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Separating Myths From Logical Truth Regarding Evils Within World Financial System

Editors Note: The article below is a result of a submission from a reader. As this site is not a simple "sounding board" for ill-considered ideas or knee jerk conspiracy theories, I was forced to either ignore or address this otherwise compelling piece. Ms. Masterson is not an employee or agent of this publication. Any of the content in black and red, remains intact, unedited and the copyright along with its liability remains with the submitter. The response is in blue and remains the sole responsibility and content of Bryan E. Hall, Editor of Duly Consider.

Please read this as you would an essay that has been commented upon by the professor. It is unusual to publish something in this fashion, but in all fairness, it would be irresponsible to do so without parenthetical consideration.

After the ashes of this so-called unprecedented presidential election, do you know who you voted for into office? What do you know of his policies? Do you know who controls him? Money is what controls him and do you know who controls the money?

The Federal Reserve is what controls the money in this nation and it's not the government or we who run it, it is private bankers who through a federation of twelve banks controls the money that flows through this land and that they vote privately on the money that controls us, that affects us, without our being able to have a say in the matter. Beyond being unconstitutional (the constitution, due to the threat of the monarchy of England, vanished the possibility of there being a central banking system due to the catastrophes caused by the administrators who deliberately pushed wars to make money by funding both sides and destroying a land's economy all in the name of power and greed), it is a gross act of defiance and hubris hostility against the voice of the American people by showing how powerless we are against controlling the very things that runs us; our money.

See, back in the good ole' days, we were once on the gold standard. The treasury had the ability to make money, but it was backed by gold. Nelson Aldrich, the Federal Reserve Act architect, met on Jekyll Island with JP Morgan and the Rothschilds to draft what would be the finished product of the Federal Reserve Act. Due to the passage of the Fed reserve act during a sleepy day in Congress when half of congress was absent due to Christmas, the fed reserve act was passed under strongly banker-backed President Woodrow Wilson, who later regretted his decision to let it pass (for more on the history of the Federal Reserve, see <> And you can check out the official whitewashed history at <> for comparison).

This set the stage for corporate and banker interest to take control of our government at the expense of the people since their interest lied in their bottom line and not our best interest . This set the stage for a government that is, even now, still under the control of bankers. When JFK tried to reintroduce Treasury Notes into the economy under Executive Order 11110, allowing for Treasury to regain control over the life blood of our economy, he was assassinated by CIA operative E Edward Hunt to keep him from freeing the people by creating a truly free-based economy where we aren't tied to illegal system that puts us into debt (source: <>).

In the case of Obama, that's what speaks for him, the bankers who control the reserve since it is the reserve who, like a mother to a child, gives the child an allowance, which is in turn given to us. In the President's case, let's say the government needs 1 billion. Without even sending real, printed money, the Federal reserve sends a bunch of numbers through the computer to the government and that is the money (For a more accurate and simplified way on how the Fed Reserve works, go to copy/paste <>).

There is no physical money printed, shifted or transacted, but imaginary money that only exists in a machine, a computer. This money, as debt instrument, is used in turn to give to the people at a fixed rate or interest and since only a fixed amount has to stay in the government reserve, this is what determines how much money exists in the supply based on contracting or expanding, or, in other words, inflation. Plus, to add insult to injury, we are charged interest on this fake money, thereby ensuring a lifetime supply of ingenious slavery in a workforce. Also, since the Federal Reserve runs the Presidency, wars are started to get us out of debt and in peace time we are put into debt to justify going into words, therefore sealing us into a vicious cycle of wars.

Thus, we are literally controlled by nothing. We owe nothing in return since no money was really given. To make matters even worse, we are forced to owe through the monopoly money that we are given trillions upon trillions of debt since the money we have isn't even money, it's literally debt (if you don't believe me, look at your $1 dollar or $5 dollar paper bill, what does it say; Note means in elementary accounting that you owe a debt and not get paid back for it.) Out of a lot of the Federal Reserve sprung corporations designed to put us to work to pay off this debt since the government pays interest on this fake money and pass it along to us as tax. Corporations don't become big overnight. A lot of them got to where they are due to cooperation with the banker monopolists. Without their cooperation, Nike wouldn't be where it is since, and neither would Reebok, or IBM since without their cooperation, they wouldn't have gotten the loans to start the businesses. Even worse is the fact that mostly bankers, these crooks, assisted in Obama's campaign, such as Franklin Raines, who was fired as CEO of FNMA and Penny Pritzker, former CEO of Superor Bank of Chicago, which went belly up due to pushing sub prime mortgages (source: Even though Obama is against some of those who lobbied for him, he still accepts their money (see <>). Even more surprising are the donors who funded both campaigns simultaneously. Look at some of Obama's supporters, with Goldman Sach's being 2nd with Morgan Stanley not too far behind. (The list can be seen here at <>). Now, look at the donor list of McCain (It can be seen here at <>).

[Good info, but fails to demonstrate a relevant support for your thesis that Obama (more so than other politicians) actually falls under some control of the Fed and/or other insidious banking interests. Such a connection would be huge news but there is no evidence of this. He, like every other candidate, accepted money from bankers, employees of banks and PACs who may favor banking interests. The fact he got more than other candidates is only a testament to the fact he was highly favored to win the race; and to the victor (or likely victor) go the spoils. Sadly, all the candidates support the current corrupt banking system, except for Ron Paul and he is unviable in the political structure.]

Notice that they have the same bankers, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, giving to them. Do you see a correlation? Yes, I know I can. You can go ahead and think that they feel that they might see both candidates who represents their interest, but, who is the third candidate that they are trying to keep out? There was no real third party opposition that was a threat since they didn't receive equal media coverage, so why support two so-called separate idealogues?. Also why vote for two candidates with supposedly two different interests? Doesn't it make you think that no matter who wins, they are rooting for the same guy since they know that the same guy will pull the same result.

