Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Letter From Naval Officer On Nimitz Off Iranian Coast

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USS Carrier Nimitz and supporting battle
compliment off the coast of Iran

It is very painful to hear from someone you love while they serve in the US military, but if we didn't hear from them, we are left with the fear that things may have gone awry.

It is difficult for me to share this letter from my Nephew, but he would like for America to know the human side of this massive military show of force. And sometimes, show of force is the very thing that prevents war. Sometimes, it just scares countries into increasing weapons production. Who ever knows?

There are 16,000 personnel on these ships above and beyond the buildup in Iraq. It is really an intimidating site to see and the part they don't see is underwater with full compliments of nuclear weapons. The planes are in the air constantly off the Iranian coast and God only knows what must go through the minds of the simple people of that country.

We can only pray that our leaders will avoid doing anything that will force us into many more years of death and war.

Iran is a beautiful and ancient land, Persia, as it was once known, and its leaders are not a refection of the beliefs of its people. Sometimes we forget, wars are between leaders, but the deaths and destruction is born by the people.

We must never forget that Iranian President Ahmadinijad no more represents all his people than Bush represents all the US, yet it is they who will either deliver us from evil or into a bloody conflict the likes of which none of us could imagine.

LTJG Nick Hall and shipmates, USS Nimitz
Good Afternoon from the Iranian coast,

Sometimes it’s hard to write everyone out here, whether it’s because our email service isn't working or secured or we are just being worked to death, so these emails make it easier to write home so I don’t leave anybody out.

Things are keeping busy for the NIMITZ lately. You may have seen in the papers that we just steamed 3 battle groups together into the Straits of Hormuz off the coast of Iran. Obviously someone higher up has us parading around in a show of force for political reasons. Whatever the case, It certainly is a sight when you see some of these small fishing boats or Arabian dowhs and they are trucking along right next to the Carrier and the other 7 or 8 warships.

We will being doing a lot of operations out here and then may be back home in late ****. Talking with my detailer, I will possibly be receiving orders to Charleston, SC and moving with Ashley back east in January, but that is still not confirmed. Like anything in the military, I am waiting on an answer.

Due to our email being secured, I missed MOTHER’s DAY, so Happy Late Mother’s Day mom, I hope you liked the card.

Ashley started a HR position at ***, a company based out of San Diego that works on Military Technology, including some naval equipment that I am familiar with. So she is excited, call and congratulate her if you get a chance. Keep on truckin'!

I will attach some more pictures to this email. Some are of our recent Beer Day that we had on-board, yes the Navy drinks beer. The rule is, if you are out at sea longer than 45 days, Uncle Sam owes you a couple beers and we have been at sea since I left, so it was well deserved. The other pictures are of the battle group marching around so enjoy. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

P.S. Can someone forward this to Grandpa and send me his address, the one I have isn’t working.

Lieutenant Junior Grade NICK HALL

“Duty is the most sublime word in the English Language”
Robert E. Lee, c1857

Editor's Note: Anytime a part of the US military shows force without actually fighting, it is solely for political and diplomatic impact. This should go without saying. "Parade rest".

As for readers, reading something into an article that wasn't written; welcome to journalism.

Nick is well aware I am a professional writer and I would say the same to him as anyone. Anything someone doesn't want repeated, it is THEIR responsibility to request it be off the record and to receive confirmation before they continue, according to journalism practice and the law regarding news.

There are NO private communications with reporters unless both parties agree it's private.

Neither Nick nor I would be ashamed of anything in his letter or article. He's a fine man;his words should not be paraphrased, nor mine.


Anonymous said...

"Never pick on the little guy." The Iranian reaction will be to hasten building nuclear weopons that can be deployed, most probably, through clandistine terrorist operations just about any where they can get away with.

To demotivate the Iranians and take there resource support away would involve a different strategy. The optimal stategy might be one that would make Pres. Bush and VP Cheney poor.

Anonymous said...

I think we should worry more about Pakistan selling nuclear weapons to terrorists than Iran. Overall, Iranians are very pragmatic and they don't support terrorism. Iranians are even described to be non-religious by other muslims that visit Iran. I think Iran is only threatens to protect their country and all its OIL rather than wish to attack us. Pakistan on the other hand is a country nuclear weapons where jihad and fundamentalism thrive in the minds of the population. We should probably be using our resources to contain Pakistan and Al Qaeda instead of trying to screw up what seems to be the only calm and reasonable area in the middle east.

