the most conservative Republicans together with Bush's Cabinet officers to produce a highly complex measure that carries heavy political consequences.

It set the stage for what promises to be a bruising battle next week in the Senate on one of Bush's top non-war priorities.

The bill grants effective amnesty to millions if they simply post a $5000 fine, less than the cost of government benefits one illegal uses in one year. If they continue to work for ten years, they will get full Social Security qualification, even if they are currently 55 and they retire at 65 and return to their countries. It is a travesty!

These people who have crossed our borders without legal permission, do not consider themselves criminals, but the law is clear and it is a good law passed by previous congresses who were following the will of the people of the US, NOT the will of the people outside the US who think America is theirs.

Both parties, rotten with corporatists, support the new legislation, against our will ,because they see them as a new source of cheap labor for their masters. This is no mystery but it is treachery.

We hear many religious leaders speak up for them because they have no respect for the basic protection of national sovereignty. The Mormons invite them into Nevada because they see them as a new source of potential members/customers. Let's not forget, religious leaders are out out of touch with their followers because they are as rotten as politicians in that they only care about building their kingdoms on Earth.

We remind all, this is the issue that crosses party lines. A huge majority of citizen members of every American political party, religion and agree on this:
We are being ignored and there is a conspiracy to force us to become a feudal nation of low income and standard of living.
We can't blame the poor foot-soldiers themselves as they only want what their own country has refused to give them, but that is not our fault. It is time to send them back and pressure Mexico and other feudal nations to our south to force their rich to pay taxes and provide services.

Meanwhile, we need to harshly deal with the employers who are acting out of greed and hiring people they know are NOT here legally. America needs to pull together to realize that part of the reason our armed forces have been sent to Iraq has been to disarm America against more direct enemies, here, the employers, the workers and the accomplices.

It is time that American citizens rise up and exercise the right of citizen arrest. Armed if necessary, if we see people either seeking work or working in America without having crossed our borders legally, having obtained appropriate authorization, then it is our right and obligation to arrest them, transport them to law enforcement agents and insist they do their jobs.

Recently, border guards have been targeted for doing their jobs such that two are sitting in jail while the one they pursued has sued them and been allowed to run free to bring in thousands of pounds of illegal drugs.

The remaining border guards are now terrified to do their jobs. No one is even applying for their jobs to replace them and America is not protected from the onslaught of illegal occupiers.

I don't care if they are from Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Haiti, anywhere. It is not America's jobs to provide them with a haven from their own country. They are not political prisoners. They are simply coming here to make money so they can send it back to their own countries, depriving Americans of making and keeping fair pay for their work.

If that means breaking up parents from their "anchor babies" then so be it. If I rob a bank, you can be sure they will put me in jail, even if it means my wife and children will never see me again. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. This does not make one a bigot to insist that we are a nation of laws. And it is not good enough to simply change the laws by making these workers "legal" . By granting immunity, in any form, for the illegal employers or employees is NOT an acceptable reaction.

It does not make me a bigot to require that others don't steal from me; that is exactly what they are doing. If they came to me and tried to steal my car, I could defend myself with necessary force. If they come here and steal an entire job and the social services for which we pay taxes and have throughout our lives, we have the right to remove them with force. We pay agents to exercise that force on our behalf and they are not; so what are we left to do?

It is time to flood the phones of our congressional representatives. That's right; get up and call 911 and get the number for your local representative's office and make it clear you are not going to accept his/her abrogation of oath of office. Or go here.

Incomes have fallen to the point that the working class is strangled with bills. Meanwhile, banks have been lending illegal immigrants the money to start businesses, buy houses and then, if necessary, simply leave, if they can't pay the bills. The banks then take the house and all the payments they have received so far, and they start all over. We grant those banks the right to do business, and they ignore the law, leaving us on the hook when they lose money. It is our right to force banks to participate in keeping illegals out of our pockets, as it is our tax dollars that are used to insure and protect those banks.

Now is the time to bring our soldiers home for the war of their lives, the removal of illegal foreign occupiers.

Anyone who tells you 2-million LEGAL immigrants is not enough is simply out of their minds or they are quietly profiting in same way from this illegal labor. It is time to arrest the priests and employers who offer sanctuary to criminals. It is time to demand our law enforcement agents, work overtime to remove people who are not properly documented; those who have not waited in line. The majority of us are really angry and we are not going to take it anymore.