If you decide to look to the propaganda machines that are the news and other news entertainment outlets like Newsweek and the like you will be hard pressed to find accurate, unbiased information that can help the reader or viewer arrive to unbiased, informed opinions. For instance, Newsweek's News doesn't get printed until it passes through review by the Pentagon. However, the airwaves and screens are stuffed with fluff: mindless drones watching reality shows while sitting around lingering and drinking beer due to economic hard times is what the corporatocracy have in mind and want. The corporatocracy wants us to be consumed with this so that their product, our Presidential leaders, can lead us like the blind leading the blind down a path to oblivion much like the pied piper did with the little kids of Germany. They want us to think that this leader whom we didn't elect (the electoral college did). [Simply untrue as he was elected by a larger majority of the popular vote than anyone since Carter (and he followed Nixon)] will lead us into a great era of prosperity because she/he is black or some other diversionary tactic to keep the simple minded blind. However, the fact that these are the people who control him [Highly conspiratorial without any evidence] (remember, those with money have power) are the ones who control him [I am quite sure they would like to control him, but the proof of that is to be seen] and with their interests being selfish, do you think that these corps that don't mind overworking children to death in sweat shop factories are going to care about us? Do you think that these companies are going to care if Barack turns around and says that he wants to bring companies back from overseas and return them to America? No! You never bite the hand that feeds you and look at what happened to John F. Kennedy when he tried; he was owned (assassinated)!

Aside from understanding how the economy is used by the bankers to control the President and decisions in this country, another important, actually very imperative key to understanding what really runs this nation is the advisor to the president. Zbignew Brzezinski is going to be [one of] Obama's advisors. Do you know who Zbignew Brzezinski is aside from his name? Brzezinski was instrumental in the creation and support of the mujahideen, which later became Al Qaeda, in an effort to use them against the Soviet Union by creating strife with the then Soviet supporting Afghanistan and training what was to become Al Qaeda using CIA operatives
[Failed interventionist policies go back well before Brzezinski as the British, even before WWII, IE-“Lawrence of Arabia”, tried to control them as they didthe Indians, and they created a hatred that has backfired, but it is true, the US created and supported the “Mujahideen” and the Shah of Iran, and Saddam Hussein and even Khadafi. The
US has made a lot of money selling them weapons that they later have used against us, but who can blame them?] (Source: <>)This man intends on using Obama to initiate his decades old war against Russia. Do you know the name Rahm Emmanuel? He is the son of a terrorist [“Terrorist” is a label that can easily be applied to anyone who uses the threat of violence to elicit fear and control, certainly to include all military power (except our terrorists are funded directly by and openly encouraged by our government)] who quelled opposition to Israel by slaughtering Palestinians and he was also picked to be Obama's right hand man (Source: <>). I am quite sure that will lead to more war and involvement with Israel. As a matter of fact, a top pentagon advisor warned of an international crisis after Obama takes lead 260 days into his presidency, with Biden even emphasizing the ruthlessness of this soon to be international crisis (Source: <>) (Source: <>) . Also, other than what Obama says, let's find out what he has done. He has:

Voted for funding for Iraq (Source: <>)

Voted for Wall Street $700 million Bailout (both him and McCain have the same donors) (Source: ) [Obviously, a majority voted for the bailout, most of which did so with disdain, much as parents paying kidnappers reluctantly.]

Supported the war in Iraq by approving bills allowing more money to fund the war (Source: <>) (Source: <>)

He supports an invasion of Pakistan [This is what we call “spin”; He said he would support a strike within Pakistan if there was actionable intelligence that led us to Osama Bin Laden] (Source: <>)

He is for the Patriot Act as well as the FISA Act, which allows for greater spying powers handed to the NSA over the American population. (Source: <>) [It is yet to be seen as to whether he will favor the extension of the Patriot Act, and most indications are that he will not. FISA is a perfectly suitable law, if enforced. Bush simply ignored it. Perhaps you should read it if you haven’t.]

For the invasion of Afghanistan through funding (Source: <>)

His policy consist of getting us to borrow more money in order to spend more money by borrowing from foreign banks (which goes against what the constitution stands for), which will add to the cataclysmic cycle that will lead us into a bonded and indebted populace, which will lead to a much worse recession, otherwise known as a depression (Source: <>).

We are living in a hypocrisy and if we were to have done our homework rather than letting the mass corporate media feed us it's baloney, we would have been aware of this before we voted for him in office. Now, looking back at the Bush administration, the feeling is predominant that his tenure in office will look like the golden times rather than the real gloom and doom that's ahead of us now all because we choose to be asleep rather than awake.

In Africa, the leaders of a village, even all the way up to prime minister, bloodline is the determining force of everything. In order to be king or queen, PM, unless you are of a certain regal heritage, you can't ascend the throne or head of state position. Returning back to America, did you know that Obama is related to Bush and that his Kenyan father went to Harvard, thereby making him a legacy? America is also ruled by a bloodline. Obama is related to the Bush's, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney. [This is where the tinfoil hat comes out. Relax the paranoia. We have enough legitimate fears without the silly “American Royalty” theories.] They are all different colors and from different places but they all share a common lineage and through masking the media the Corporatocracy [The MNCs that rule this world couldn’t care less about bloodlines as long as leaders keep their financial pipelines flowing] has successfully ensured that this bloodline is here to stay, not to be usurped by we the people anytime soon by feeding us mass, rampant junk like Britney's panties and who's the next winner of American Idol [True, but more likely a result of Idiocracy than Corporatocracy; this really undermines your credibility]

If you don't believe the corporatocracy and their measures to keep the elite at the top, look at this profile of Federal Reserve Bank of New York's President Tim Geithner and Barack Obama, the played out story of the young man from nothing is pretty astounding considering that they had very similar lives and are now President respectively in their industries (Source: True freedom lies with knowledge; and though these mass channels of information or disinformation is caused by the powers that be that have an inherent interest in keeping us from being critical thinkers [absolutely true, and no doubt, a conscious intention of the rich], or just from thinking.

When was the last time you did your independent research on the President? Your elected leaders? Your state senators? When was the last time you knew how government worked other than what CNN told you? When was the last time you knew how the economy worked other than what MSNBC”s money market told you? This election has nothing to do with putting a black man into office? His color skin will not help us? This is about a war, a war on you, a war on all of us, a war designed to maintain the status quo at the expense of us and our minds is the battlefield. We live in a culture saturated by people who no longer want to think for themselves. We have become a nation of lazy thinkers where the boob tube speaks for us and our will is suppressed for the greater good against us. To all those out there who think that being passive is the best way to go: seeking solace in ignorance assures your part in the play, meaning you will still be affected by it no matter what.

The corporatocracy knows that we willfully consent to our slavery by ignorance. The most important thing in the world is to know the leaders you choose since if we don't know who we choose we all know what happens to sheep; ultimately you get sent to the slaughter. Complicity in slavery comes from submission in not knowing. Please, if you know in your heart this article to be true, please pass it around to as many people as you can just to get the truth out there (make sure though to give credit as I copyrighted it.) Thank you and love yourself by freeing yourself.

