Tuesday, May 02, 2006

They Know It's A War; Why Don't We?

Am I becoming schizophrenic, totally losing my sense of reality or do we, in fact, have invaders of the US suggesting that US lawmakers work for them as they demand rights? Can you imagine during the cold war, if 11-Million Russian troops had successfully snuck into the US, began taking jobs from Americans, lowering the income and selling drugs to our youth? Then turning around and protesting that the US government is abusing them for not giving them the same rights as US citizens and legal immigrants.

Let's get this clear, legal immigrants are welcome. We invited them to the party. Illegal ones are criminals, an invading force making life difficult for working Americans and those here legally. It is organized, supported by a foreign government, Mexico primarily, and it is a war. Many of them are killing Americans and others are committing crime at a disproportionate rate to the remainder of the public. Meanwhile, they are lying by saying they are paying their way. They're not. The pay $7-billion/year in taxes while costing the government $50-million/year in services. Meanwhile, we spend an additional $50-thousand/year per prisoner to keep them in our jails. They account for 20% of the total prison population in America. Public education for example suffers a "dumbing down" that ripples across the whole system. As we slow down whole classes to wait for non-English speakers, we forever lose learning opportunity for English speaking US citizens. They don't get this time back. It's gone.

I taught English in LA inner-city schools, and learned first-hand the real reason public education is failing. It is because 30% of LA's student population, illegal immigrants, are demanding content education in Spanish and getting it. There are limited resources, so whatever is spent to accommodate them causes the rest to suffer. I know beyond a doubt, America would have no deficit in public educational performance if not for this hidden statistic. They have bankrupted the LAUSD and are working on the whole state. Hospitals have closed all along the borders for the same reason. Now, the same thing is happening well-inland in Atlanta, Chicago and others.

We cannot continue to equate these illegals with legal immigrants. They are not in the same boat. They are in opposition. I have always favored increasing legal immigration but this is impossible if the government grants amnesty to those who broke in line. I feel in my heart for their suffering in their home countries, but we can't be responsible. We must hold those governments responsible for taking care of their own citizens if the alternative is, the US must.

It may sound drastic, but maybe our military should be used for defense against direct invasions of our nation. I cannot believe this has been framed as anything other than a war. Soon, I fear, Americans are going to start using their right to bear arms to feed a minuteman movement against these invaders as the official military is withheld. However, I wish our government would peaceably remove them, and prosecute the traitors who hire them for what they are doing, "harboring an enemy."

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