Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mexican Govt., LA Drug Gangs Very Organized To Take Control Of Border Area

As a grant writer for a gang intervention program in an inner city district in LA I had the horror of interviewing gang members who were proud of the claim that the gangs were complicit with the Mex. Govt. and drug cartels in a well-organized land grab/area take over in Southern Cal., South Texas and other border areas. I was literally prevented from seeing their faces during the interviews though they were happy to discuss the subject.

Since writing the grant which was absorbed into the statewide program. I followed up with the same members who contacted me to claim responsibility for the driveby murder of then Lynwood HS Principal Gary Beverly for his plans to crackdown on Hispanic gangs. Beverly's longtime friend Omar Bradley was Mayor of Compton at the time and a high school teacher at Lynwood. They lead a coalition to maintain black political control of areas that had become majority Hispanic in population. Most voters were black; Most residents were Hispanic (non-citizens) Bradley has since been arrested and imprisoned for graft.

According to anonymous members, the Mexican govt. has soldiers in South Texas poised to provide training, support and arms to the gangs as they maximize their use of US social services, bankrupting many border hospitals and school districts.

The Mara Salvatrucha
gang is predominately
made up of Salvadorans
and originated in the
Los Angeles area, not
El Salvador, but the gang
was later deported
back to that country.
---- AP /Luis Romero --->

There is some splintering of Hispanic factions as Mexicans and other Hispanics don't associate well, but the common language seems to be the cohesion. Still, some opposition to their plans comes from legal immigrants as well, but most of them join them since they can't beat them. Employers are perfectly will to take advantage of the cheap labor, but little do they know, once they have established a stronghold in certain labor markets, the Hispanics then re-escalate pay and maintain their jobs with their numbers and monolingualism (Spanish).

Blacks who attempt to break into landscaping, construction and even restaurants find they are turned away for only speaking English. Many who threaten to bring in the INS are simply killed and they usually disappear. Of course, the INS does very little even if they are informed as they are undermanned and lack authorization to go after employers.

Just this week our only Predator Drone was shot out of the sky. This unmanned camera plane has aided in the detection and arrest of thousands of invaders. Also this week, border patrols were attacked by groups of 'soldiers'. They were wearing bulletproof vests and clearly well-prepared. All this just as today, the Senate voted 59-39 for a plan to cut Bush's Iraq request by $1.9 billion to pay for new aircraft, patrol boats and other vehicles, as well as border checkpoints and a fence along the Mexico border crossing near San Diego.

La Reconquista is the national movement of Mexicans to 'retake' their land. Kerry Fox reports on them as they've stepped out of the shadows--
More details click--

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