Wednesday, May 24, 2006

If Al Gore Were President - SNL 5/2006 HUMOR

Al Gore is becoming a beloved figure very quickly. His movie, "Inconvenient Truth" is going to be a documentary blockbuster (trailer on this site). The Spike Jonze documentary-2000(Complete on this site) portrays him as very smooth and likeable.

He hasn't even announced but there is already a huge groundswell to draft him. Most superficially assume he is used goods, but they forget Reagan and Nixon both lost once before coming back and winning in landslides. Most don't account for the reminiscence factor and the anger within those that felt slighted the first time. Also, many who didn't vote the first time, realize from the closeness of the race that they could have made a difference had they voted.

Hillary is slipping and frankly she doesn't yet do well with male voters at all in either party. She is no Bill Clinton. Russ Feingold is doing extremely well at the moment and is revered for his courage in standing up for his principles, a rarity in DC nowadays.

It is clear that with Gore or Feingold on the either side of the ticket, that the Dems have honesty and forthrightness in their corner and a fair geographic balance if they join forces.

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This is the famous sketch from SNL where Gore proved a straight face is funny! Enjoy!

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