Monday, March 12, 2007

Free Energy - Not Very Profitable - History Corporate Prevention of Technology

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Recently, several film documentaries such as Who Killed the Electric Car? have covered the subjects of the energy sector's resistance if not, outright conspiracies against the development of alternate energies and efficient products Everything from the electric car to tidal turbines to simple wind energy has been "on their own" with no help from what would seem to be natural development partners. The fact is, such energies aren't profitable, while oil, coal and nuclear is. The energy market is a multi-trillion dollar drain on us. This is money and resources that could go toward other ways of improving our lives.

Here is a short report that brings you up to speed on the factors that prevent the essential research and bury the research that has existed for a long time. Once these are developed, the energy companies nothing left to sell, except machines for personal energy independence.


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