Friday, April 13, 2007

What's wrong with "Nappy" hair?

I love "nappy" hair. It's soft, free and it stands and delivers.

As for "Ho's", what is a ho? A woman who enjoys sex with multiple partners? Hmm, if it were a guy wouldn't we call him a stud?

As for the intentions of Imus, clearly racist and ignorant but so are all the rap songs I hear that denigrate women and their own race.

Isn't it time we remove the double standard. If a white man says it, its bad? But if a self-hating black says it, is it okay? If a black politician calls white members of the Mondale Presidential staff, the "Smart Ass White Boys" (Andrew Young), or a Presidential candidate calls New York "Hymy Town", is it okay (Jackson)? When on many occasions black politicians blindly refer to "white people" saying or doing one thing or another, is it okay? As if all white people do or say the same things.

Frankly, I am tired of the double standards. Will it ever be the right time for us to start all over and walk hand in hand like children with others of different color, creating the rainbow society Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned, or has it become an intractable and an all too profitable industry to point fingers, even when four of them are pointing back at you?

Shame on Imus for thinking he was ever funny. Shame on Sharpton for ever thinking he was without sin and for parading his own daughter before Imus in his stone-throwing exhibition. Shame on Jackson for his focus on one fool while ignoring himself and many others. Aren't their better racists to point at; like Bush and the other white men who send black men disproportionately to their deaths and injuries in war and prison?

Is anyone other than me tired of hearing that it is terrible for whites to express their racism while pretending there is no such thing as black racism? As I have said to the many black men for whom I have worked, "you have the power, not I." Can we just finally start treating each other by the "content of our character rather than the color of our skin."

Maybe I'm just being naive and idealistic to suggest that the time to do the right thing, once we recognize it is right, is now!


Anonymous said...

I agrre with what youre saying its true there are to many double standards out here. Especially among black people

A Black Panther Forever said...

Power concedes nothing...your simple and charming solution to current race situation was heartwarming. Nothing wrong with a little fantacy. Unfortunately the people in charge could care less about the Black male. If he doesnt entertain he is just another crop like corn etc. How do you think the number 1 growth industry in US is prision industry will survive without raw material?

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