Monday, May 22, 2006

Bush - Zionist, Anti-Christ, The Beast? No, Just A Businessman

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posted in Seattle Weekly

I don't think Bush is a Zionist, so are many just being bated for a red herring? He obviously supports Zionists, but that's because it is the thing that will anger the Muslims the most. He also has supported Muslims; He has their royal leaders sleeping in the Whitehouse regularly. The US put Saddam in power and then vilified him.

Most people just don't get it; the RRW doesn't want peace especially in the Middle East as that would reduce arms sales and consulting contracts for war. The war machine makes money by SELLING more weapons, which THEY buy. They don’t want to reduce crime domestically as that would reduce the need for police and prisons, which are very big business.

I believe religions are just pawns for the real power brokers, the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). Even President Eisenhower (a retired General) warned us of the growth of the MIC. I don't care about the Trilateral Commission, though they do exist as a group of world leaders that network. Check it out; they have an office in New York. I know nothing about Illuminati, though the Masons, on the other hand, openly proclaim that they produce more world leaders than any organization.

The deception is, they don’t need secret organizations; they are the governments themselves. Again, many religions and many of those who call themselves Christians, (Pat Roberson…) have become pawns and these impressionable people are vulnerable to messages of hate and fear mongering.

Most self-proclaimed Christians are just going to church to network for profit. Look at it in your local church. People hand out business cards, sell cars, insurance, etc. This is the thing Jesus abhorred most as evidenced by his trashing the synagogue and rebuking the sellers in God's house. Bush is one of these.

And, yes, maybe Bush would best be theorized as the Beast and not the Anti-Christ, as he now exercises technology in such a way that all have a "number on their forehead", IPs, SocSec, DLic, telephone... These numbers are what make us easy to track and control. Beware! Once they have everyone using plastic and all the money is in the banks and you have no way of being secretly liquid; they've got you. I like to barter, so freeing.

It is amazing that people find it so hard to believe or they JUST DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE, that their leaders, both of religions and governments, could ever consider, killing, deceiving and controlling. Well, that's what they do, and what better name to do it in than God? They justify imprisonment of sinners (terrorists) in secret prisons (much like Hitler had death camps in Poland), the mass killing of other religions, the Death penalty, while opposing birth control and abortion as having unwanted babies keeps women powerless and penniless, pumpin gout new soldiers.

There is a way to bastardize any bible for any purpose.Why are we surprised when, throughout history, the church has been used to perpetrate the worst atrocities; the inquisition, etc.?"

"Onward Christian Soldiers" was written for that purpose to justify Christians to follow warmongers. It's simple but effective propaganda. A Christian might best say, "Despite our being saved we may still be drawn back into sin."

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