Sunday, May 14, 2006

Leading Questions, Misquoting, Misinterpreting Polls--Age Old News Problem

You know, when I was a writer at a well known TV news org. that pre-existed Fox, we had a huge inside fight over the following.

A poll was run asking who people would vote for in a Reagan v. Hart election. The poll included "undecided". Results were that neither had a majority of the vote. Obvious Reagan supporters in our newsroom won the fight by reporting "If an election were held today, Reagan would win."

Those of us with truth-the liberal bias, on our side, said just report the results without such false misinterpretation. Fact, there are no undecided voters allowed in a real election. Reagans lead was 2 percent in this poll (+/- me) and the way it was ultimately reported was clearly a lie, as is the case in every similar opportunity at Fox News today.

It is dangerous and misleading and should be illegal. News has the ability to make these things into self-fullfilling prophecies. And at the moment the prophecies facing us are listed in Revleations.

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