Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mexican Govt., LA Drug Gangs Very Organized To Take Control Of Border Area

As a grant writer for a gang intervention program in an inner city district in LA I had the horror of interviewing gang members who were proud of the claim that the gangs were complicit with the Mex. Govt. and drug cartels in a well-organized land grab/area take over in Southern Cal., South Texas and other border areas. I was literally prevented from seeing their faces during the interviews though they were happy to discuss the subject.

Since writing the grant which was absorbed into the statewide program. I followed up with the same members who contacted me to claim responsibility for the driveby murder of then Lynwood HS Principal Gary Beverly for his plans to crackdown on Hispanic gangs. Beverly's longtime friend Omar Bradley was Mayor of Compton at the time and a high school teacher at Lynwood. They lead a coalition to maintain black political control of areas that had become majority Hispanic in population. Most voters were black; Most residents were Hispanic (non-citizens) Bradley has since been arrested and imprisoned for graft.

According to anonymous members, the Mexican govt. has soldiers in South Texas poised to provide training, support and arms to the gangs as they maximize their use of US social services, bankrupting many border hospitals and school districts.

The Mara Salvatrucha
gang is predominately
made up of Salvadorans
and originated in the
Los Angeles area, not
El Salvador, but the gang
was later deported
back to that country.
---- AP /Luis Romero --->

There is some splintering of Hispanic factions as Mexicans and other Hispanics don't associate well, but the common language seems to be the cohesion. Still, some opposition to their plans comes from legal immigrants as well, but most of them join them since they can't beat them. Employers are perfectly will to take advantage of the cheap labor, but little do they know, once they have established a stronghold in certain labor markets, the Hispanics then re-escalate pay and maintain their jobs with their numbers and monolingualism (Spanish).

Blacks who attempt to break into landscaping, construction and even restaurants find they are turned away for only speaking English. Many who threaten to bring in the INS are simply killed and they usually disappear. Of course, the INS does very little even if they are informed as they are undermanned and lack authorization to go after employers.

Just this week our only Predator Drone was shot out of the sky. This unmanned camera plane has aided in the detection and arrest of thousands of invaders. Also this week, border patrols were attacked by groups of 'soldiers'. They were wearing bulletproof vests and clearly well-prepared. All this just as today, the Senate voted 59-39 for a plan to cut Bush's Iraq request by $1.9 billion to pay for new aircraft, patrol boats and other vehicles, as well as border checkpoints and a fence along the Mexico border crossing near San Diego.

La Reconquista is the national movement of Mexicans to 'retake' their land. Kerry Fox reports on them as they've stepped out of the shadows--
More details click--

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Open US Immigration--Selected Locations--Kill Two Birds With One Stone--Solve Immigration And Reduce Energy Dependence

Here's a new solution. Completely open immigration with selective location. Repopulate the ghost towns of Kansas, etc... and rebuild factories. Grow so much corn that we could never starve and we could feed the world and we would have enough left over to make ethanol so we could become energy independent within 5 years. If Brazil can do it, so can we.

Otherwise, according to previous CIA director James Woolsey, we will see our greatest vulnerability come to fruition. He says the U.S. faces 'World War IV' . We are close to it now. Can you imagine if the oil cartel decides to boycott us and sell their oil only to Asia, India and Europe? They could bring us to our knees and our economy would come to a halt. This may sound like overreaction or a slippery slope fallacy, but we are on the edge of such a disaster at this moment with the looming prospect of "Nuking Iran". I guess that would solve our immigration problem, wouldn't it? Who would want to come here once we have alienated the people on whom we depend for our very survival?

Longtime commodities trader Raymond J. Learsy lifts the veil of the Mideast oil cartel,
showing how OPEC manipulates the oil markets and destabilizes the world's economy.
With refreshing candor and an insider's perspective, Learsy explains .

We would become third world--the falling of the Roman Empire would look like a minor depression. Brazil would become the center of the universe and those coming here to find the American dream, would go there instead. Sounds great, doesn't it? Nahhhh.

Arrest and imprison H-1 application liars, and those hiring illegals to do jobs that used to pay well. Protect existing jobs in adequately populated areas; Encourage immigration to Kansas; Plant corn; Eat, drink and be merry and drive your cars to your clean fuel delight; Pay lower taxes and become proud to be an American again.