The secret dealmakers, and scurrying politicians should be arrested for treason. The governments who are our neighbors, who encourage this activity are our enemies and should be treated as such.

They know it is a war and they have no pretense that they are Americans, only interlopers who want to send money to their countries of loyalty. It is time we realize that there is no greater war than one that takes place on our soil. We will not be blackmailed into negotiating with criminals. They must leave and then ask us nicely and legally if they can come back. Then we must selectively grant work visas on the basis of the proven need for their services.

Act now before it is too late. I can assure you, it is not too late yet!


Anna said...

A couple of things. I don't think the Mormons are the enemy here. That comment was inflammatory. If you don't like the Mormons, fine, but don't add them in on a rant that has nothing to do with Mormonism. Secondly, your suggestion about citizens arrest. Are you suggesting that people on the street, possibly armed, can just magically detect illegals. What are we to do, ask for their papers? I can see it on the news now. "Headline: Whole bunch of hicks armed with rifles decided to slaughter a whole bunch of Hispanics they THOUGHT were illegals. Turned out, they were legal." Also, you said something about making sure American business owners don't hire illegals. I've been following the story on this and the proposed bill has a part in it about huge consequences for anyone with illegal employees on the payroll. They did address it, and you chose to ignore that. I'm not saying I entirely like the bill either, but the problem is so huge and complicated now that no one bill is going to solve it or make everyone happy about it.

Anonymous said...

No, what is being alluded to here is that what is in the back of a growing number of people's minds (based on idle comments I have overheard or stated directly to me more and more recently) is starting to be discussed more and more openly...the feeling of frustration and anger that, if allowed to gain momentum, could result in violent revolutionary action. A state is only a state when it is internally well constituted, ie the aims of the state correspond fairly well to the aims of its citizens. If too wide a gap develops, we see governments overturned and countries fall apart. In modern history, we have scores of examples, from the French revolution, the overthrow of the Shah, to the breakup of the USSR and the fall from grace of the Communist Party there...and dozens of other countries that most of us don't think about or hear much about.
Over 80% of Americans do not think that illegals should be here. Compare that with the currently proposed bill, and I think it's easy to see the source of frustration and anger. That would happen in any country where this kind of situation would be allowed to develop. We're the only country in the world where people can come illegally and easily find work, rent apartments, get drivers licenses, credit cards, auto insurance and even mortgages, not to mention free health care.
I greatly fear what might happen in this country if the political system continues to ignore the populace. The institutions I, as an American, am so proud of are at stake, and God only knows the outcome if they come under attack from within.
If this happens, the traitors in Washington and capitals all across this land will be responsible. They all take an oath to defend the Constitution, to protect this country from threats both foreign and domestic, and to faithfully carry out their duties of office. The most grievous oath-breakers here are the members of the executive branches. For over 30 years they have consistently failed to execute immigration laws. Back in the late 70, people began to notice things like there being over 1 million illegals in the Chicago area alone. In the late 80s, America got taken in by Congress who "fixed" the problem by giving amnesty to many millions of illegals with a promise that our laws would be tightened so that we would not face the situation again. And now we face it again, with half again more than were legalized in the 80s. If our President and our Congress are so sanguine to think that Americans are going to fall for the same trick twice, they are in possession of a higher level of arrogance, stupidity, and hubris that any human being could expect to sustain and remain in office. But they are guilty of more than that. They have violated their oaths of office, and are guilty of high crimes against the people of the United States of America. Historically, such offenders are either prosecuted through the legal/political system, or in other ways if the system fails the people it is designed to serve.
There is absolutely nothing complicated about this situation. If we enforced the laws that have been on the books for decades, we would have no burning immigration issue. And we would not have to deport millions of illegals. They imported themselves because we let them and made our country attractive to them. If we simply enforced our laws, they would deport themselves the same way. With no job or housing, they would leave. Guess why they're not in Canada. It's because they could not function there.
Bottom line is...this is a country built on law. We either enforce the law, or we lose our country. It's up to everybody, really.

