Thursday, March 29, 2012

Medical Care - All or Nothing?

Like it or not, without the profit motive, GE doesn't develop MRIs. The key is lowering costs while maintaining necessary incentives for research and development to remove the middle man, and I fully believe the current health care bill will push out private carriers.

Private carriers are eventually going to have to compete with the government, and they hate that. Social Security was originally just for white widows and orphans; and it evolved. Medicare will eventually be the same. Most political insiders realize this current Health Care Law is a foot in the door and it is a transition.

I realize some on the extreme left would say all or nothing; then we'd get nothing and people die.

Just released, was a poll from Reason-Rupe that based on the order of the poll and the questions, attempts perform a persuasive goal and frankly, can be twisted by selective reporting.  Raw poll Clearly, this is a push poll, but the earlier questions are quite positive and the popularity of Medicare compared to private HC, make it clear, single payer would be more popular (as would free food for all.) So much for populism. It seems the current bill strikes a fair compromise and will only grow in popularity especially as the requirement on private insurance carriers for 80% of premiums for services kick in » And local coops begin to compete.

In a first world free nation that provides a social safety net, people are faced with the option of subsisting (barely enough to live) with government help; or providing for themselves with opportunities for great wealth. Let's hang in there and hope they provide an option other than prison that offers subsistence

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