Saturday, April 22, 2006

Immigration Quandary--Part 2

Enough twisted, multilayered bullshit suggesting Americans are not victims of illegal immigration. As a grantwriter for inner-city schools in LA, years ago, I can tell you the Hispanic gangs, mostly illegals or born to illegals, are very organized and kill black people who compete for their jobs. Yes, it's a war, and I think death and economic deprivation of citizens of the US is a full-on "victim" crime. Therefore, anyone who contribute to that by hiring or encouraging the hiring is part of the victimization of Americans. Those that suggest otherwise are either employers who lie and financially benefit from the artificially cheap labor such increased supply of uneducated manpower allows.
To suggest these jobs are not "theirs" to take is to suggest America is not "ours". If so, eliminate all borders now and allow the oligarchy in Mexico to get off the hook of supporting their own people. I don't however, blame the workers themselves, but the oligarchy who make the laws and sucks all the benefits upward.

I am old enough and aware enough to remember when construction, landscaping and restaurant kitchens actually paid enough for people to live on. Employers are victimizing the labor, and ultimately encouraging the victimization of all of us. If you lived in Southern Cal or anywhere with a high illegal immigrant population, you'd realize we are all victimized by paying extraordinary taxes to provide ESL and/or content education in Spanish to people that are not here legally.

Arrest and imprison the "illegal employers"; Stop the demanders, stop the demand.

The sad reality of illegal immigration is -- it is to blame for many social ills, like high taxes, unemployment, low pay, poor public education, and drug violence in our streets. But, again, I say, don't blame them for doing that which is allowed by our govt. that refuses to enforce the laws against employers. Sounds like the only motivation for the INS to ignore the problems, and the govt. to fail to adequately staff the INS to enforce existing laws, is graft, plain and simple.

Now anyone that hasn't researched this subject or lived deep in the warzone as have I, who still believes there are no victims, continues to comment "there is no problem"... well I will either have to call them a major dumbass or a "lying liar" who somehow feels he financially benefits from these crimes. In either case, they are part of the problem.

As for "at will employment", I believe in a free market for employment skills, if in fact, citizens are given first consideration. The problem is citizens are "unwilling to do the jobs" not because they are bad jobs, but because the jobs have been undervalued by the presence of illegals. In their absence, Americans can compete fairly. In the case we arrest lawbreaking employers, we will naturally eliminate the great sucking noise I hear from the border.

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