Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alex Jones Destroys Piers Morgan; Piers Cries Foul (needed a gun)

Let's face it, Piers lost regardless, on the merits of the facts and their logical conclusions, even when you remove the emotionality. And frankly Piers knew that he was trivializing, ridiculing and condescending and couldn't possibly expect Alex to ignore his passive aggression. And yes, Alex is hyper-informed with all the facts from all verifiable sources, while Piers kept ignoring cogent arguments, literally talking around him. Guns are not great, is the point, they are a necessary evil in a world where people will victimize you if you can't defend yourself. Instead of taking away our ability to defend ourselves, let's focus on the social causes of the organic growth of victimizers, then we won't need guns. Meanwhile, good luck when you drink in Scotland, and the only guy with a gun is a cop two kilometers away while someone with a knife takes you down!

You could say something 100 times to Piers and he would simply ignore it and refute it with an irrelevant fact that does not address yours. It's simple passive aggression, and to most it make the passive aggressor seem to be "civilized" while the other becomes legitimately irritated at being ignored and condescended to. Neither Jamie Bartlett  of the Huffington Post nor Piers have done anywhere near as much research of all side of the issues as Alex, so in both cases, debating him would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

I am sure many people will assume that calm equals correct, but everyone can identify with  Alex' frustration, before he even arrived, with Piers incessant irrelevance. People have got to actually listen to each other, and address logic with logic, or they can fully expect anger.

Piers Morgan Debates Alex Jones on Gun Laws,  2nd Amendment

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Medical Care - All or Nothing?

Like it or not, without the profit motive, GE doesn't develop MRIs. The key is lowering costs while maintaining necessary incentives for research and development to remove the middle man, and I fully believe the current health care bill will push out private carriers.

Private carriers are eventually going to have to compete with the government, and they hate that. Social Security was originally just for white widows and orphans; and it evolved. Medicare will eventually be the same. Most political insiders realize this current Health Care Law is a foot in the door and it is a transition.

I realize some on the extreme left would say all or nothing; then we'd get nothing and people die.

Just released, was a poll from Reason-Rupe that based on the order of the poll and the questions, attempts perform a persuasive goal and frankly, can be twisted by selective reporting.  Raw poll Clearly, this is a push poll, but the earlier questions are quite positive and the popularity of Medicare compared to private HC, make it clear, single payer would be more popular (as would free food for all.) So much for populism. It seems the current bill strikes a fair compromise and will only grow in popularity especially as the requirement on private insurance carriers for 80% of premiums for services kick in » And local coops begin to compete.

In a first world free nation that provides a social safety net, people are faced with the option of subsisting (barely enough to live) with government help; or providing for themselves with opportunities for great wealth. Let's hang in there and hope they provide an option other than prison that offers subsistence

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Noam Chomsky: Voice of Reason Without Rhetoric

Noam Chomsky speaks to BBC's Francine Stock at London's St Paul's Cathedral, Dec '02.


Next, an interesting interview with an (attempted) focus on religion but is quite varied. Always good to hear Chomsky asked about new topics so there is some new stuff here amongst some older material. In all fairness, Interviewer Zwicker has been somewhat controversial regarding 911 conspiracy assertions, but here he tries to find the core of Chomsky's basic thinking systems and really does not like his seemingly leftist defenses.


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