Immigration Quandary--Part 2

Enough twisted, multilayered bullshit suggesting Americans are not victims of illegal immigration. As a grantwriter for inner-city schools in LA, years ago, I can tell you the Hispanic gangs, mostly illegals or born to illegals, are very organized and kill black people who compete for their jobs. Yes, it's a war, and I think death and economic deprivation of citizens of the US is a full-on "victim" crime. Therefore, anyone who contribute to that by hiring or encouraging the hiring is part of the victimization of Americans. Those that suggest otherwise are either employers who lie and financially benefit from the artificially cheap labor such increased supply of uneducated manpower allows.
To suggest these jobs are not "theirs" to take is to suggest America is not "ours". If so, eliminate all borders now and allow the oligarchy in Mexico to get off the hook of supporting their own people. I don't however, blame the workers themselves, but the oligarchy who make the laws and sucks all the benefits upward.

I am old enough and aware enough to remember when construction, landscaping and restaurant kitchens actually paid enough for people to live on. Employers are victimizing the labor, and ultimately encouraging the victimization of all of us. If you lived in Southern Cal or anywhere with a high illegal immigrant population, you'd realize we are all victimized by paying extraordinary taxes to provide ESL and/or content education in Spanish to people that are not here legally.

Arrest and imprison the "illegal employers"; Stop the demanders, stop the demand.

The sad reality of illegal immigration is -- it is to blame for many social ills, like high taxes, unemployment, low pay, poor public education, and drug violence in our streets. But, again, I say, don't blame them for doing that which is allowed by our govt. that refuses to enforce the laws against employers. Sounds like the only motivation for the INS to ignore the problems, and the govt. to fail to adequately staff the INS to enforce existing laws, is graft, plain and simple.

Now anyone that hasn't researched this subject or lived deep in the warzone as have I, who still believes there are no victims, continues to comment "there is no problem"... well I will either have to call them a major dumbass or a "lying liar" who somehow feels he financially benefits from these crimes. In either case, they are part of the problem.

As for "at will employment", I believe in a free market for employment skills, if in fact, citizens are given first consideration. The problem is citizens are "unwilling to do the jobs" not because they are bad jobs, but because the jobs have been undervalued by the presence of illegals. In their absence, Americans can compete fairly. In the case we arrest lawbreaking employers, we will naturally eliminate the great sucking noise I hear from the border.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Fair Immigration vs. Anarchy vs. Liberalism--A Cat Of Many Tails!

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." said Dickens at the opening of his famous Tale Of Two Cities; A timeless phrase and applicable to the current quandary America faces over its consideration of the current immigration conflicts.

Even liberals are mixed as many of them want freedom of movement between countries and they even feel sorry for those without what they need in their home countries. But they also have a heart for those in America who can't make a fair living because immigrants and the all-too-willing employers force wages down.

Of course Republican are rubbing their hands together, happy about the minorities clashing with one another. "Divide and conquer," say they.

It seems that many have even become confused about who serves who, regarding the proclamations of corporations rights to have cheap labor versus proclamations of workers to have protected fair-living wages. The corporations and those who own them are winning by default, as doing nothing allows them to continue to hire immigrants illegally and hold them as effective slave labor. They know these workers can't quit so easily or complain about unfair treatment.

Many lies prevail: "Americans wouldn't do these jobs", "Blacks would even do these jobs", "Illegal immigrant workers are essential to our economy", and the list goes on.

The fact is Americans have done these jobs in the past for a higher wage than they currently pay. Construction jobs in California paid far more 10 years ago especially when accounting for inflation. Also, one finds kitchens full of non-English speaking people, mostly illegal immigrants, making it impossible for Americans who speak English only, to work alongside them. The same is true of farmworkers. A poor English only American who is otherwise willing to take such jobs is faced with the inability to communicate thus losing the job even if he is hired. After the language barrier creates a roadblock to the legal worker, the illegal ones then demand higher pay. The result is $50/hour incomes for illegal immigrants in some cases. If you want one of these jobs, call Senator McCain's office or go to this site, Project USA. They will direct you to such jobs. They are difficult and maybe impossible if you don't speak Spanish.

Even in the legal immigrant job market, we have companies lying on their H-1 applications in order to hire people from the company owner's home country. They create job descriptions that require say... Chinese; no Americans apply and they can then hire their Chinese compatriots to fill their factories in, for example, City of Industry, CA. Once they have so many Chinese workers, their previous lie becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, making it necessary to recruit even more foreign workers. The employer can control these people, pay them less, and even abuse them without reprisal. Corporations claim they have a right to create this scenario, but they forget "People have rights" and "Corporations and governments are supposed to serve people" not vice-versa.

