Saturday, March 10, 2007

Libby More Guilty Than Some Say (Followup)

We have followed this story for a while now. It appears that Dem's highest hopes that the trial of Scooter Libby would lead to the downfall of the puppet masters at the top, Cheney and Rove. Even the testimony of Ari Fleisher, despite his immunity, yielded no elevation of the target.

What many people are saying now is that Libby is "only a scapegoat", as if somehow, he did not commit "a real crime". Well, of course, he did. If you or I lie under oath, we may be convicted of perjury. In this case, the reason for lying is particularly villainous. He participated in the outing of a CIA agent, even if it was already out as he says. He perpetuated what had previously been a deniable rumor. Now, she and her associates still in Iran are neutralized if not endangered by the intentional rumor mill of Libby and his masters. For anyone to claim that just because we didn't get the person who ordered such things, does not mean, Libby himself, is somehow innocent.

Scooter (such a seemingly innocuous name) is and has been one of the most dangerous and influential people in the world even without guidance. He has been openly a member of PNAC (The Project for the New American Century), the same organization that indeed, planned the Iraq war well before we had an excuse.

So far, Bush is content with letting Libby serve as a scapegoat, thinking it will make him appear less guilty. Clearly, from poll numbers, nothing can significantly redeem Bush or Cheney, but we may have to settle for getting "only" one bad guy in this investigation. If nothing else, it sends a message that further underground governance will not be so easily tolerated by either the citizens or the system of justice.

We await his sentencing and the testimony to Congress by his primary victim, Valerie Plame. We shall see if Libby will actually serve even a day in jail, as Bush may very well find him less dangerous outside of prison than inside resenting his burden.

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