[Interesting reading, but perhaps, if published as is, would be irresponsible journalism. Just because something “could be true” is no basis for making such major illogical leaps. We need more than “possibility”, we need a logical, relevant and calculable “probability” in order to make fair editorial content. Anything short of this is simply muckraking and fear mongering. We have much proven evil to fear and much of this article is factual, but the conclusions are unfair and are tantamount to baseless character assassination. Stick to the facts, and prove your conspiracies and the mainstream media will gladly publish you. Hell, you will win a Pulitzer.

I am always impressed by fervor, even when misdirected or ill-supported. The Fed and the self perpetuating monetary system, are without a doubt, aimed at enslaving us by keeping us in “fake debt”, and as long as the rules are made from the top down rather than from the bottom up; as long as pay is determined solely by the employers without an equal say by the workers themselves (while they pretend this is “the natural law of supply and demand”), we are going to be locked into a worldwide domination of workers by the truly lazy and evil overlords who will do ANYTHING to stay in control.

Logic would dictate that we apply the same rules to the macro-economy as to the micro-economy, which is to say, that bankruptcy is intended to relieve the unmanageable burden of mounting debt. Our government is currently embarking on a path to greater debt, of which we cannot write off in a bankruptcy. Our unborn are expected to be born into debt slavery. This is the real horror. And only if there is a simultaneous readjustment of the books, in the form of worldwide debt forgiveness, we are destined to live in a constant state of fear of financial disaster. The truth is, that money and debt are not “real”, only material possessions are (as in “real estate”) Everything else, is an accounting game, just as clearly described in many parts of the Holy Bible. The moneychangers are truly evil and we must, as did Jesus, remove them from our temple.

It is not necessary, however to personally vilify Obama or any other pawns in this struggle. Keep your eye on the real enemies.]

Content in black and red: Copyright by Raven Masterson (Williams) 2008.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin's Alleged Affair; If True -- Hypocrisy

A recent story broke in the National Enquirer that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner. It is already spreading in mainstream British papers and will no doubt hit our networks soon. Despite the bad taste this publication puts in my mouth, they are most often correct in matters of political seriousness. John Edwards was but one example. Normally, I wouldn't care about, much less morally judge one's politics by their personal lives, but I can't help but to find it interesting that the party of Christian conservatism who has waved their fingers at far too many others, is the party with the most sex scandals.

The only thing that makes this an issue, is that of hypocrisy among self-righteous dominionists. Clinton never pretended to be a religious person, though clearly a man of strong faith and conviction. I just find it so interesting that a huge majority of evidence suggests the Dem ticket has the most "family values"; personally, I say Sarah should keep getting laid as long as she can, as she will not be very hot much longer. She will age quickly before our eyes. As with most movie stars whose only appeal is sex, hers is only a couple of years away.

Sarah Palin is a typical housewife in midlife crisis, having realized her mediocrity despite her clear intellectual yearning. She wasted her youth and squandered her formal education, lackluster at best. Like many beautiful women, as her beauty faded, she sought other ways to get attention. People no longer liked her just for being cute.

In politics, she is still young, but her "cuteness" is soon gone. What is left is a sarcastic prose, a grating voice and a penchant for low blows. Her affairs only fit into a psychological profile of a woman who has coasted on sexual allure without any intellectual substance.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin's Objective Measuring Cup

The sad reality is (and hopefully the truth doesn't insult too many from non-competitive universities) a 3.3 average GPA is quite low compared to "competitive universities" that hover well over 3.7, and the average HS from which students come, is of far greater difficulty at Harvard and other top tiers. Most valedictorians cannot get into Harvard. It takes objective excellence. The quality of the average HS a U of I student attended would be nowhere near that of NY, Mass., well almost any other. Idaho is generally near the bottom when ranking public education, according to Kiplinger, #98 among publics.

It would seem to be common sense that Americans would demand such information about a Presidential candidate as GPAs, SATs, any objectively comparable data.

The fact is, Sarah Palin, by any stretch, is of a mediocre academic track, as is McCain. America allowed a coups d'etat (didn't elect) George Jr., and despite his poor academics, he went to the finest schools (with a D average). His presidency hasn't worked out very well. Hopefully, America has learned it's lesson from that fiasco.

Our President should be the brightest and best, not someone that simply "fits in" at the local PTA or drinking establishment.

I suspect Sarah's IQ is unimpressive or else it would be made public. The same can be said of any other data that somehow has been demanded in her "long political career". I guess Alaskans don't have much regard for objective standards, just redneck values and NRA membership.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What One Says When Told Of Sarah Palin Pick

1. Why didn't he just pick his wife Cindy if he just wanted a beauty pageant winner?
2. Why not Anita Bryant?
3. Sarah Palin, oh yeah, she makes great desserts, doesn't she?
4. Her foreign policy experience is that Alaska is adjacent to Russia.
5. Is that the best he could do?
6. Hey, anybody can be President in America!
7. Beauty Queen, Hockey mom, Mayor of a town of 5-thousand people, Governor of a rural state; hasn't she satisfied the Peter principle of being elevated to her highest level of incompetence yet?
8. Proof that McCain thinks with his guts; like a man with no head.
9. McCain, the next morning: "I'm sorry; what was your name? I was a little drunk last night."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Considerable Sounds: Gongzilla Invades - The Monster Returns!

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By DC Music Editor Benjamin New

Go to the shelter my baby, my baby...go to the shelter...
What do you find between the toes of Gongzilla?
Slow runners.

Run, don't walk to the nearest venue featuring the band! (But do so in an orderly fashion).
I can not recomend this band highly enough, their recordings are phenomenal documents in themselves, but live? Live they lay more than Tokyo to waste, certainly the show I attended at Philadelphia's World Cafe (one of the nicest places on the east coast to see live music by the way) was simply one of the best performances I have ever had the pleasure to experience. All these performances in August are CD release partys, which means aside from the mind expanding presentation of superb music many special guests will be joining the band for some of the numbers.

And the band will be available after the show for conversation, autographs, etc.

