Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush Pandering On Gay Issue -- It's Time For A Liberal Backlash!

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As we enter a new round of attacks on civil liberties by the Bush Administration, it is time to act, if we haven't already. Bush is currently pandering to the right to ban gay marriage on the national level. He is unlikely to be successful at the constitutional level, but he will most certainly stir up hate among those that go to the polls next November.

It is a wedge issue, and the worse thing we can let him do is to push the issue back into the closet. Democrats must refuse to be apologists for doing the right thing.

I am begging for people to hear this as it effects tens of millions of people directly, and all of us indirectly. This is a group that has been vilified to a greater extent than the Jews throughout history. They have suffered a tyranny of the majority long enough. Frankly, it's considered acceptable fodder for humor, and it's got to stop.

Gays are told they are "less than", "abnormal", from the day they find within themselves a seed of attraction to their own sex. They are persecuted more heinously than any group. Humor seems to be their nervous reaction to the condition, but there is a Pagliacci in every funny gay you see. Inside, there is pain which leads to suicide and alcohol abuse at a higher rate than any other group.

It is time, not to pander, not to apologize, not to hide, but to strike while the iron is hot.

Civilized countries all over the world think we are disgusting for our treatment of gays. We are not considered the symbol of freedom anywhere, including inside America. It is clear there is a long list of countries with greater commitment to protecting the weak.

Nothing short of a national recognition of gay marriage will pull people out of the obscurity of gay bars and ghettos and into the fold of mainstream America.

The right of committed companionship is one none would want to lose. It is one gays would love to gain.

Imagine if you met someone from another country, fell in love, wanted to bring them home and commit, but you're gay and no such green card right exists. You must live in fear of ultimate separation or bounce back and forth to maintain your relationship. Impossible.

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