Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Publicity For Stephen Colbert

Anything I can do to steer people to watch The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert I will.

An offshoot of The Daily Show, the show does more to promote liberal causes by parody of ignorant Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly than any politician or pundit alive. He consistently and intelligently utilizes logical fallacy to show how ridiculous and selfish the conservatives really are. You get the news that matters from both shows back to back and they leave you laughing instead of crying over the huge injustices performed that day by Bush and Company.

The difference between Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and Colbert is that he never admits it is just a joke. No one can keep a straight face better. Between the incredibly intelligent interviews and twists presented by Stewart and the ingenious bastardization of conservatism by Colbert, who needs other TV. I suggest you try this for one week: Read your favorite newspaper or news website for a straight scoop; then tune in to Stewart and Colbert to get the appropriate levity in order to survive your disgust.

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