Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mosque Fundraising At All-Time Low

Unfinished mosque, designed by Saddam to be the largest in the world, now occupied by Shi'a clergy

One of the most difficult problems facing us today is the blight left on America and indeed, the world, by the difficulties of fundraising for the building of mosques.

Yes, I have seen entirely too many uncompleted mosques across this land and it is time to step up and finish that which we started, "Freedom of Religion."

Muslim woman offers some fundraising encouragement at local American Mosque

All joking aside, there are huge numbers of mosques lying in limbo since 911. Have the Muslims lost the motivation to pursue their religion in America? Have we somehow shamed them by misdirecting our rage at their religion instead of at men of all religions overstating their causes? Are the Fundamentalist Baptists in the US any different for attacking abortion clinics and federal buildings than Muslims for attacking our financial centers and each other for minor differences?

I don't know the answers, but it is time for religion to get on with its real purpose: bringing hope. It would be so nice if religions practiced what they preached rather than killing each other in the names of their Gods.

Religious fundraisers attract many for dinner but few for financial support

Many among the religionists have given other good people a bad name and this is a shame. Build your temples; Praise your God; Lovingly persuade others to do the same. But, let's stop allowing powermongers within religions to infuse their misinterpretations into governments.

Just food for thought, so eat!

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