Tom M. Navy Vet. said...

Very brave young man to be so truthful and blunt about his statements about Bush. Bush and the Republican party which are puppets for the rich in this country would like nothing better than to take over all of the mideast and get their greedy paws on all of that oil and oil money. We are in Iraq for one and only one reason ...money from oil. Sorry another reason is Haliburton, a crooked Republican company full greedy rich Republicam maggots that feed off our dead soldiers. I hope this young man doesn't get into any trouble from his comments since the REpublicans hate for the truth to be public and censor all the truth they can....Our country is at an all time low due to the Republican greed, arrogance and evil stupidity. From a Navy veteran...a very irate Navy veteran.

Anonymous said...

everyone conveniently forgets that the fundamentalism, the taliban and all its products were planned, financed and excuted by CIA with cooperation of Pakistan military and intelligence during the regime or General Zia, to pit them against the soviets during the afghan war. None of this existed in Pakistan or afghanistan before the afghan war. Back then these same terrorists were touted as "freedome fighters" by the Americans as well as Pakistani government. General Zia was assinated (his C130 military transporter was blown up) soon after the afghan war was over and his purpose was served. Check your own american news from the eighties, you dont have to look outside US even.

Editor said...

It should be categorically stated that LTJG Hall never doubted or belittled the decisions of his superior officers or the President.

He specifically suggested the "show of force" may have had "political motivations" which is part of the proper use of the military as sometimes the very presence of a powerful force is the thing that averts war.

No one one KNOWS the motivations of such orders but we can all hope the purpose was and never will be to initiate war.

Everyone who has shared about this letter (which was intentionally incomplete as some things were strictly private) but again, everyone has expressed supreme enthusiasm and support for our men and women in uniform!

Nick is the finest young man I know and he will honor his duty. I only hope that duty never includes the exchange of military blows.

The training our sailors and soldiers receive is the best in the world and they take their responsibilities seriously, as well they should.

I have and always will believe among the military are the peacemakers...

Bless them all; especially Nick who is an officer and a gentleman and his wife who is a lady befitting of his side!

Tony said...

To rephrase "It's a Wonderful Life" ‘Our youth are wasted on the old’, the old way of thinking and solving problems. Twice our military has given Iraq to the politicians and twice they have failed miserably. This time in blood bath beyond anything we imagined.

We learned several truths in Vietnam. One being to support out military regardless of what they have been told to do. They are not evil or wrong they are good and noble and should be cared for, and nurtured for they are honorable. The second was to have an ally that wants the same or similar goals; again, we have none in this country. Third and most important is to have a goal and a plan, I get the feeling other than to assign contracts to cronies, and this administration lived in a fantasy world. Only one of them had been subject to sacrifice or honorable duty in his life and he left.

I respect this young man and all of those who serve, for whatever reason. I respect their families for their support and sacrifices. Honor and duty to humanity as a whole, ones country, community and family are the highest calling. I will cherish these young people as I cherish all of those who have put everything on the line for me and mine.

MAJMaddog said...

BZ to all hands aboard the NIMITZ carrier battle group.
From an old Navy Stewburner!

Anonymous said...

A couple of thoughts from a former Sailor. 1. All show of force or presence missions are political. You show up off someones coast to influence the behavior of that country's leadership.

2. Nuclear weapons on ships? Read this http://stinet.dtic.mil/oai/oai?&verb=getRecord&metadataPrefix=html&identifier=ADA389152

It took about 10 seconds on Google to find that. As another reference point, the Federation of American Scientist have an excellent website on military issues. It must be good given the number of military I know that have it bookmarked.

I would recommend in the future that you don't include the name, ship or division when talking about active duty personnel. Just a Sailor serving on USS XXXX is good enough.

Editor said...

It should be clarified that no one has verified the whereabouts of any nuclear weapons carrying subs. It would be assumed they are always strategically assigned.

pinchpro said...

I hear a lot of individuals making comments about the Bush administration doing all this stuff to "make the rich richer." I only wish that were true. I have followed politics for a LONG time and, though I voted for Bush, he and his people are, unfortunately, not THAT bright. He IS trying to secure the oil supply in the Middle East (good for ALL of us....and doing a poor job of it) and he is trying to do a number of other things but his thinking is pretty muddled. Don't make a habit of seeing conspiracy where incompetence is the real culprit.

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