Friday, May 26, 2006

Kos, Others Terrified To Even Discuss 911

Recently posted on Kos, this diary drew 157 comments, mostly red herrings, in 15 minutes. The writer was blocked from responding to the attacks and diary rights were revoked. You judge from the comments whether you think NSA/CIA might be camped out there to discredit such discussion.

Note: This site holds no official position on any conspiracy theories but only encourages due consideration.

Original Kos Story

Big Names Give Credibility To 911 Truth Movement--
Bring Rise To NSA Disinformation
by Trnscndr
Fri May 26, 2006 at 08:43:40 AM PDT

Recent releases of films dealing with theories of US government involvement at such places as Deniro's Tribeca Film Festival, are finally getting taken seriously by a mainstream audience. The knee jerk reaction has been so far, to push such theorists into the closet with UFO abductees. Now, the See No Evil crowd is opening their eyes, unafraid to consider the mounting evidence.

Diary :: ::

I have only recently myself begun to open up to these theories. But with the leading scientists backing these theories, it's hard not to listen and look. When the architects that designed the WTC say it's impossible, I ask who more qualified?

Demolition experts, intelligence insiders and common sense, equivalent to the resistance to the JFK "magic bullet theory" in the Warren Commission, are lining up to shake their heads.

However, NSA and CIA operatives are also standing in line with the largest disinformation squad ever assembled. If there is a coverup, agents are on the net doing their best to discredit 911 "Truth-tellers". Recently, I was on a liberal forum and mentioned the possibility of government involvement and within minutes, other users were attacking me as if I had suggested Santa and Satan were the same person because one is a scrambled spelling of the other.

Even if the government did not do it, intentionally allow it, or even cover it up, their denials will be professional and intense. The NSA has nine times more employees than the CIA and the FBI, MIA and a long list of unofficial agents working for the State Department are there for one reason, to provide disinformation to discredit the truth.

I don't propose someone just do a poll and believe what the majority comes up with. The majority don't read newspapers. Those that do, read one only. They get their news from Fox and CNN, if at all. Most haven't read a book since one was assigned in high school, and even then they got Cliff's notes.

They simply don't have the mental capacity to process the information. Yes, it is dense science but not science fiction. If the truth doesn't match optimism, it is painful. However, these actions by a government of the people cannot be ignored. We Americans must go to sources other than Disney for their revelations. They must watch something other than "Nightmare On Elm Street:Part 99" to get a reality check from time to time.

Have we become so conditioned that everything seems to be fiction or nonsense, jut because most is?

If you want to see a few of the more notable documentary films questioning the official 911 explanation, go to
Duly Consider (That's here) or any of the many sites offering such fair consideration.

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Tate said...

I think the evidence points overwhelmingly to MIHOP - the Bush Crime Family and their backers Made It Happen On Purpose.

Your "Stop No Evil" graphic is well chosen. The nightmare of Iraq and the disappearing of our treasury into Halliburton's coffers for work they do not do and the reanimation of REX84 with the well-publicized tens of millions of our tax dollars going to Halliburton, again, to build "dentention" ie work labor concentration camps will continue unobstructed by the "left" publications Daily Kos and "Democratic" Underground.

Thank you for giving this Diarist their chance to speak after being censored by DK.

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