Monday, June 19, 2006

"Queers and Niggers" are more than JUST funny! Accept us as full serious human beings or get punched!

by Jimbo

I keep hearing terrorists are the new Jews as if Jews were no longer persecuted. I hear the same the same about Gays, as if everything is okay now that we have Wil & Grace, a show that is stolen from its namesakes by a stereotype gay man and his alcoholic female friend that acts like gay drag queen; now that's progress!

Gays are far from accepted. The thing that kills me is that now, we are not only NOT accepted, now we are openly laughed at for stereotypes. They've even legitimized the stereotypes by calling it "Queer Theory". Why don't they just cut off my balls? That would be like having a respected academic course in college called "Nigger Theory".

Then, they have the nerve to suggest civil unions could even come close to satisfying the call for parity with straights. When two gay people fall in love with people from another country, their relationships are not protected by green cards, yet straights think it would all be okay if each state just individually passed half measure civil union laws and corporations gave domestic partnership coverage, which is really intended to help all single people, a majority of which are straight.

I am so sick of people acting like we have arrived, when we haven't even been allowed on the same train. There is going to be a violent revolution before its over and many gays will die before there is any movement of moral justice, but the principles will finally be clear. Nothing half-ass is acceptable.

Can anyone imagine that black people would have accepted being able to vote for local and state officials but not the President? If black slaves had been granted the right to permanently rent land but never hold title?

The whole idea is insane and many gay people, God forgive them for their low self-esteem, are willing to take less than full recognition of one the most powerful statements of their humanity, the right to love and permanently pair. It's not about reproductive rights; that's just a red herring filter that straights are trying to create to make it impossible for gays to respond. If we just wanted to reproduce, what the hell? Who can't do that? It just takes an unplanned egg and sperm joining. Gays become parents quite easily and often.

Here's the deal. Gays are not ever going to get something as long as it is perceived that they must be "accepted" by straights. Hell, whites still don't understand or accept blacks, but at least they can fuck each other until there is only one color. That will solve their differences eventually. Gays and straight will never fully "understand each other". How can they?

But they better, by God, respect each other, or they will kill each other and it will make the US civil war look like a cake walk.

Imagine if even 10% of invisible gay people begin to truly act up. We don't want to go there, do we? Now, wasn’t that funny!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Voting Delegitimized--A Call For National Strike/Boycott

Graphic-Borders Readers United

by mostconsiderate
Daily Kos
Mon Jun 12, 2006 at 12:27:26 PM PDT

Well, having just read the article by RFK, Jr. in Rolling Stone:
RFK, Jr Rolling Stone Article
It is about the literal stealing of more than 350,000 votes, I am now firmly resolved that we, liberals cannot depend on voting alone to turn things around.

Of course, though our country was established as a result of violent overthrow/armed revolution, since the writing of our constitution laws have been passed making it illegal to encourage or lead the same against even those who took power by illegal means, i.e. G W Bush, twice.


Voting itself, though I recommend it, is proven to be ineffective and illegitimate.

The government has systematically imprisoned millions of likely Democratic voters and even when they get out, felons can't vote. Yes, I mean those sitting in jail for no other "crime" than using drugs recreationally/free-thinking, who were supposedly in possession of amounts enough to be considered evidence of intended distribution.

Let's face it; those of us that are not in prison can't depend on our votes being counted, except possibly for the unintended candidate. Paper trails are being eliminated. And even when it is proven that voter fraud took place, no one is indicted.

Is it possible that the very thing many call terrorism and crime today are, in fact, the legitimate rebels?

As I have no intention of joining revolutionaries in jail, I am left with one remaining solution, a national worker strike and consumer boycott. Not a wimpy, one day thing, but simply staying at home, dieting, cleaning out those shelves, not buying anything that isn't necessary for survival until political and economic pressure is brought to bear!

With 70-million + voting-age Americans doubting the official stories of our government, a majority preferring another leader, yet the current one refuses to step down and congress doesn't lift a finger to impeach or indict for clear breaches of law (FISA, ETC), what choices do we have?

