Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Jude: Disappointment With Supposed Democratic Rescuers

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Hey Jude!

Contributor, Jude Rouslin

Letter to Newly Elected Congress:

I am but one of the many citizens that made it possible for you to hold office. I think I remember a thank you speech somewhere along the way; speeches of a New Day. However that seems like such a long time ago .

I now realize as most Americans do, that those words you spoke in November of 2006 had absolutely no substance at all. Though, like many others, I did believe them at the time. Just as we believed your words of hope, change, accountability and morality. The only problem is, we assumed that your ideals would continue to be the same as ours and our Country would be reclaimed as ours. You would follow up on your campaign promises.

Unfortunately, the victorious celebration of regaining the House and Senate was short lived as we watched with shear indignation, the reality of your political character and the choices you made in our name. As it became more evident with each passing day, we knew we were once again far removed from the debate. And in the end, you made a choice. A choice which excludes the very principles the majority of voters hold in this Country.

Why did you decide amongst yourselves that the voters of this country were only worth the votes tallied and anything beyond that, well, we were excluded. How does it feel to have it be known that many in the democratic party are no longer viewed as the Sir Galahad's of our times? Reality is a difficult swallow but so too is your fall from grace.

By now, you've made it quite clear that neither of you represent the individuals that placed you in office. Your decision to not hold to your pre-election ideals... our ideals, proves many things, none of which I would think you ought to be proud of. But then again, perhaps we the voters were merely desperate for change and actually believed your rhetoric, sound bytes and slogans. It's quite clear that we the voters were simply the necessary medium which would pave your way to Washington. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are no different than those that have preceded you and America has learned another startling reality of human behavior and politics. The U.S. Political Arena is a total farce. It's a system that has been broken for quite some time and you are now part of the problem. Our government is no longer viewed as being filled with potential positive possibilities and hopeful solution.

Talk is cheap, as the adage goes, and so too, is the purchase of an elected official. For it is your actions by which you will be gaged by and remembered. Not the campaign slogans which you've failed to adhere to and make a reality.

So lets call this what this actually is. We no longer have a Government that is for the People and by the People. It has been transformed into a seedy dark private business and we the people are merely the road in which you've trampled upon in order to ensure your place in the Corporation . Once there, we the people are left behind once again and it's business as usual.

Government has been reduced to nothing more than a backroom business deal. Welcome to the Corporation of the United States, as we, the shareholders have no voice, votes, or say. It is your way once you step into the confines of the murky, seedy beltway.

I am ashamed, appalled, and sickened . I am tired of the lies, faux democratic hype, spin and above all, I am no longer disillusioned. That is the reality that you also must face in the next election. We the People have learned a very important lesson. Those that serve us as "Elected Officials", merely use the power of the people to win. Once the finish line has been crossed, you do not look back but rather proceed to ignore those that placed you there while you work out your own agenda filled with private promises in closed meetings to secure deals.

I suppose I could ask, how do you sleep at night, however, I think I know the answer. Very easily. And for that, you ought to be ashamed as you are no different than the last Congress. Our problem is that we actually trusted you to do what was right for America, not what was felt to be right for the Bush/Cheney agenda or your political career.

So, this has taught us that you are not the solution we all had hoped for, but rather, part of the problem. There are those that claim , the Democratic Party has sold us out. I disagree. As it is quite obvious your agenda was apparently already set in stone.And you merely told us what we so desperately needed and wanted to hear."Change In Washington" Didn't matter to you that it was a con, as long as your goals were reached and you won the election.

Ahh, but you might state, "We've been holding investigations, hearings,ordered committees which can be viewed on CNN, and have threatened to send subpoena's and add non binding resolutions." That is all fine and good, as window dressing. But let the truth be known, you've done nothing in terms of enforcing accountability, ending the Iraq Invasion which was based on Cherry picked intelligence. There ought not even be a debate concerning Iraq, when the basic premise was a lie to begin with. Anything after that is simply moot. You've missed so many opportunities when it comes to making individuals accountable for the injustices we've been forced to endure the world over.

How many times must the world see just what a charade your investigations have been? Despite the overwhelming evidence that corruption from the top down has grown like a cancer, along with years of obstruction of justice. Still, you've done nothing except to provide the continuation of a broken political system. In a real court of law, a real investigation or hearing, there would be those that would have already been charged with the RICO Act. After all, lets be real here, U.S. Politics has become nothing more than a cover for Organized Crime. And, I would rather place bets on the loyalty of the Mob, than Washington Officials at this point. At least there is honor and loyalty to some extent. You have no honor. Nor do you have a sense of loyalty to those that put you in office. How unfortunately typical for what has become Politics in America.

In closing I would like to say that the American People are tired of the abuse. Sickened by private agendas. And we the people are so distrustful of anyone right now. I see this Country being forced down a revolutionary road and and it will be a matter of survival and preservation. It will be in response to the abuse of power, ignoring your base, and selling out the entire Country for what? I blame you as well as the Congresses that have gone before you. You now have blood on your hands in terms of Iraq.

You also have proved that you also work in a "Decider" like fashion, by proclaiming that Impeachment is off the table. By who's authority may I ask? Certainly not the voter's. When will America be returned to it's people? America has had enough and the world will no longer be held hostage and lay victim to such a manipulative Industrial Military Complex driven by your Political Agendas. While you continue the charade by referring to America as a Democracy, people are dieing all over the globe. The United States of America has wreaked havoc over the entire world .

Let's be real here and call it what it actually is: Organized Global Crime, which you helped shape and forge as a willing participant . You've no humanity left and it is becoming increasingly clear that you are also a very large part of the problem, not the solution.

