Monday, April 17, 2006

Much Deeper Discrimination---Gay Immigration Rights

America is so blatantly anti-homosexual while pretending to be "tolerant". This is a deep think, not just a call for apparent "political correctness" but a firm finger-pointing. Even the left wing is bigoted against homosexuals still in their failure to view gay rights the same way they do those based on race, religion, etc.

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Recently, I asked several people if they had seen "Brokeback Mountain," to which even the most liberal of them responded with an attempt at humor. Now, I have seen the film, and there is nothing funny about it, but people still find it appropriate to use the subject of homosexuality as an acceptable entree to jokes. Well, it's not acceptable to laugh at serious misfortune of a deeply and unfairly hated and hurt minority.

To laugh ignores the very serious attack on one of our most valuable rights, to have equally free assembly of two people who love each other, whether through the recognition of marriage, domestic partner benefits, tax benefits, or immigration rights of partners.

To suggest that all would be sufficient if each state, one by one, would allow marriage, is ridiculous. If the US federal government doesn't fully recognize these marriages and ramifications and doesn't actively punish people who discriminate on the basis of such an innate element of one's personhood, then no state, corporation or group of collective individuals, can put a dent in the problems facing this devastated class of people.

Some say it is impossible for such a government to exist, yet they do. Such governments do exist: Canada, many in Scandinavia, even Australia has immigration for codependent relationships of all kinds, including gays. This American apathy and insistence that such is impossible in the US because we are so different, so terminally unique, for some, is simply bigoted liberals hoping the bigoted conservatives will remain the scapegoat for failure to enact social fairness. Get off your ass if you REALLY believe in defending the natural rights of people different than yourself.

Without very deep change, one of the most basic rights taken for granted by straights, that of immigration of foreign born love-partners, keeps billions of people worldwide limited to choosing either someone from their own country or partnering with someone of the opposite sex. In case you haven't though about it, can you imagine finding the love of your life in a foreign country and either being forced to permanently immigrate there in order to be together or coming home without the right to bring him or her home with you to the US, without fear of them needing approval of a green card by means other than marriage. Right, US gay people who fall in love, can't marry the ones they love and confidently bring them home to the US.

If they have HIV, it's even more devastating, as the INS currently requires a negative blood test before granting Green card status under any circumstances, straight or gay. Despite all the complaints against homosexuals for their assumed perceived promiscuity, they are not allowed to "do the right thing" even if they wanted to; I guess leaving them to eventually part from their loved one only to truly become promiscuous out of despair and to spread their HIV if they are, in fact, infected.

So, stop laughing and stop waiting for other people, states and countries to do something before you take action. This "waiting" is the most insidious bigotry.

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