Last note: The Mexican government, who has been essentially playing the role of invader to bolster their economy with the money illegals send back home, is now pleading with us to PLEASE CONTROL OUR BORDERS and interdict the flow of modern weapons into their country which are being used to attack the few members of their government and police who are not actually on the take. I say, we should send lots more weapons down there. And much better weapons. Then the drug cartels can take over Mexico and they're stop the flow of illegals into the US because they will need them as slave labor in the marijuana fields, and poppy fields once they get going. That in turn will force the US to get serious on stopping the flow of drugs across the land border, partially by building that wall Congress voted on last year but never funded...another joke on the American public they so disdain. All I can say is...Congress and the President better wake up.

Editor said...

To the poster directly above; bravo. Well put.

To the poster offended by a reference to the Mormons; it is a statement of fact and I stand by my journalistic standards. Please check your facts, and you will see it is true. The Mormon church has become caught up in an indefensible stand that pits them against US immigration law. I should also point out that the Catholic church has officially endorse immigration crime as well and they are in danger of becoming criminal accomplices in their defense and protection of illegals.

If you are inflamed, so be it. Let the Mormon church know this bothers you. But I am not one to offer you an apology for being the messenger of bad news.

Me/Myself USMC said...

Well said anonymous. This happens to be the first time I am moved enough to post into this electronic minefield of surveilance and IP logs but I can't help but second (er third) the notion that we somehow have been relegated to second hand citizenship solely for having "real" citizenship.

Example, how many people do the statistics claim are working (legally) in this country without health benefits? I have close relations with doctors and other healt care workers and they are sick and tired of taking care of illegals knowing full well that thy themselves are paying for the services. Americans would be terribly incensed to really see the amount of money that schooling, health care, food stamps, welfare, and housing assistance......etc...etc is spent that they would much rather have go to some deserving legal american citizens.
Don't even get me started on the jobs americans "Won't" do. It is more like they "Can't" do because the low budget employers won't even hire an american for minimum wage when the market has available a much cheaper more compliant less litigious work force from which to choose. In the past,absent an alternative, if an american was hungry and a $5.00hr dishwashing job was available the american would do it, claim their paycheck, make a home and get on with their life. Even if the best they could get was less, people would make do. Now an american can't even compete for the job because the employer doesn't want the hassle of the witholdings, social security, state disability, or even proper safety regulations so it is much more advantageous to hire an illegal. I myself have, in the past, held minimum wage jobs and it was solely because at that time it was all that I could compete for and above all because I needed to EARN
But I digress.
The absolute travesty here is, as was said, the fact that somehow the government elect no longer feels the need to consider the wishes of the constituents. I truly fear that this country shall surely go the way of every empire that has come before by virtue of the fact that the governing ELITE somehow became too insulated from the reason that this country was founded to begin with. It truly is a sad day when a citizen feels that the time is drawing nearer that they may have a legitimate reason to exercise their 2nd amendment rights in order to help protect themselves from their own government. I certainly wouldn't like to see it in my lifetime but it looks increasingly more likely as time goes on.

Anna, aside from your sounding like a self conscious mormon on self defense mode, what makes you think for one second that any of the "HUGE CONSEQUENCES" will ever befall any employer who hires an illegal? They have been soooo effective at it so far haven't they? Do me a favor and stop for a moment to look into the social security mess, no not the insolvency problem that elected people would like to divert your attention to, the mess pertaining to the illicit use and reuse of yours, mine and many others numbers when being hired at these less than ethical employers. Why is it that when the Soc. Sec. agency started investigating the use of blatantly fraudulent numbers, such as 111-22-3333, they were stopped in their tracks by the feds? Why is it that if they detect someone else using YOUR number not only will they not stop it or investigate, thay will NOT even tell you about it nor can you obtain any information regarding who or where it is coming from? It just happens to be another revenue stream from which they can siphon funds knowing that it will never legitimately be claimed by anyone. If they were to put a stop to the illegal immigration what would that mean for the money flow?
Another example, recently in the news was a story(short paragraph) about an illegal who got pulled over after driving erratically and was found to be illegal, no license, and obviously no insurance but he was released at the scene with a ticket. Yes, allowed to drive away! Now why wouldn't they arrest him? He has committed another crime. Another was released from prison after doing time for assault with a deadly weapon and the public became incensed about him not immediately being deported, the newspapers ran a not so flatering story about it and finally ICE went to go pick him up. Well lo and behold they couldn't find him, damn he must have gotten away. Oooops. {Sarcasm}I know, they didn't look in that nice roadside worker gathering shelter thing they spent a million taxpayer dollars to build.{/Sarcasm}

Sorry for the rant but it just steers me balls (drives me nuts) that for some reason/s the government no longer feel any obligation to speak with the voice of the people that they were elected to represent, and if I am wrong and they are doing just that then how come I have yet to meet any of those that are being represented so well?