High-Tech Jobs - Chinese Workers - America

I have personally witnessed one company, PC Club, in California, with several stores and and a huge distribution center/factory in City of Industry, claiming on their H-1 applications that they are "developing multilingual software" and they need to hire bilingual people. Without even having to wait for approval, they hire Chinese workers at every level within their company, from retail store managers to advertising layout departments to high-tech assembly personnel. These are otherwise the kind of jobs Americans would love to have. One US citizen employee did, in fact, inform the INS. After finally failing to get a live person on the phone, he left a message and followed it up in writing. There was no response. Thousands of companies in that area have learned from each other how to play the game and have hired uncountable foreign workers to displace Americans. I don't blame the workers; they just want to make a living and live the American dream. Some do; others are horribly abused. One such Chinese/Taiwanese worker, one Myron Chang, a Georgetown MBA, when he tried to blow the whistle on PC Club, was fired. He went to several lawyers who threw up their hands. Anyone with this legal expertise makes a great living defending such companies not helping workers. They laugh at complaining Americans knowing the INS is complicit.

As a longtime political liberal I am torn. I have lived in many countries and have befriended foreigners who wish they could play by the rules and have a chance of getting in. We have no room for the honest ones, because the dishonest ones keep pushing them to the back of the line while crooked employers do the same and government agencies whose jobs it is to prevent it, actually help them by sitting on their lazy hands or sticking their hands out for apparent payoffs.

It is so out of hand that people are pretending their are no solutions. Well, there are, and it's not building a 700 mile wall and hiring thousands of border patrolmen. It is hiring several Justice Department Prosecutors and going after the employers and putting them under the jail, making examples of them, creating a chilling effect that would make a heavyweight boxer shake.

For the moment, it is smoke and mirrors from immigrant groups, foreign worker unions, corporations, rich politicians and even the INS itself.

The only way we can cause proper reaction is to take action by cutting and pasting articles like this one and sending them to your Congressmen, Senators, the President, Newspapers, and to each other in order to create a groundswell. Otherwise, sit on your hands; pretend nothing is wrong and get ready to allow California, Arizona and South Texas to secede from the union, be taken by criminal force, or to be reabsorbed by Mexico. And yes, you will be asking them for the jobs back they took from you, but at a far lower pay.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Publicity For Stephen Colbert

Anything I can do to steer people to watch The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert I will.

An offshoot of The Daily Show, the show does more to promote liberal causes by parody of ignorant Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly than any politician or pundit alive. He consistently and intelligently utilizes logical fallacy to show how ridiculous and selfish the conservatives really are. You get the news that matters from both shows back to back and they leave you laughing instead of crying over the huge injustices performed that day by Bush and Company.

The difference between Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and Colbert is that he never admits it is just a joke. No one can keep a straight face better. Between the incredibly intelligent interviews and twists presented by Stewart and the ingenious bastardization of conservatism by Colbert, who needs other TV. I suggest you try this for one week: Read your favorite newspaper or news website for a straight scoop; then tune in to Stewart and Colbert to get the appropriate levity in order to survive your disgust.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gay Marriage Green Cards; Government's Job To Defend Relationships--Part 2

I normally ignore people that are just being dicks for the sake of being dicks, which has nothing to do with this subject. I hear some suggest that the way other countries handle this situation, is irrelevant. But how is it not to the point that most of the East (the Buddhists especially) more efficiently handle cultural strife better than the US? And I state that as a qualified authority without need for "facts" of others in that I lived there, studied and worked there and traveled extensively, personally experiencing and observing the kindness firsthand.

I'm embarrassed to be an American when otherwise macho Australians question our ability to deal with the gay issue fairly as they have. When Canadians with whom I have worked, claim the mantle of "freer nation," I simply agree. When Scandinavians, Brits, Francs, the Dutch laugh at us for letting religionists hold up millennial traditions of hate as "sacrosanct" over our rights of privacy, I bow my head humbly to their politically progressive superiority.

We need to stop pretending to be the land of freedom when we repress freedom to a greater extent than any 1st world nation--ie percentage of population in prison, most for victimless crimes of self-expression (drug use). Lest we forget, people have in our recent history been imprisoned for fucking someone in the ass and a President was impeached but not tried and removed, for failure to resist a blowjob. Stop your semantic, petty arguments, your masturbatory exercise of flawed logic and start taking action in defense of the basic human rights to love a person of our choosing and to insist our government defend those rights by encouraging coupling and harmonious relationships by providing incentives like Green Card marriage.