August, 15 2008 09:30 PM - Sarah Street Grill
550 Quaker Alley, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360 - (570) 424-9120
August, 16 2008 10:00 PM - Capital Ale House Downtown Music Hall
619 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219 -

An evening with GZ!
August, 19 2008 10:00 PM - The Pour House Music Hall
224 S Blount St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 -

August, 20 2008 09:00 PM - Double Door Inn
218 E. Independence Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 -

Two big sets at 9:00pm and midnight!
August, 21 2008 10:00 PM - Empty Glass
410 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, West Virginia 25311 -

An evening with GZ! Two big sets
August, 23 2008 03:15 PM - 3 River Progressive Rock Festival
565 Rt. 18, Burgettstown (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania 15021 -

Full GZ show (1.5hrs)
September, 11 2008 11:00 PM - Nectar’s
188 Main Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 -

with Bad Suit
September, 13 2008 01:00 PM - Wormtown Music Festival
Camp KeeWanee Leyden Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 -
September, 19 2008 10:00 PM - Main Pub
306 Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut 06040 -
September, 20 2008 10:00 PM - River Street Jazz Cafe
665 North River St., Plains (Wilkes-Barre), Pennsylvania 18701 -
CD release party!!!!!!!!

The New CD (release Date Sept 4th)
But if you attend a CD release party,
you can get an advance copy!

The music on Five Even took me a bit by surprise at first. Not in any negative way. I have come to expect the unexpected from this band. I had no idea they were such good vocalists. Most of the early albums had more in common with the Mahavishnu Orchestra than the Manhattan Transfer if you know what I mean. So add great lyrics, precise harmonies, and some excellent vocal stylings from Hansford Rowe to the overflowing list of accomplishments of Gongzilla.

You can hear some of the tunes at the bands home page, but listen to more one - as any one tune might give you a idea how to categorize them, and could be quite misleading.

Hansford Rowe and his Warwick Just Intonation Bass

As luck would have it, my party (my son- who introduced me to the excellent recordings of this band many years ago, 2 of my guitar students, and my lovely wife) had the best seats in the house, literally at the front of the stage. Even though we had high expectations of the musicianship, we were all stunned and speechless. Certainly every musician who appeared on that stage was a monster. Some musicians who have recorded with the band include Percy Jones, Gary Husband, Allan Holdsworth, Chuck Garvey, Jake Cinninger, David Torn, David Fiuczynski, Ben Perowsky, Kai Eckhardt, Lionel Cordew, Benoit Moerlen, Pierre Moerlen, Bobby Thomas Jr., Phil Kester, Todd Barneson, Jameison Ledonio, and Sam Aliano. You never know who will be showing up at these CD release parties to do a guest spot. "Nadeen" came up and contributed some highly stylized transcendent vocals to a few tunes in Philadelphia and was given quite an appreciative reception from the audience.

The core band members are:
Hansford Rowe - bass, vocals
Bon Lozaga - guitar, vocals
Mike Miz - guitar, vocals
Nate Laguzza - drums

I had the chance to hang with Hansford and Mike a bit after the show, and they assured me they would be back in the area soon. I can't wait. Do yourself a great favor, and get to one these shows if you can. You will not be disappointed. If you miss them live, pick up some CD's:



Abstract Logix


Wayside Music



Counterpoint Music

Music By Mail (Denmark)

JPC (Germany)

CDS (Scotland)

Vorticity (Australia)

P.O. Box 207 Roxobel, NC USA 27872

From the LoLo records Bio of the band:

Journalist Bill Milkowski called GZ “simply mind-boggling”. The group is a mass of contradictions in perfect balance. A band with international roots (USA, Quebec, Philippines); GZ has a reputation for concise songs and transcendent jams. All this emanates from the fusion origins of Bon Lozaga and Hansford Rowe who met while playing in one of the idioms seminal groups – Gong. Bon and Hansford decided to tinker further with the Petri dish that was Gong, and begat a further evolution. They formed Gongzilla and released a series of Mahavishnu-esque improvisational rock albums featuring second guitarists on each one, including jazz fusion legend Allan Holdsworth, David Torn and David Fiuczynski, and a number of drummers, including Pierre Moerlen and Gary Husband.

More recently, Gongzilla has included some U.S. jamband heroes in its live performances like guitarist Chuck Garvey and percussionist Jim Loughlin of moe., and has emphasized vocals, crafting songs which fuse with improvisational rock. Fans who have heard some of the more recent tunes have described them as Steely Dan-ish at times. The new studio record includes the aforementioned Garvey as well as Jake Cinninger of Umphrey's McGee plus guitarist David "Fuze" Fiuczynski (Screaming Headless Torsos) and bassist Kai Eckhardt of Garaj Mahal! Contradictions and balance; Rowe and Lozaga sing cool songs that will singe your soul while balancing both the hyper precision and the rockin’ mayhem this band is capable of live.

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Considerable Sounds: The Triumphant Return of - Return To Forever

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By DC Music Editor Benjamin New

Field Report: Intelligence
Gathered On Artistic
Insurrection Dossier

Return To Forever...08
Return to Forever's show on Tuesday night at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia received more standing ovations than than than the combined scores of teams in the average (or above average) Super Bowl.

The enthusiastic ovations were to be expected - after a 25 year drought, the rain is welcomed as royalty. The legendary jazz fusion quartet rose to fame in the 1970s, with it's groundbreaking recordings that documented the concussions of jazz and rock colliding, but have been absent for 25 years, leaving behind fans who've remained hungry for more of their unique pioneering music.

Chick Corea on piano and keyboards, Stanley Clarke on bass, Al Di Meola on guitar and Lenny White on drums, have all had important roles as band leaders, composers, and producers since Return to Forever -- but the band was simply outstanding. There is something no less than magic, a synergy where the whole becomes greater than the sum of it's parts in great bands. Such is the case with RTF.

This is no "comeback-cash in" tour where a band's legacy is muddied. Instead these performances affix the band's place in the jazz pantheon for a new generation, who never heard the band live. The audience was probably 2/3s fans who were there at the band's seminal shows in the 70's but easily another 1/3 were not. While waiting for a fine libation, (did I mention I love the Mann? It's in Fairmount Park and has wonderful amenities - simply the best place I know of for summer concerts) a fellow concert goer mentioned (gushing with excitement) that he never thought he'd ever experience this band live, though he had their recordings. I suspect this was a fairly common story.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
The show opened with a wonderful performance from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Just in case you've been duct taped in your basement for the last couple decades- Bela Fleck has reinvented the banjo and the Flecktones (Victor Wooten on bass, Jeff Coffin on woodwinds, and Futureman [Roy Wooten] on percussive devices) have left a trail of dropped jaws wherever they perform. This show was no exception. A dazzling performance well received.


Return To Forever took the stage and after a jovial greeting from founder Chick Corea, launched into "Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy" ( This brought a smile to my face because it is probably my favorite tune from their catalog, the original recording featured the great Bill Connors on guitar but Al did a fine job interpreting the song.)

