Saturday, March 24, 2007

British Man Commits Suicide Live On Webcam -- Encouraged by Audience

Chatroom users witness hanging-Duly Consider chose
NOT to post any more gruesome shots

By Chris Williams - The Register
Published Friday 23rd March 2007 16:23 GMT

Police are investigating the unexplained death of a man who appeared to commit suicide in front of an audience of webcam chatroom users.

Kevin Neil Whitrick, 42, from Wellington in Shropshire, was found at about 11.15pm on Wednesday by officers who went to his home following a report from a fellow chatroom user.

Resuscitation attempts failed, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. A post mortem was carried out on Friday morning, which confirmed the cause of death as hanging. A Coroner's inquest will open on Monday.
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Mr Whitrick was father to 12-year old twins. His ex-wife said he suffered a very serious car accident in July 2006, and had never fully recovered.

Lead investigator Detective Chief Inspector Jon Groves said: "Our enquiries to date have revealed that Mr Whitrick was using a chatroom with a number of other people at the time of his death.


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Duly Consider encourages its readers to reflect on the social commentary of such an event in this context.

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1 comment:

Carl Hudson said...

It's prety sick and twisted the way it played out on the Internet. Will definately add it to my list of sick and weird things that have taken place on the Net.

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