It is not enough to simply say you're married and suggest the government shouldn't be involved. Of course they should, not for permission or approval, but for protection of rights. It is essential for gay partners of different countries to have cross immigration right in order for their relationships to thrive.

If you question this or even oppose it through silence and apathy, don't be surprised if someday, one of these invisible minorities "accidentally" pricks you with an AIDS infected needle or simply beats the fuck out of you in his/her righteous indignation at your position. And yes, there are plenty of gays and lesbians who are more of a man than you and can, in fact kick your ass when you offend their mates. To sit back and deprive someone of something so basic, is a passive aggressive, arrogant attack, and one attack deserves another.

If you oppose the government defending personal relationships, say so, and stand up to the anger you will rightly create. Try depriving straights of the right to immigrate on the basis of marriage or to get married on the basis of loving relationships and see what happens. Even companies have the right to sponsor people for visas when they "love them" for profit's sake. We certainly hear them fighting for that right.

Whether we like it or not, the government is the one that enforces immigration. We can't "get them out of this business." Even Libertarians see this as one of the primary purposes. Unless of course, we just eliminate the concept of borders altogether, the government must change the law to allow domestic partners from different countries, to immigrate on that basis.

Part One

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Current Popular Attack On Public Education/Educators--Only By The Ignorant

The issue is not public versus private schools.

Every study on the subject consistently concludes the same thing: that there is a proportionate relationship between socio-economics and educational performance. Private schools with rich kids do no better than Public schools with rich kids and conversely, poor kids in poor private schools (and yes they exist), Jim Bobs Christian Academy, etc. do just as badly as their commensurately poor public counterparts.

It is time to stop attacking the performance of public schools and instead, commit to making them better. Stop attacking public school teachers and start to thank them for doing jobs in schools where the requisite skills are actually higher. Teaching rich kids is easier; I've done both; believe me. It just so happens that public schools have become the repository for poor immigrants who are not even well educated in their native tongues, much less English. When we remove them from the statistics, public education is doing quite well.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Much Deeper Discrimination---Gay Immigration Rights

America is so blatantly anti-homosexual while pretending to be "tolerant". This is a deep think, not just a call for apparent "political correctness" but a firm finger-pointing. Even the left wing is bigoted against homosexuals still in their failure to view gay rights the same way they do those based on race, religion, etc.

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Recently, I asked several people if they had seen "Brokeback Mountain," to which even the most liberal of them responded with an attempt at humor. Now, I have seen the film, and there is nothing funny about it, but people still find it appropriate to use the subject of homosexuality as an acceptable entree to jokes. Well, it's not acceptable to laugh at serious misfortune of a deeply and unfairly hated and hurt minority.

To laugh ignores the very serious attack on one of our most valuable rights, to have equally free assembly of two people who love each other, whether through the recognition of marriage, domestic partner benefits, tax benefits, or immigration rights of partners.

To suggest that all would be sufficient if each state, one by one, would allow marriage, is ridiculous. If the US federal government doesn't fully recognize these marriages and ramifications and doesn't actively punish people who discriminate on the basis of such an innate element of one's personhood, then no state, corporation or group of collective individuals, can put a dent in the problems facing this devastated class of people.

Some say it is impossible for such a government to exist, yet they do. Such governments do exist: Canada, many in Scandinavia, even Australia has immigration for codependent relationships of all kinds, including gays. This American apathy and insistence that such is impossible in the US because we are so different, so terminally unique, for some, is simply bigoted liberals hoping the bigoted conservatives will remain the scapegoat for failure to enact social fairness. Get off your ass if you REALLY believe in defending the natural rights of people different than yourself.

Without very deep change, one of the most basic rights taken for granted by straights, that of immigration of foreign born love-partners, keeps billions of people worldwide limited to choosing either someone from their own country or partnering with someone of the opposite sex. In case you haven't though about it, can you imagine finding the love of your life in a foreign country and either being forced to permanently immigrate there in order to be together or coming home without the right to bring him or her home with you to the US, without fear of them needing approval of a green card by means other than marriage. Right, US gay people who fall in love, can't marry the ones they love and confidently bring them home to the US.

If they have HIV, it's even more devastating, as the INS currently requires a negative blood test before granting Green card status under any circumstances, straight or gay. Despite all the complaints against homosexuals for their assumed perceived promiscuity, they are not allowed to "do the right thing" even if they wanted to; I guess leaving them to eventually part from their loved one only to truly become promiscuous out of despair and to spread their HIV if they are, in fact, infected.