Many say, "Maybe next time", but it never comes. Many say, "Hey, wait until the fall", yet who believes anything will change when even the Democrats are silent about the problems?

Is someone a nut who believes it is time to take maximum legal action against the inaction of the government? Are we just so desensitized that we think nothing CAN change? It is clear we haven't had have faith in voting for year or more would vote. Are we frogs sitting in a pot of water, being slowly brought to a boil, failing to jump out, and dying?

Now is the time. I propose 1) July 4th as the date when all Americans begin to refuse to buy cars, homes, luxuries of any kind. Eat the minimum. Cook at home. Paralyze the economy. 2) If there isn't prompt action, stop going to work on the 11th. Even if only 50-million Americans do this, imagine the power of uniting, something it appears we had forgotten. United we stand; Divided we fall! Do it now. Email your friends, refer this article. Put it in your blog. Talk about it at church and anywhere there are people.


UPDATE - Thanks for the support, but no half measures; no luke warm water. It must be devastatingly clear. NO PURCHASES, NO WORK until the message is clear on every Mainstream Media Outlet there is.

No "splinter groups", no "whining minorities"; Massive across the board... Could I be more clear? Nothing less! Relent only when the President has been impeached. It is a simple up or down vote by congress. Don't relent until the Congress has assigned a team of special prosecutors for the stolen votes in Ohio! Don't relent until there is a commitment to arresting EMPLOYERS trying to get slave labor from our poor neighbors!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.
Illustration by Matt Mahurin

RFK-Rolling Stones Article

Two Presidential Elections In A Row?

Are we in an era when the biggest threat to national security may be the belief that US elections are illegitimate?

If people of one party or all, stop voting because they believe the results are either not counted or purely fabricated, we face the likelihood of our government being perceived no differently than those in countries like Cuba or Venezuela. Some may believe that both parties are equally involved in "dirty tricks" or that there is just one. Both scenarios destroy faith. In America, we like to advertize that we are the beacon of democracy for the world.

At this juncture, we stand to lose our internal sense of representation but the larger concern is the rest of the world will lose faith in our example and may even totally ignore our elected officials believing they are not the voice of the American people. With more and more areas turning to paperless ballots, and of those with paper, more and more ballots being lost, destroyed or altered, what can we do?

Free polls from

Do you view US Elections as "Illegitimate"?
Yes, they've been bought or stolen
No, the problems have been exceptions
Elections are not important

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush Pandering On Gay Issue -- It's Time For A Liberal Backlash!

Photo-The Atlantic

As we enter a new round of attacks on civil liberties by the Bush Administration, it is time to act, if we haven't already. Bush is currently pandering to the right to ban gay marriage on the national level. He is unlikely to be successful at the constitutional level, but he will most certainly stir up hate among those that go to the polls next November.

It is a wedge issue, and the worse thing we can let him do is to push the issue back into the closet. Democrats must refuse to be apologists for doing the right thing.

I am begging for people to hear this as it effects tens of millions of people directly, and all of us indirectly. This is a group that has been vilified to a greater extent than the Jews throughout history. They have suffered a tyranny of the majority long enough. Frankly, it's considered acceptable fodder for humor, and it's got to stop.

Gays are told they are "less than", "abnormal", from the day they find within themselves a seed of attraction to their own sex. They are persecuted more heinously than any group. Humor seems to be their nervous reaction to the condition, but there is a Pagliacci in every funny gay you see. Inside, there is pain which leads to suicide and alcohol abuse at a higher rate than any other group.

It is time, not to pander, not to apologize, not to hide, but to strike while the iron is hot.

Civilized countries all over the world think we are disgusting for our treatment of gays. We are not considered the symbol of freedom anywhere, including inside America. It is clear there is a long list of countries with greater commitment to protecting the weak.

Nothing short of a national recognition of gay marriage will pull people out of the obscurity of gay bars and ghettos and into the fold of mainstream America.

The right of committed companionship is one none would want to lose. It is one gays would love to gain.

Imagine if you met someone from another country, fell in love, wanted to bring them home and commit, but you're gay and no such green card right exists. You must live in fear of ultimate separation or bounce back and forth to maintain your relationship. Impossible.

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