Chick addresses the crowd

Each band member had a few pertinent words to say between tunes. Lenny White suggested that it was time we took the music back, that he found it implausible that people had "bands" in which no one actually "played" an instrument. ( "This is no boy band", he said of RTF, "...this is a man band." Stanley Clarke (who is from Philadelphia) praised the city's commitment to the arts, and asked the question that one only asks when in the city of brotherly love... "Genos? or Pat's?" Chick Corea, who hails from Boston thanked the crowd from coming out for this "historical or perhaps hysterical evening". Al (a Jersey guy) talked about how great it was to be with his buddies and praised the spirit of the 1970's era of music to some degree.

Stanley Clarke ... more than "Bass- ics"

Stanley Clarke was figuratively and literally the center of the band, standing in the center of the stage, anchoring the music's rhythms along with Lenny White's flawless battery. Clarke launched into miraculous solos. Muscular yet ethereal and sweet. Al DiMeola is simply one of the finest guitarists on the planet by any standard. His soloing was blazing, oozing technique, yet organic and inspired. Chick Corea was in top form, soaring effortlessly on both state of the art digital synths and his "of the era" instruments- the Fender Rhodes Piano with a Mini Moog perched on top. Needless to say, some of the finest moments involved his acoustic piano as well. The band was soulful, elegant, but POWERFUL!

Al remains one true master of guitar

The first half of the show was electric but the acoustic instruments came out for Romantic Warrior and the 2nd half of the show. The encore returned to an electric set. For those of us who invested our adolescence listening to this band, the program was familiar. However they didn't stick to the original recordings note for note. In jazz form, they laid down many of the themes and then took off for improvisation heaven. Many of the Corea compositions are similar to symphonies in terms of movements or themes. The band moves in and out of these themes, embellishes it all with improvisational solos, hits some more themes, more solos and in general creates new living, breathing, sentient versions of their classic music.

Al, Lenny, and Stanley whipping it out!

Interestingly enough, this music, conceived of in the 1970s, remains" futuristic". Why?

The same reason Charles Ives, Harry Partch, and other visionary music remains relevant. It has a quality of intelligence, a depth. It transports us. It opens doorways It takes us beyond the dimensions we normally perceive. It inspires and enlightens.

Aside from this, the band sharply executes the pieces, with improvisations that refresh, renew, and inform. This makes the music a living entity that constantly is adapting to the moment.

Brilliant compositions, players who know their instruments inside and out, playing on an intuitive level, a night to treasure and remember...forever.

Return To Forever

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hidden Reason Obama Will Win

Even if not perfectly politically aligned with a particular voter, Obama presents several factors with which McCain cannot compete, the largest being "sex appeal". Despite the fact, most will not consciously admit that such a thing could possibly be a motivator for their vote for such an important office, psychologically, it is unavoidable and powerful.

A recent article in The Nation said, "Barack and Michelle Obama channel some of the style of the current early-'60s revival--sleeveless sheaths and chunky pearls, Ocean's 11 and Mad Men--without the alienation. America, they say, you can be cool and sexy again, "back!" and swinging, but secure this time. Those "excesses" of the '60s that Barack mentioned, those family fractures across the demographic board, they can all be resolved through hot married love."

Clearly, this is reflective of a deep attraction that many Americans share. Much like some of Hollywood's top stars, it is the kind of sex appeal that crosses many borders, both geographically and psychologically. Obama is old enough that young men don't feel threatened. He is young enough that old men can admire his virility and obtain a vicarious thrill. And because he is married to an attractive woman and he expresses a clear sense of family values and religiosity, even moderate Christians have no basis for accusations of sexual opportunism, while the right wing can find nothing true over which to judge him, at least of a sexual nature. As for women, gay and bisexual men (even those who simply fantasize), Obama's attraction is self-evident.

The fact he is black, it goes without saying, but I will say it, conjures certain stereotypes that cannot possibly hurt. He sizes up in every category, at least in the voter's imagination.

All of this reasoning stands firm even without considering his opponent. However, McCain couldn't possibly be in a worse position to compete with these factors. McCain's only sex appeal is his wife, and that certainly makes most voters wonder why a beautiful women like Cindy, would favor him sexually. He is a walking poster child for Viagra, which is probably why he shied away from questions given him earlier about Viagra versus birth control. No doubt he has lost the sexual stamina he might have had as a young man. This perception of impotence inevitably parallels a sense of political impotence. Just add to that, McCain's numerous "senior moments", and it is no wonder. The same would never be suggested about Obama.

America seems to secretly admire virility in its politicians, while outwardly condemning it. There seems to be no other explanation for the incredible support Clinton enjoyed while he was otherwise being impeached for his poor sexual judgment. Deep down, most people understand naughty urges , because almost everyone has had them. Europeans are more comfortable with a conscious recognition of this, but Americans at least still pretend to disdain sex while simply doing it or fantasizing about it while watching various entertainers.

Politicians, unlike other entertainers, are highly sexual beings. Anyone who has ever worked on a political campaign can tell you about the sexual attraction to power. When we add to the power, objectively powerful bases, Obama's physicality, intellect, smile, generally gentle yet bold demeanor and his race; it is no wonder many people feel a tingle that may cloud their other political motivations.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Considerable Sounds: Changes

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By DC Music Editor Benjamin New

Brian Eno

Music is many things to many people, what it is not- is static. It lives and evolves. And like the music itself, the means through which it is distributed are also in flux and perhaps never more so.

And what is change? (besides being a political slogan adapted by every single candidate).

Change, as a positive notion, is a continuity of sincere effort to release and let go of inefficient thought patterns from the past. Change is the agency of transformations and of growth. Some of us
change as a result of "seeing the light". Others change only when "feeling the heat".

In this article we see a little bit of both types of incentives for change. Some visionary, and some reactionary. Yet one thing is certain, change is inevitable. Change or die; and even then, the body in the ground will change.

Now here is a gentleman who knows a thing or two
about changes...

David Bowie's performance on A&E's Live By Request

Back in that bleak midwinter, the January of our discontent if you will, the social music service known as announced that it would be launching something called the Artist Royalty Program that allows artists to reap royalties each time one of their songs is played through the site's ad-supported streaming music feature or Web radio. (They just have to upload their music first.) This is good news particularly for independent artists. As the music industry struggles to
find a relevant model that embraces the technological and economic realities of the last quarter century, this method (Championed in the UK by We7, a download service founded by Peter Gabriel) is emerging as viable.

