Monday, April 09, 2007

Environmental and Political Implications: Roadster gets 600 HP from lithium batteries!

The New Breed of Electric Car
From Hybrid Technology -NOW!

This is one incredible car at 175mph, 600HP, 0-60 less than 4 secs.

Now, I am excited. Not such a deep subject, and one I rarely duly consider. But the consequences and suggestions this has about the future, tells us that the technology the oil companies tried to keep off the market for so long and that the auto manufacturers hid because there was less "built in obsolescence", is coming back with a vengeance. When the average American drives less than 50 miles a day, rarely drives more than 200 miles even on a weekend trip, this technology has every opportunity to become viable for the consumer market.

Big deal! Great for business, but obviously for consumers and environmentalists as well. OK, it's expensive now, but when mass produced, the purchase price comes into reality. When we consider the cost of maintenance, they will conceivably be far cheaper. As for the argument that electric cars use central electric production from Coal plants, therefore they still pollute; not true. They are charged at night when electric plants have more than enough capacity to produce without touching their secondary coal plants. Go Green! Enjoy this video and some day soon, let's take a test drive.

How about now? Video Below at the NY Auto Show

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