So, stop laughing and stop waiting for other people, states and countries to do something before you take action. This "waiting" is the most insidious bigotry.

Part 2

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mosque Fundraising At All-Time Low

Unfinished mosque, designed by Saddam to be the largest in the world, now occupied by Shi'a clergy

One of the most difficult problems facing us today is the blight left on America and indeed, the world, by the difficulties of fundraising for the building of mosques.

Yes, I have seen entirely too many uncompleted mosques across this land and it is time to step up and finish that which we started, "Freedom of Religion."

Muslim woman offers some fundraising encouragement at local American Mosque

All joking aside, there are huge numbers of mosques lying in limbo since 911. Have the Muslims lost the motivation to pursue their religion in America? Have we somehow shamed them by misdirecting our rage at their religion instead of at men of all religions overstating their causes? Are the Fundamentalist Baptists in the US any different for attacking abortion clinics and federal buildings than Muslims for attacking our financial centers and each other for minor differences?

I don't know the answers, but it is time for religion to get on with its real purpose: bringing hope. It would be so nice if religions practiced what they preached rather than killing each other in the names of their Gods.

Religious fundraisers attract many for dinner but few for financial support

Many among the religionists have given other good people a bad name and this is a shame. Build your temples; Praise your God; Lovingly persuade others to do the same. But, let's stop allowing powermongers within religions to infuse their misinterpretations into governments.

Just food for thought, so eat!

Failing Drug-War: Double Standards For Rich And Poor; Ignoring The Alternatives!

I recently read a blog by long time anchor Walter Cronkite regarding the war on drugs. He makes a legitimate argument but, like most broadcast journalists and some bloggers, he assumes people are knowledgeable on the subject he addresses enough to know the alternatives. He wins the argument but fails to persuade.

Is Cronkite's argument really that the war on drugs is a failure or that the focus on punishment and the blame on drugs the wrong approach to the problems? Is it a success when the "freest country" in the world has a higher percentage of its population in the world in prison for "altering their mental states" by using drugs. Who are the victims? All of this costs more than we spend on education. It seems we make a false cause fallacy when we assume the problems with drugs are with the drugs themselves. Just as in the 20s during prohibition of alcohol, there was violence associated with the illegal sale. Now that alcohol sales is legal, there is no violence. Could it be the case that making drug sales "non-criminal" would have the same results? This is the alternative he fails to mention but some would say goes without saying. When the crime is "drug use" and "possession", who is the victim?

His premises are true. Drugs are MORE pervasive than ever before, despite the fact more are in prison. Is punishment the best approach? Or could we finally address the causes of drug use; unfair, painful society where 1% owns 90% of America? Are not drugs the result of this? Is it that blacks and are genetically or socially inferior such that they are "naturally criminals"? Or is it possible they use drugs at a higher rate because they are poor and suffering and wish to escape? Meanwhile, do we imprison rich people who abuse drugs? No, we rack it up to "youthful indiscretion" and we send them to expensive rehab centers.

Facing 20 Years to LifeMandatory Minimum Sentence
Marijuana Conspiracy, Cultivation and Flight
click for story

Yes, Cronkite fails to address the alternatives: 1) decriminalizing drug sales reversing gang crimes associated with sales 2) treating the cause of drug abuse (mental illness and social injustice)

So, it could be said his argument is strong but would be stronger if he more deeply addressed alternatives. Keep in mind, one of his premises is not "there is no drug problem." He simply says the current approach is failing; false conclusion?

Thanks for addressing the argument, Mr. Cronkite. Your position in the for a of public discourse is undeniable and maybe the same questions need to be asked until answered, but nothing new has been said in a while and the government has ignored the alternatives. But let’s not make Cronkite’s attack on the government’s policy an attack on the men enforcing the laws. Yes, the police are to be commended for their “failed efforts” to solve a problem with the wrong approach. The government should not however, be commended for simply creating failure then punishing the poor for it and punishing the rest of society by creating a huge human and financial expense for lack of productivity of those imprisoned.

In the future, it is best when motivated by rather short pieces like his, to look more deeply even if he doesn't; as this is not really the arguer's responsibility. Premises are true and relevant to a true conclusion. His facts are reliable and relevant, and we have had how many years to evaluate the efficacy of punishment on drugs? When do we try different approaches like giving people a decent education and the opportunity to make a living therefore reducing the need for drug escape?

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