On Wednesday July 9th, announced that the Artist Royalty Program has launched and that over 450,000 tracks have been uploaded in tangency with it. In a press release the day of the launch co-founder Martin Stiksel said of independent artists, "We're leveling the playing field by offering them the same opportunities as established bands to make money from their music. The young musician making music in a bedroom studio has the same chance as the latest major label signing to use to build an audience and get rewarded".

Rupert Murdoch
Politically savvy artists should take note that is an alternative to using MySpace as a promotional hub. (MySpace has been owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp since 2005). is owned by CBS Interactive. Try the service yourself at

Kudos to, this service benefits artists but it also benefits consumers!
At the moment it's available only in the U.S., U.K., and Germany,other countries are slated to be added later.

Peter Gabriel

How does such a service work? Let's have a look at We7. Site users can download legal MP3 versions of tracks with advertising attached to the beginning of songs. Four weeks after downloading the track, the user can then download a version without the ad. Artists get paid by the advertisers, music lovers get free tunes, and advertisers reach music fans.
Seems reasonable enough.

After all, artists do need to generate income from their art or eventually no one will be able to afford to be an artist.

We7 major investor and founder, Peter Gabriel, has been involved in several innovative music startups of late, including The Filter, an automatic playlist generation program that is also free to download. He and Brian Eno were major financial backers of OD2, a "digital service provider" that has formed the foundation of many European online music stores. Both Gabriel
and Eno penned the manifesto for MUTHA ("Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists"- a musician's union formed to give artists a collective voice in the development, implementation and general direction of new models in music distribution ) .

“When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.”
--- William James, American Philosopher, Psychologist, and Pragmatist

If you haven't tried the Filter, give it a go at In less than a minute, entertainment recommendations appear before your very eyes. It's a great way to discover new
ways to feed your brain! Looking back on the older methods of music distribution, one arguably positive service they performed was to filter amateur or just plain poor music from public consumption. Internet distribution offers so many choices that recommendations can be quite a time saver. After all, of the over 20 million music sites on MySpace, how many would you say are listenable?

“The artist is the only one who knows that the world is a subjective creation, that there is a choice to be made, a selection of elements”
--- Anais Nin

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
--- Jimmy Dean (Yes, the sausage guy)

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Duly Consider and Considerable Sounds are TM of this publication and are subject to liabilities thereof

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Considerable Sounds: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

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By DC Music Editor Benjamin New

What is new in the world? Nothing. What is old in the world? Nothing. Everything has always been and will always be. -Sai Baba

The Universe is expanding, eventually it will be a cold dark place. In time, there will be too much space between the elements of subatomic particles to exist as matter, all matter will become energy, the universe will cease to exist. Time is just a line between 2 notions. Our first subject is a notion of something old. In music and art, time is relative too. Something that originated in a prior time can be quite new and exciting if you never encountered it before. I am imagining contemporary renditions of some "baby boomer" classics-

  • Bob Dylan: Like A Kidney Stone...
  • Herman's Hermits: Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker...
  • Ringo Starr: I Get By With a Little Help From Depends...
  • Roberta Flack: The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face...
  • Abba: Denture Queen...
  • Paul Simon: Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver...
  • Willie Nelson: On the Commode Again...
  • Johnny Nash: I Can't See Clearly Now ....
  • Papa's Got A Brand New Colostomy Bag...
  • I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore...
  • Or A Whiter Shade Of Gray...

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This old advice offered to brides is well known, but where did the tradition come from? Well ,the often forgotten next line reveals the origin.

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

A sixpence is a coin that was minted in Britain from 1551 to 1967. It was made of silver and worth six pennies. So this wedding tradition is definitely English, as is Procol Harum.

Did Someone say Procol Harum?

The British rock band, formed in the 1960s, who arguably laid the foundation for all progressive rock, symphonic rock, and art rock. They are best remembered for "A Whiter Shade of Pale" released in 1967, which is a staple item on classic rock polls. Procol Harum, largely known for their symphonic style, were equally adept at the blues, and pure pop. What makes this music so special? The velvet vocals of Gary Brooker, the Bach influenced keyboard lines provided by Hammond organist Matthew Fisher, Robin Trower's guitar musings, and the incomparable lyrics of Kieth Reid which tie the repertoire together.

Those familiar with the band's voluminous catalog hopefully will have some memories stirred, and those who are unfamiliar hopefully have some fertile grounds to explore.

2 of my favorite lyrics (though they all are quite interesting), are from the "Shine On Brightly" album:

Glimpses Of Nirvana
Words by Keith Reid

In the darkness of the night, only occasionally relieved by glimpses of Nirvana as seen through other people's windows, wallowing in a morass of self-despair made only more painful by the knowledge that all I am is of my own making ...

When everything around me, even the kitchen ceiling, has collapsed and crumbled without warning. And I am left, standing alive and well, looking up and wondering why and wherefore.

At a time like this, which exists maybe only for me, but is nonetheless real, if I can communicate, and in the telling and the bearing of my soul anything is gained, even though the words which I use are pretentious and make you cringe with embarrassment, let me remind you of the pilgrim who asked for an audience with the Dalai Lama.

He was told he must first spend five years in contemplation. After the five years, he was ushered into the Dalai Lama's presence, who said, 'Well, my son, what do you wish to know?' So the pilgrim said, 'I wish to know the meaning of life, father.'
And the Dalai Lama smiled and said, 'Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?'

Held close by that which some despise
which some call fake, and others lies
And somewhat small
for one so tall
a doubting Thomas who would be?
It's written plain for all to see
for one who I am with no more
it's hard at times, it's awful raw
They say that Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor
and those unsure
believed his eyes
- a strange disguise
Still write it down, it might be read
nothing's better left unsaid
only sometimes, still no doubt
it's hard to see, it all works out

Shine On Brightly
Words by Keith Reid

My Prussian-blue electric clock's
alarm bell rings, it will not stop
and I can see no end in sight
and search in vain by candlelight
for some long road that goes nowhere
for some signpost that is not there
And even my befuddled brain
is shining brightly, quite insane.

The chandelier is in full swing
as gifts for me the three kings bring
of myrrh and frankincense, I'm told,
and fat old Buddhas carved in gold
And though it seems they smile with glee
I know in truth they envy me
and watch as my befuddled brain
shines on brightly quite insane.