Grant said...

I’m entering this discussion after having read and reread it. I wanted to avoid any redundancy if possible. Then I realized that the redundancy of my thoughts and my comments was exactly what champions my agreement with those comments made above. That especially applies to the one labeled “anonymous” and the opening statement. Those were very well worded statements. The statement in defense of the Mormons was nothing other than defense of the Mormons. I have no opinion either way about the Mormon Church.

Our country was founded on a great system of laws and procedures for changing those laws if enough of us disagree with the laws. While a set of laws, such as those pertaining to immigration, are in place they should be followed and honored to the letter. That has not been the case for many years. The result is the current problem. The immigrants who cross the border without regard for those laws are immediately criminals by the very nature of their act. That is why it is proper and accurate to refer to them as “illegal aliens”. When they arrive, they drive without driver’s licenses, work for cash without paying income tax, and abuse all those rules which the rest of us are held accountable. The media, the churches, and the politicians all have something to gain by voicing comments which refer to this illegal group of immigrants as “law abiding citizens” or “tax paying families”. The media is often just an “ambulance chaser.” The bigger the story, the more famous they become. The Churches, like they previous poster mentioned, are hoping to increase their membership (which means more money for the church). The politicians will do anything to get an additional batch of votes. The executive and judicial branches of our government are derelict in their duty when they prevent the enforcement of existing laws. That is diabolically opposed to the premise under which our founding fathers set down those laws. People entering this country illegally should be dealt with as criminals. The laws that exist should be brought to bear on them and by force; they should be required to return to their country.

I live in Costa Mesa, California. This city is one of the first where local law enforcement officers have been given permission to ask for proof of citizenship when they have stopped someone for an offense. The left side of this argument claims that it will give season tickets to the cops so that they can pull over anyone of color and ask for proof of citizenship. That simply is not happening. The policemen I know in this city are interested in one thing only…. Enforce the existing laws. They absolutely are not on a personal agenda. What more could anyone want from a policeman? Someone, no matter how unpopular is may be with the leftist media, must ENFORCE the law. We have a system. Let’s just use it. Let’s put pressure on those who shy away from doing what they are elected and sworn to do. That can include private citizens as well.

If we believe in this principle of law then we must be the first to fire the gardener when it is determined that he is here illegally. The labor laws already cover the employer’s responsibility. As a home owner or a corporate head, we must follow those laws before pointing the accusing finger at all the others. As a small business owner, I am required by law to determine whether a potential employee is here legally or not. As a homeowner, I’m required to keep proper payroll records of those who I pay to do domestic duties. My point is, the laws are in place. Lets follow them and, by the same token, force the Judicial and Executive branches of government to do the same. If we do nothing, then our country will fall victim to anarchy and civil disobedience when law abiding people realize there is no protection from the lawless.

Anonymous said...

To the Editor...I appreciate your committment in posting such a bravely written article. And to USMC, thanks for your kudo! Ah...just saw Grant's kind words too...thanks!

