Thursday, May 03, 2007

Obama's Secret Service Detail: An Omen To Assassination?

Today, I was was terrified at the notion that someone assumed Barrack Obama needed a secret service detail more than any other. Admittedly, Hillary already has one because she was once a first lady, but that there may be something more to this than that he is black is a thought that is hard to avoid.

You have to wonder if Obama himself has the right to screen these agents? Can he somehow test their loyalty? A lie detector test? Psych profile? Personal interview?

We must hearken back to JFK, RFK, MLK Jr, and even JFK Jr to recall a huge, deserving suspicion of the government itself. The mysteries surrounding all of these deaths would make any nervous politician consider early retirement.

The facts that come to mind are that in each case, there should have been excessive caution yet they lost their lives anyway. In the case of JFK: His entire regular secret service detail was replaced that mournful deathday. His supposedly highly trained driver did the opposite of his training and slowed to allow several easy shots for the triangulation team. MLK had been threatened daily yet it is likely his men let their guard down. Most still assume that JFK Jr. simply fell out of the sky onto his mother's beach at Martha's Vineyard only minutes after radioing into the tower. Despite his never having flown without an instructor by his side before and his leg in a cast, we were supposed to believe he chose this day to go it alone behind the wheel, with his wife and sister on board. We are supposed to believe he waited 45 minutes beyond his proposed departure, though all passengers had arrived, for no reason at all.

The biggest question one should consider is, whether or not Obama is feared by the establishment. Do they believe he will stop their flow of blood-money? Do they believe he will open Pandora's box on previous assassinations and corruption? Do they believe he will keep his word and shut them down on all fronts?

If the answers to these questions leaves the "powers that be" scratching their heads, could even the most loyal Secret Service team stop them from breaking our hearts by taking yet another bright star's life? We are in an era of unparalleled corruption in government and in the private sector which seems to control everything we hold dear. Frankly, suspicions could go in either direction. If Obama makes it to an election, would not some suspect he is in someone's protection other than the Secret Service? If he dies, will it be a result of his naivety and a driven evil deeper than anyone remembers or knows.

I can say this: If Obama falls prey to an assassin's bullet, I feel sorry for anyone standing in the way of angry mobs seeking redress. Few have considered that violence in America today is at least partially a form of slow revolution. If Obama were killed, what could possibly stop the explosion of anger that would ensue?

America's Official List of Assassinations -- We're Number One! We're Number One! Does not include disappearances or conveniently mysterious deaths:

Joseph Smith, Jr. , (1844), Mormon leader
Hyrum Smith, (1844), Mormon leader, killed along with Joseph
Abraham Lincoln, (1865), President of the United States
Thomas Hindman, (1868), Confederate General
James Hinds, (1868), U.S. Congressman killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan
James Garfield, (1881), President of the United States
David Hennessey, (1890), Police Chief of New Orleans
Carter Harrison, Sr., (1893), Mayor of Chicago
William Goebel, (1900), Governor of Kentucky
William McKinley, (1901), President of the United States
Frank Steunenberg, (1905), former governor of Idaho
Don Mellett, (1926), newspaper editor and campaigner against organized crime
Anton Cermak, (1933), mayor of Chicago
Huey P. Long, (1935), Louisiana senator and former governor
Carlo Tresca, (1943), anarchist organizer
Curtis Chillingworth, (1955), a Florida judge
John F. Kennedy, (1963), President of the United States
Lee Harvey Oswald, (1963), assassin of Kennedy
Medgar Evers, (1963), U.S. civil rights activist
Malcolm X, (1965), black Muslim leader, killed in a Manhattan banquet room after giving a speech
George Lincoln Rockwell, (1967), founder of the American Nazi Party
Martin Luther King Jr., (1968), U.S. civil rights activist
Robert F. Kennedy, (1968), Presidential candidate and John F. Kennedy's younger brother, shot in Los Angeles
Fred Hampton, (1969), Deputy Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party
Dan Mitrione, (1970), FBI agent and torture expert, killed by the guerrilla movement Tupamaros
Orlando Letelier, (1976), Chilean ambassador to the United States under the administration of Salvador Allende
Harvey Milk, (1978), gay rights campaigner and city supervisor of San Francisco, California
George Moscone, (1978), Mayor of San Francisco.
John Wood, (1979), first US federal judge killed in the twentieth century
Alan Berg, (1984), radio talk-show host, killed by Neo-nazis
Chiang Nan, (1984), Taiwanese-American writer, allegedly killed by Kuomintang agents
Alex Odeh, (1985), Arab anti-discrimination group leader, killed when bomb exploded in his Santa Ana, California office
Alejandro González Malavé, (1986), famous undercover policeman, in Bayamón, Puerto Rico


Anonymous said...

