Monday, May 15, 2006

NSA Data Collection Not To Be Taken Lightly

You know, I actually believe most people at the NSA are straight arrows and good citizens and some are blowing the whistle later today about their refusal to allow such programs to remain secret.

The big problem is, that though they may be good people, the people that have access to this data and the patterns that can be established from such massive data collection (TRILLIONS OF CALLS SO FAR). Even the least 'technology savvy' know the algorithms that can be used in combination with this data to determine with great accuracy, one's sexual preference, religion, political affiliations, wealth and race. It's amazing and scary.

The Republican Right Wing has in the past used such data analysis to create lists for people to be denied their right to vote. And we all know, once it happens, it's too late. When was the last successful challenge of this practice? There is someone out there by the name, John Smith, who is a felon, thus has not the right to ever vote again. Any state elections board, armed with these lists of clearly common names, can selectively remove people from the roles who would most likely vote Dem. They can determine someone is black, put them on a list of blacks, likely DEMs, cross reference that with felon lists (Gladly provided by Texas to Florida in the 2000 elections) and OILA, they get removed from the roles for having the same name; guilty til proven innocent.
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It has already happened and no doubt the RNC is not above such dirty tricks in future elections. I'm no statistician, but I have throughly researched these already common data harvesting techniques and the things that can be derived from the data. No one would question this capability. And, when it comes to dirty politics, if it CAN be done, it WILL be done. This data stream needs to stop immediately, and the NSA records need to be audited and destroyed/espunged.

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