This is the first time I've written in a blog too. One reason is that the article reflected other comments I have heard. Not from crazy, radical racists from Idaho (not that there's anything wrong with Idaho), but from middle and upper-middle class working people with families. Even my brother's wife, who works for Federal law enforcement (not INS) in a major border town, can't stand the Administration policies on immigration, and she's a 2nd generation Mexican immigrant. But her parents came over legally.
She actually knows those two Border Patrol officers who are now languishing in jail for simply doing their job. The trial was a politically-driven travesty, reminiscent of current judicial proceedings in Iran.
It's nice to know, USMC, that at least one other person knows why the Second Amendment is in the Bill Of Rights. The Federalists who pushed for it had many reasons, but a primary explanation was that the States needed to have armed citizens they could call upon in case the Federal government tried to usurp the rights of the States. They even did the calculation as to how many shooters the Feds could put in the field as opposed to one of the States and concluded that if citizens had arms of equal force, they would be able to defend their liberty.
So how is this immigration issue a threat to our liberty, some might ask? The answer is simply that without a responsive, representative government, we live in a state of tyranny, not liberty.
As to the economics...if this bill passes, we won't have the cheap labor anymore. As soon as an illegal gets the new Visa (that allows them to stay in the country indefinitely) they will be making Union wages. So then we will need a lot more illegals to do those jobs at below-market wages, and we have done NOTHING to prevent more entering the country. It's one of the most ridiculous, self-defeating arguments (we need people to do jobs at low wages) when placed in context with this bill which will suddenly take the illegals already here out of that job market. I would much rather pay more for restaurant meals if the dishwashers were paid more, and were citizens, instead of the young guys from Central America you see applying for a dishwasher job wearing a 3-piece suit (I've seen it...rather comical).
The reason given that this bill is not amnesty is the "path to citizenship" that requires paying back taxes, fees, exiting the country within 8 years to apply for a guaranteed re-entry is meaningless when you can stay here indefinitely on the new Visa and never apply for citizenship. And it IS amnesty by the very legal definition that means "you are excused from prosecution". They can be prosecuted (deported) now, but instantly upon getting the new Visa they will suddenly be excused from deportation. That is the very definition of amnesty. All sins forgiven.
This must really gall all the immigrants who have come to this country legally through a long and tortuous process. The other really non-sensical thing about all this is that many US employers are wanting to hire highly skilled and highly educated workers and sponsor them for permanent residency status within the existing law, but there's a strict quota on that of several thousand every year. But on the other hand, we can have all these low or non-skilled, uneducated, medically and criminally unscreened people illegally entering the US with NO restriction. Isn't that just exactly what we want to do to this country's demographics? Turn us into a third-world country in terms of our labor pool? Maybe that's what the President means by "no child left behind"...he means from Mexico and Central America. We can't graduate kids in this country who can read, write and count, so why not bring in more?
At least the politicians who got them amnesty can get them to vote!

This is not the only bill related to Mexico that has been or will be proposed that is illegal, unconstitutional, and a betrayal of public trust. Any congressman that votes for this kind of legislation is either incompetent or guilty of that betrayal. Never since the Civil War has the government come so close to losing the consent of the governed. Once you do that, all bets are off.
As Edward R Murrow used to say "Good Night, and Good Luck".

Anonymous said...

What gets my goat is the fact that our government continues to tell us that Social Security is in real trouble and yet they want to give even more of those funds away to non Americans. I have been diagnosed as disabled by three private doctors but have been fighting with Social Security for almost 4 years now trying to get the benefits I am entitled to. Now they tell me they want to give away my benefits to illegal aliens? And I agree with what was previously stated...why is it our elected officials never bother to ask real Americans what they feel about issues but instead just do what they want to?

Bush has stated numerous times he will NOT end the war and the new Congress promised they would. But not they are backing down slowly but surely giving in to his demands until finally he will get his way. A true American citizen will never be heard because even during elections they are too many problems to be a true representation of the voters. Just what country are we really in?

Anonymous said...

I think that if we as americans (legal ones) don't start right now and stand up against a government that is no longer for the people of this country, that we will be too late in trying to fix the problems that they have caused. I can't for the life of me believe that we sit back and take this crap from elected officials. We have kids that don't learn from overcrowding now in schools, we have homeless americans sleeping on grates in the streets all over this great country of ours, we have Katrina victims still living in FEMA trailers, we have social security about to go bust, (not that we get sqaut from it anyway) and these idiots want to let in more and more people that we can't take care of. They want to give THEM free health care out of our tax money when we have honest hard working americans that can't afford it now. Jesus... what is going on here? Who are these people that we elect and exactly WHAT is their agenda?

Obie said...

Whoever votes on this bill should adopt them all! Why not give them Texas while your at it!

Anonymous said...

We have not an America anymore; Washington has made sure of that.

A Black Preacher

Anonymous said...

I agree that a revolution is coming. The government is foul and has gotten too strong for it's own good. The people have lost control and like in other countries the people need to rise up and take back OUR control. We will not stand by and allow millions of illegal people to be allowed in with welcome arms after everything promised after 9/11. I'm not a racist but someone who believes what is right should remain so.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Anonymous said it best. from statements made here.

Anonymous said...