Above all else confusion reigns
And though I ask no-one explains
My eunuch friend has been and gone
He said that I must soldier on
And though the Ferris wheel spins round my tongue it seems has run aground and croaks as my befuddled brain shines on brightly, quite insane

At various points, the Musicians who performed with Procol Harum include :
•Gary Brooker
• Geoff Dunn
• Matt Pegg
• Josh Phillips
• Geoff Whitehorn
• Keith Reid
•Dave Ball
• Graham Broad
• Dave Bronze
• Mark Brzezicki
• Alan Cartwright
• Chris Copping
• Matthew Fisher
• Mick Grabham
• Bobby Harrison
• David Knights
• Dee Murray
• Tim Renwick
• Ray Royer
• Don Snow
• Pete Solley
• Henry Spinetti
• Jerry Stevenson
• Robin Trower
• Ian Wallace
• B.J. Wilson
• Guy Stevens
• Bill Eyden
• Tim Renwick

Their studio albums include: Procol Harum • Shine On Brightly • A Salty Dog • Home • Broken Barricades • Grand Hotel • Exotic Birds and Fruit • Procol's Ninth • Something Magic • The Prodigal Stranger • and The Well's on Fire . (Also Secrets of the Hive, a "best of" double CD released in 2007) They also have the live recordings:

Procol Harum Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and One More Time - Live in Utrecht 1992.

Douglas Adams's second book in the Hitchhiker Trilogy, "The Restaurant At the End of the Universe," was inspired by the song "Grand Hotel", from Procol Harum's album of the same name; according to his account in "The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time" - a posthumous collection of previously unpublished material which was published in 2001. Why should this be in your MP3 player? The melancholy vocal delivery of Brooker, combined with the brilliant poetry of Keith Reid, the dark humor, excellent orchestrations, dramatic drumming, imperial Hammond organs, and virtuous guitar explorations should merit your attention.


The Mayfire

Bolero Punk
Often new musical trails are blazed by combining existing genres that have not previously been deemed compatible.

This band is led by guitarist Cattarina “Cat” Tasso - who refers to herself as a “Chilean girl playing a Canadian guitar”—The May Fire is a staunchly independent act with an ironclad D.I.Y. ethic. Their style mixes musical and cultural influences from three different countries (co-guitarist Nachito and drummer El Pipe are Columbian, and bassist Rob Gwin hails from Connecticut,USA). The band shifts through grunge, indie, latin, and punk gears in a calculated and quirky manner.

Cat Tasso
Cat Tasso

“Moving to San Francisco from Los Angeles did something to me,” said Tasso in a recent interview with Deirdre H. Jones for Guitar Player Magazine. “I was so mad that the weather was cold and gloomy all the time that my style began to morph to reflect my dark surroundings. My guitar playing became sullen and loud and more to the point. The volume became a wall that I could feel as much as hear. Now I love my sound, so I think the weather grew on me!”

"In Chile, I would stay up late with my parents, and listen to opera, as well as boleros and tangos from Argentina. My mom taught me a little Spanish riff on the guitar when I was 12, but I mostly studied classical piano. I quit piano because I didn’t like to practice, and I picked up the guitar again after somebody mysteriously left some old guitar lesson books in my mailbox."
"My style is messy and raw. It’s decent by accident. It developed through time as I tried to figure out why my power chords weren’t cool. There’s nothing too complicated about power chords, but I discovered that you need to have a special mojo when you play them. When I heard David Gilmour on Pink Floyd’s Animals, my mind understood life in a completely different way. I think maybe he brainwashed me. In the May Fire, I typically play the body of the song and the riffs, and Nachito dresses things up with his solos and tones. He can play with a lot of precision, but he can also be strange and moody."

The Spanish Bolero is a noticeable influence on the songwriting though it is heavily filtered through a punk lens. The steady pulse is prominent, this is dance music. But it is not limited to dance music. It's unusual combination of flavors, akin to an aguardiente flavored toffee candy dusted in a fine habanero powder, makes this something new. Their music is available here.


Bryan Ferry's Dylanesque

I am a longtime fan of Ferry's approach to music, I've always believed he possessed one of the most unique voices in modern music. The fact that he did not get the gig with King Crimson allowed Roxy Music to flourish. I had the pleasure of seeing him do an entire evening of Cole Porter tunes a few years ago with a full orchestra. Truly stunning. Bryan is no stranger to "borrowed" songs but this CD is remarkable and a "must have". Here is a clip of "Just Like Tom Thumb Blues" from the David Letterman Show.

Though I imagine the purists may believe Dylanesque is sacrilege or perhaps view this CD as simply blasphemous, but the Roxy Music singer vastly refines Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues and All Along the Watchtower with an edgy agitation and his personal classicist touch. His treatment reveals both flaw and beauty in the songs of Bob Dylan gone previously unseen. A breathtaking and exquisite listening experience. Cue it up!


The extraordinary Chicago Blues Festival has grown leaps and bounds since it's inception twenty-five years ago and now spotlights over ninety performances on six stages from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Chicago Blues Festival is undeniably one of the biggest and best Blues events on the planet, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from all around the globe to Grant
Park, year after year.

This Year the Festival is June 5-8, 2008.

Admission into the Chicago Blues Festival in Grant Park is Free!

All the concerts are free admission.

Food and beverage tickets are sold in strips of 12 for $8.00.

The Main Stage at the Petrillo Music Shell events are as follows:

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"Catfish Blues"

6:00-7:00 - Big Time Sarah and the BTS Express
7:10-8:20 - Duke Robillard's Tribute to Louis Jordan featuring Plas Johnson and Red Holloway
8:30-9:30 - Johnny Winter w/James Cotton

Friday, June 6, 2008
"Sweet Home Chicago"

6:00-7:15 - "Blasts From the Past" featuring Ruby Andrews, Cicero Blake, and Sugar Pie DeSanto with Willie Henderson
7:25-8:25 - Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater's West Side Strut with special guests Lonnie Brooks, Jimmy Johnson, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Otis Clay and Billy Branch
8:35-9:30 - Koko Taylor and Her Blues Machine

Saturday, June 7, 2008
"Let the Good Times Roll"

5:00-6:00 - Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials
6:10-7:05 - Barbara Lynn with Lil' Buck and the Buckaroos
7:15-8:25 - Theodis Ealey
8:35-9:30 - Buckwheat Zydeco

Sunday, June 8, 2008
"Everyday I Have the Blues"

5:00-6:10 - Karen Carroll w/ Charlie Love and special guest Lurrie Bell
6:30-7:25 - Magic Slim and the Teardrops
7:35-8:05 - Little Willie Littlefield
8:15-9:30 - B.B. King

Other stages include:

