Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on Earlier Reporting: Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks By Latino Gangs in LA

CNN has finally been reporting that "Latino Gangs Killing Blacks In L.A." which has been the case since well before the slaying of Lynwood, CA High School Principal Gary Beverly in a drive by shooting, more than 10 years ago.

It has been no secret among police and citizens in these areas and each incident is reported as if there is no connection between them. Putting the dots together finally, the mainstream is saying, "Oh yeah!"

Though I have been researching and writing about it as a first hand observer, a teacher and grant-writer for Gang Prevention, living in it, seeing the countless deaths of students and other innocents; I tell you it is calculated, planned, premeditated and encouraged by governments south of the US.

Here is the recent report by CNN:


Anonymous said...

Well! Well! Well! I do not understand how a small gang, can get away with this, it make's one wonder whether it is just being allowed to happen in order to get rid of the black and why would the Latinos think they are any better, when most of them came to the US illigally, you would think they would join up with the blacks and try to make things better for all. The Latinos should not let their color fool them, they are still poor and only a shade lighter than the darker blacks, but they are not white! They will be next to be attacked by non other than the KKK.

Food for thought?? Do better, don't make matters worst.

Anonymous said...

It is not black vs. latino. I t is mexican against others. mexicans not only do not get along with African/Americans but with other latinos such as Dominican, Puerto Rican, Columbian etc. and other latino groups that have African blood in their ancestry.

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad day in America. Despite what anyone ever tells us, every man, woman, boy, or girl's origin originated in Africa. How were we all split aparts is what one must ponder. As anyone ever asked themselves why being black in color is a problem. Every race has the means and the motive to lie and decease each other. The black man is the most hated man amongst men. He has power simply because of his skin color if nothing else. And, you will find this man's power shall be restored. God made him so if anyone has a problem, take it up with JESUS. He is the author and finisher of this man's FAITH.

Anonymous said...

Please stop this. The problem is not about one race verses any other race. There are good people and bad people in every race. Don't go getting yourselves into a lather.

On a personal note, I am of Native American/ Spanish decent. There will never be an Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks by Latinos. My daughter is a wonderful example of multi-cultures that will someday do away with racial divisions and statistics.

If a cleansing should start to occur, then the last black woman will have to be pried-off from my cold dead hand before it is finished.

-- consafos

Anonymous said...

Well Well in northern California the same thing is happing blacks start something and now MEXICAN are taking care of it!!!!

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