Jude A. Rouslin


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your premise that we have been betrayed by the Democratic and Republican parties. Why would Congress lay down and accept Bush's veto of war funding because of a withdrawal date? Why did they accept his admonition that American blood would be on their hands? Why didn't someone stand up and say that so much innocent Iraqi and American blood has been shed for him and his big oil industries that he is an embarrassment to humanity, Christianity, America and the world? Why didn't they repeal the Patriot Act, or rebuke Bush's signing statements that basically place him above the law?
The answer seems to be that they are all profiting from this system. All except we the people. We get to endure stagnant wages or disappearing jobs. We get to mourn another generation of children who have been sacrificed to the god of profit. We get to pay off the national debt for the rest of eternity, We get to pay 3.00 + for gas so that big oil companies can post record profits, We get to raise our children in an increasingly polluted world because Bush won't even acknowledge the problem.
I am as outraged and disgusted as you are but I see no solution unless a third party comes into being, one that believes the ideals on which this nation was founded. Until we get our country back the U.S. will be worse than a joke. We will be the hypocrites that this president and Congress has made us.

Anonymous said...

revolutionary... a revolution(hopefully a short one) would certaintly solve the problem - then it would take centuries for our leaders to forget what happens when you betray those who matter most(the public of course). impeachemnt isnt going to straighten anybody up - if anything it will the make the criminals and their secret deals more subtle. it will just encourage better lies and more secretive secrets. i say gut it completely and wash it out. wipe all of the peices off the board and start over again. yes revolutionary...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you eloquent statement. I agree with you completely. I wrote letters saying the same thing both to Congress and to the White House. We will probably be on Homeland Security (another government oxymoron)watch now. I hope they check my emails, I mail a copy of the Constitution to myself everyday just hoping they will read it.

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree that the system needs gutting and a clean slate started. A large percentage of Americans, including me, fantasize on how this could be accomplished. I also know that it can't be done. This is 1984 if you haven't noticed. A goodly chunk of our citizens are more concerned with 'American Idol' than the state of our D.C. mafia congress. Nothing that's 'too low' can be said about the scum that inhabits those marble halls.

RTVIGIL said...

Bush is forcing the the occupied country of Irac to "give" about 80% of its oil to the big five oil company's a deal made befor the occupation even started, I guess we now know what was going on behind closed doors with dick and oil executives,when they so carefully planed there attack ! WMD what BULL SHIT, bush just signed a secret bill that gives him TOTAL POWER if or should I say When he (bush) plans a nother attack on the USA he will become our supream idiot in TOTAL POWER then what ?


Anonymous said...

Republican propaganda is all your article is.Conclusory rhetoric. We the people failed the democrats otherwise we would have given them a veto proof majority. Instead we gave them barely enough to work with. No it was us-the people-that failed ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard someone say, "I can't deal with all the politics" when referring to a job or position they either had or had wanted? Do you know what that means? let me help you.
Politics are anything but a solid science. In fact, politics are closer to psychiatry than an actual solid state science. Anything that eminates from a Human's head is going to be less laced with personal translation and enactment. In addition politics aren't something that can be neatly planned and completed in set time tables, as i hope you've noticed already.
When the wills of both the voters behind the candidates and the candidates themselves come into play, indeed a murky and slow path emerges. Politics aren't about what's fundamentally right or wrong anymore - it's about what each side VIEWS as right or wrong and what each side is willing to 'concede' to achieve action for their viewpoint. This seedy practice makes it so politicians have to weigh what they want and what they promised to the voters and make difficult choices voters seldom see.
If anyone audienced the Vermont Senate elections last year, they'd have learned of this then if not from countless other similiar situations in American political history. One candidate, who had no political experience, sought to expose this very same seedy process as the other candidates 2-faced practices. Those who knew the accused candidate, who has been a politican in our state for 2 decades, knew there was something being left out. Upon research, anyone would see the how REAL politics work - if you want something done, you have to compromise. that's putting it nicely, while in reality, you have to give things that are wholly against your beliefs or voters beliefs.
I'd like to conclude my reposne rant, by saying it is extrememly rare that any change occurs quickly in our government- especially when the president isn't on the same page let alone in the same library. I MUST IMPLORE you all to ackowledge the substantial uphill battle our newly elected congress and senate have when trying to evoke the change they promised - surely 6 months isn't enough time to make judegemtn calls and labels as was done in the above post. i understand and empathize with these sentiments of frustration - and also see the intent of this approach - and perhaps it would be an excellent summation if it were released after 1 - 1.5 years that the newly elected officials havd had to make things happen, but 6 months with the present president still in office.......... Shame on you for trying to .... stir things up in such a negative and embelished way.
ALSO, You'd add more credential if you actually cited what changes were promised and how they missed/faile dwhen the opportunity came to do so.

Anonymous said...

Figures you'd make it so no one could see any objections or counter posts to your own - talking about a broken system - how does that support/RESCUE democracy when your playing Chinese Media controller.

Unsuprised in Virginia said...

My father once told me "Republicans, Democrats, it's all the same."

And it's true. The party out of control whines and moans, but is just as incapable of doing anything more than the other.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the revolution idea. I have many times said the very same thing to my friends and collegues. We need to get our country back from all politicians! They are all the same!! It amazes me how much money they can raise for their campaigns(over half a billion and counting!)but look at the homeless, hungry, under insured, I could go on and on that could put those dollars to a better use. So yes it's revolution time all groups united will force a change!!

Insideoutgraphics said...

I had sent an unedited version to the DNC as well as to my State Sen. I've yet to hear from either.I think I would have been more surprised had anyone responded.

As for thoughts concerning a revolution...I have to agree because I think that is what it might just take.However, I would have to exhaust all possible alternatives, before suiting up for a rev. Civil disobedience, boycotts, etc, and we could shut this country down, I think then they would take notice. Jude

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