The Front Porch Stage-

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"Catfish Blues"

11:00-12:15 - Blues in the Schools w/ Katherine Davis, Erwin Helfer, Eric Noden and the Stone Academy Blues All Stars
12:45-2:00 - Professor Fernando Jones Columbia College Blues Ensemble
2:30-3:45 - David Honey Boy Edwards and Friends (Billy Branch, Louisiana Red, Paul Kaye, Aron Burton, and Johnny Yard Dog Jones)
4:15-5:30 - Pinetop Perkins with more friends (Willie Smith, Bob Margolin, Bob Stroger, Kenny Smith)
6:00-7:00 - Inetta Visor

Friday, June 6, 2008
"Sweet Home Chicago"

11:00-12:00 - Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band
12:30-1:30 - Little Willie Littlefield
2:00-3:15 - Jo Jo Murray and Joy Hills
3:45-5:00 - Peaches and the Groove Shakers
5:30-7:00 - Tear Drop Sessions

Saturday, June 7, 2008
"Let the Good Times Roll"

11:00-12:00 - Shorty Mack and the Magnificent R&B Blues Band
12:30-1:30 - Liz Mandville and the Blue Points
2:00-3:00 - Charles Hayes and the Hayes Family Band
3:30-5:00 - Recapturing the Banjo Project featuring Otis Taylor, Don Vappie, and Guy Davis
5:30-6:30 - John Hammond
7:00-8:00 - Milwaukee Blues All Stars ftg Stokes and Milwaukee Slim

Sunday, June 8, 2008
"Everyday I Have the Blues"

11:00-12:30 - Victory Travelers
1:00-2:00 - Marie Knight
2:30-3:30 - Tony Joe White
4:00-5:30 - Davell Crawford
6:00-7:30 - LaVelle White

At the Louisiana Bayou Station and Social Club stage-

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"Catfish Blues"

11:30-12:30 - Louisiana Red
1:00-2:00 - Nuwki Nu
2:30-4:00 - Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band
4:30-5:30 - Little Willie Littlefield

Friday, June 6, 2008
"Sweet Home Chicago"

11:30-12:30 - Little Arthur’s Backscratchers ftg. Reginald Cooper
1:00-2:00 - Les Getrex and Creole Cookin'
2:30-3:30 - Omar Shariff
4:00-5:30 - Bryan Lee & the Blues Power Band

Saturday, June 7, 2008
"Let the Good Times Roll"

11:30-12:30 - Little Willie Littlefield
1:00-2:00 - Guy Davis and the High Flying Rockets
2:30-3:30 - Bumble Bee Bob
4:00-5:00 - Omar Shariff

Sunday, June 8, 2008
"Everyday I Have the Blues"

11:30-12:30 - Geraldine and Donald Gay
1:00-2:00 - Davell Crawford
2:30-3:30 - Paul Geremia
4:00-5:00 - John Boutte

At the Gibson Guitar Crossroads stage-

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"Catfish Blues"

12:00-1:30 - Patricia Scott w/J.W. Williams
2:00-3:30 - Big Ray and Chicago's Most Wanted
4:00-5:30 - Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire

Friday, June 6, 2008
"Sweet Home Chicago"

12:00-1:30 - West Side Tribute to Jumpin' Willie Cobbs featuring Joe B Band
2:00-3:30 - Larry Taylor's West Side Blues and Soul Band
4:00-5:30 - The Taylor's Family Band

Saturday, June 7, 2008
"Let the Good Times Roll"

12:00-1:15 - Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band
1:45-3:15 - Chick Rogers
3:30-5:00 - PG Man

Sunday, June 8, 2008
"Everyday I Have the Blues"

12:00-1:15 - Rodney Brown's salute to Louis Jordan
1:30-2:45 - Big James Montgomery and the Playboys
3:15-4:30 - Charles Wilson

On the Mississippi Juke Joint stage-

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"Catfish Blues"

12:00-2:30 - A Day with Jimmy Burns featuring the Chicago Blues Round Robin
3:00-4:00 - L.C. Ulmer
4:30-5:30 - Jimmy Burns Blues Band
6:00-8:00 - Jam hosted by Jimmy Burns

Friday, June 6, 2008
"Sweet Home Chicago"

12:00-12:30 - Rising Star Fife and Drum featuring the Thomas Family
1:00-2:30 - Afrissisppi
3:00-4:00 - Sam Lay
4:30-5:30 - L.C. Ulmer
6:00-8:00 - Jam hosted by Kenny Smith

Saturday, June 7, 2008
"Let the Good Times Roll"

12:00-12:30 - Rising Star Fife and Drum: featuring the Thomas Family
1:00-2:00 - Theodis Ealey (Brothers Reunion)
2:30-4:00 - Juke Joint Duo: Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm
4:30-5:30 - T-Model Ford
6:00-8:00 - Jam hosted by Rosa's All Star Jam Band Featuring James Wheeler

Sunday, June 8, 2008
"Everyday I Have the Blues"

12:30-1:00 - Rising Star Fife and Drum: featuring the Thomas Family
1:30-3:00 - Juke Joint Duo: Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm
3:00-4:30 - T Model Ford
5:00-7:00 - Jam hosted by Kenny Smith

There are also more stages with performances throughout the festival.

The festival’s final night will be a majestic event with headliners that include Little Willie Littlefield, Bobby Parker and Karen Carroll with Charlie Love and special guest Lurrie Bell, and of course, B.B. King.

B.B. King, oft referred to as the King of the Blues, has honored stages
worldwide, and now, at age 82, continues to tour as often as he did in his
salad days. King has not played the Chicago Blues Festival since 1988, so this
year will be a welcome return! Born Riley B. King, B.B. (Blues Boy) King has
recorded more than fifty albums, many of them classics. With his agile
left-hand vibrato and haunting vocal-like string bending, he is easily one of
the most identifiable guitarists in the time space continuum, and of course nothing less than royalty in the blues world.

King has been an influence on an incalculable number of musicians,
including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and George Harrison; he has won numerous awards
including a NARAS Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, honorary
doctorates, and in 1984, was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of

Duly Consider joining Little Willie Littlefield, Karen Carroll, Bobby Parker,
Buckwheat Zydeco, Lil’ Ed and the Imperials, Koko Taylor, Eddy “the Chief”
Clearwater, James Cotton and Johnny Winter this June.
More information about this free festival can be obtained at!

“Blues music is easy to play, but hard to feel”-Jimi Hendrix

Duly Consider and Considerable Sounds are TM of this publication and are subject to liabilities thereof

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