Saturday, March 03, 2007

4.5 Billion Years - The Many, The Proud, The US Depleted Uranium Bombs We Have Used!

Think about this whether you like it or not. The US has used tons of depleted uranium weapons in three wars running including Iraq. And they say, "What problems can there be with 4.5 Billion years of damage to the people of these regions and our own soldiers?

2mins of disturbing truth!
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kazoolist said...

To quote "fiver22" on Digg:

Sources please: I'm not going to blindly believe anything that spouts numbers, set to music, with deformed baby images, without independent sources cited.

Editor said...

I don't usually address people who comment without having actually paid attention to the details of the news. Sources are detailed in the link at the end of the FLASH film.

mwoodwar said...

Very well done. This is one of myriad issues that are simply a 'no extra charge' part of war.

kazoolist said...

Your reply to a request for an "independent source" is to claim I simply haven't "actually paid attention to the details of the news" and then link to an activist group?? For serious??

Fine then; My "credible"/"independent" source refuting DU hysteria:

Editor said...

Having reviewed the "independent source" provided by kazoolist, and having done quite a bit of research to include those both pro and con DU, clearly this is not stuff you want floating around in a desert environment in particular. Even underground in its purest form, Uranium is deadly when presented into the respiratory system or bloodstream. As only the government is capable of doing the kind of research to give a definitive answer to questions potential health hazards, we may never know as they have a vested interest in propagandizing their own choices.

Nevertheless, let's not forget, a simple detection of the Rads of "depleted uranium" suggest the name itself is a misnomer. The reference "depleted" means it is no longer fissionable. It is still quite dangerous when ingested.

wildman said...

Sure, DU is harming, possibly killing our troops, but that is a small number contrasted with the Iraqis who eat food and drink water contaminated by DU. Radioactive particles are a disease vector, leading to gross levels of cancer infections. How can we claim to "liberate" people, or to serve any constructive purpose, in their country which we have invaded, when we bring with us poison and diseases? The use of DU invalidates any claims of benevolence on the part of US forces in Iraq.

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