I have seen so many Americans defy the "system" and avoid taxes, get benefits they are not entitled to such as qualify for disability and then work off the books and seen children of illegal immigrants do better in school than average American students, let's add outsourcing to the mix... Have we not already allowed this situation to happen. Has anyone noticed how the 3 strikes system works? Think about it, this is a profitable way of filtering out the the ones you really want to have join our system. I believe it can work IF there is one important addition to all of this MAKE ENGLISH/AMERICAN the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE and remove the Spanish, French, Chinese and arabic translations to products sold in this country. Reinstall the death penalty in this country nation-wide too and make it a QUICK process. I am sick of paying taxes for American criminals who rape and murder and spend their lives in jail on my earned money. The illegals are not going to go away no matter what gets decided in Washington DC, so make them accountable, trackable and make them pay like the rest of them. If we have to deal with a foreigner to help us with our banking or computer problem make it through a domestic phone line and know that that person's salary is going help pay for things related to our Country. Reinforce the borders and stop the profiteering on both sides for human traficking. The more we spit and argue the longer the problem will last.

Me/Myself USMC said...

Too many "anonymous" posters diluting the eloquence of the original "anonymous".
Will the real anonymous please stand up and be recognized?

If you think about the economics of the situation there are arguements for both sides. With the shrinking younger population in this country, as with most all developed nations, an influx of actively reproducing immigrants looks like a way shore up a weakening support system for the future. I can understand this (not condone) from a short sighted point of view.
On the other hand, a longer view would want to have near the same growth in those population segments but with more viable candidates who are more likely to increase our competetive edge in the future world markets, and from assimilated citizens who will strengthen the culture not userp it to be that of another country.
Do a mental exercise, who benefits/loses in the short term vs. who benefits/loses in the long term from the dilution of our middle class populace, from the diminution of the peoples power of the vote, from an increased separation between the haves and the have-nots, from the clamping down on personal privacy and liberties?
Remember, things don't change unless someone is motivated to change it. This motivation is always driven by some percieved gain or improvement in their situation or conditions.

Anonymous said...

As a metric to the degradation of our economy in the last five years, lets consider two commodities: The price of gas and the price of gold. The price of gas directtly defines the price of distribution (and resultant price tag) of all purchased items that we select from the shelves of our merchants. The price of gold is a constant by which the economy rotates, being unchanged as to what services, products or commodities that it purchases in our changing economy. In 2002, when the War in Iraq began, the price of gold was slightly over $400.00 per ounce. It is now cresting $680 per ounce. The price of gas was less than $2.00 per gallon. It is now cresting $3.00 per gallon, conservatorily speaking on both counts. If we apply the increased price of gold to the increased price of gas as per 2002, then we would have to add over 50% to the present price of $3.00, bringing it to $4.50 per gallon. This adjusted figure represents the real buying power of the dollars that our employers pay us for our full time services, as compared to the buying power of those same dollars in 2002. Granted, we cannot neglect to consider the yearly "cost of living increases of 2-3% that some "benevolent" employers so graciously extend to their employees, who, by-the-way are some statistically (and also conservitely) 70% or less in number of the existing crew that kept that same company afloat in 2002. All that to say this: we are on the threshold of Hyper-Inflation, America! The curve is not linear, but hyperbolic in nature and the economic wind that so wistfully parts our hair now will rip the money out of our pockets and the clothes right off of our backs in the near future (e.g. Argentina). Compounded with this present domestic delimma is the spectacular phenomena of whosale economic outsourcing of our technical job market to Bangalor, India and mainland China, to name but two. Adding to that travesty of treason is the additional travesty of treason of the wholesale donation of our domestic educations to foreigners under the guise of education visas under the guise of a lack of domestic talent in the technical market. Evidently, those granting the education visas to these foreign nationals did not check the unemployment lines, where our domestic talent is standing while not in the bread lines... behind the illegal immigrants, I might add! How do we reconcile this sort of activity of our lawmakers? I have pondered this question for many years and now conclude that our country is no longer defined by physical borders, land masses and political entities, but... corporations! The corporations are the momentum that moves the lawmakers to pandor to what seems to be totally inept and insane lawmaking. We are no longer one nation under God, indivisable when we become sold, donated and divided to the shores of our advesaries. We, these Unites States are taking the political role of international prostitute as we sell our children into slavery in exchange for the immediate and fleeting profit of the day.

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