Obama will never be President. Regardless of how hard his supporters work, the largely uninformed voters in the United States will be put off by the name Obama. "President Obama?" - that's something you might hear in the middle east, if they had presidents, but you will never hear it in the USA. His name is what will prevent Obama from ever being a serious contender for the White House.

Anonymous said...

Being pro-active in regards to Obama's security is a good thing-that is if the security is REAL and official. Mr. Obama is a smart man and I'm sure he has considered all of his options. Let's hope his team has checked everyone out thoroughly who will be in charge of his protection. It's a shame that racism, predjudice and hate are a part of this world and must be considered. I believe that our government did have something to do with the deaths of JFK, his brother, Martin Luther King and others. Power causes corruption and those who are hungry for power will stop at nothing to ensure they have it and keep it.

I hope and pray that Obama is kept safe throughout his campaign for the Presidency.

Nazi Hater said...

If it is true that Obama is unelectable simply because of his name, this would convince me further how ignorant and racist many in America are.

The sad thing is, that no one seemed to be bothered by the fact that Bush was a German name, "Busch" originally, and that never bother any of the Nazi assholes in the US!

Avid said...

That is an awesome article. The list at the bottom makes it so clear how violent and sick America is and maybe always has been.

I saw a movie about RFKs assassination just last week, with a long list of stars, directed by Emilio Estevez. I cried. And ever time I see little John John saluting his dad's grave, I cry. I am tired of crying, and if it happens to Obama, somebody else is gonna cry after they get caught in the crossfire!

Malcom said...

I guarantee blacks will shoot everyone that isn't wearing a Dems t-shirt if Obama gets taken out.

Patriot said...

Americans don't assassinate people. It's a foreign conspiracy, every time!

The Jury said...

Some of these comments are just the biggest assholes, I have heard. They are probably dickless Nazis that would pee in their pants if anyone said , "Boo"!

It's amazing how brave people are online!

Anonymous said...

Malcom said...

"I guarantee blacks will shoot everyone that isn't wearing a Dems t-shirt if Obama gets taken out."

You are working in ignorance. The fear of assasination may be from the fact that the majority of black americans don't think Senator Obama is black. Heck, the reason for the protections could be from a crazed former High School friend. We have no info here, so speculation just generates rumors.

CB from L.A.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nobody interested in whacking "Obaby". It's his Obama addicted friend Dick Durban who asked for the protection. Check out his voting record in the Illinois senate. Ain't nothing for no one to be afraid of. He didn't even vote for a woman's right to choose. Obama is way more conservative than people think. He rattles no cages, he is so saft. If the media will stop freaking out at anything that has to do "Obaby" we can get to the real news.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in Obama's Illinoise voting record, esp. in regards to a qomen's right to choose. How does one access said records--or are they accessible?

Editor said...

I recommend Googling "Obama's voting record" and "Obama's positions".

Editor said...

Anonymous said...

I believe that the article posed some interesting questions. The idea of race and name issues is an indication of how America thinks and how they react, vote or otherwise choose not to vote. The lack of education in our schools may even be a reason some people make dumb remarks about what a group of people would and would not do in a given situation. My question is why if america is all that then do you have schools in cities like baltimore that don't even have books or have to share them. People should be more worried about thier childrens education than if then next president is black. People priorities makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

If obama wins America Loses. He has ties to louis farrakhan and his own racist preacher says that farrakhan is his spiritual advisor. Thats enough for any one with half a brain to turn against him, But most of the posters here do not meet that criteria.

trigger said...

It is starting to make me crazy. I keep hearing Mrs Clinton go on and on about one thing after another only to find out later she probably mispoke, but that is somehow ok. We can aparently be lied to, bullets over bosnia, hospital stories, "I do not take directions from Lobbyists" but one of my main advisors is a lobbyist, but don't worry I really just let him speak because I believe everyone should be heard, I never really listen to him. And he was not in Columbia smoothing feathers because I had to politically come out against trade, no way, the Comlumbians know that I will never do anything to change the trade situation, it is only talk to get elected. Everyone knows that.

But let Mr Obama mischaracterize our anger, which by the way is true, we are angry with the way politics are carried out in our country, we are mad and some of us are even bitter, but just don't say it. It is not policitally viable to tell the truth. I am sick of it and by the way I am bitter, about politics and polticians so it is clear we need someone knew in there working for the people. Someone who does not always know what is politically vialble to say or not say and sometimes steps on his own tongue to tell the truth. This has become boring. It is time to end it. If Hillary looses in Pennsylvania and I sure hope my brothers and sisters in Penn can help send her home, she needs to quit.

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