Thursday, April 05, 2007

Our period of waiting is over -- This is the time -- End this war!

Is it possible we, the majority of good, caring people of the US have fallen sway to yet more lies and deceptions as we trust the newly elected congress to do the right thing, to represent us and not to follow the maniacal lies of a President, who so much as told us he is a king and not an elected official "of the people". Have we not heard enough of these claims of "executive privilege"?

Is it possible the Democratic Party cares more about maintaining an unpopular leader as to guarantee fruition of a Democratic President in the next election? Can we not do the right thing AND still have a true leader elected? Is it time to impeach President Bush and to end this war now? Or have there not been enough innocent lives lost and freedoms destroyed?

DULY CONSIDER this and then decide who is to blame if we don't challenge our leaders to do the right thing now!

2 more minutes of disturbing truth!
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Bill said...

That flash piece is well done. Good production values. I guess it's easy to pack a piece with god production values sine there is so much space available due to the lack of facts and substantiation.

Susan J. said...

The news is replete with facts and substantiation for the things presented in that flash piece. Your comment would suggest that a photo (worth a thousand words) needs words and numbers to back it up. Well, do your homework and you will find the pictures are true and many words are lies.

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