Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove Resignation Not End Of Road?

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The man many refer to as "Bush's Brain" and the one Bush called "The Architect" has turned out certainly to have been the greatest architect of adversity to ever guide the political decisions of a President in the history of the institution.

That he won many elections for Bush, no one would doubt, but with such small margins it was a rough rub for most that he advised the President to rule as if he had a mandate. One thing for sure, we will never know what kind of Presidency would have occurred without the catalytic events of 911.

Inevitable, ineffectual investigations into the inside of the longest string of American political corruption in history have only touched the surface of a beast of many heads. As Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove resigns, many proclaim this is the end of the trail, but it is not enough for him or any other traitors to simply quit their low paying government jobs only to parachute into a huge, high paying private sector opportunities.

Just as the death of Hitler was not the end of worldwide fascism, Rove moving into an undercover position will not end the deepest and widest corruption ever to hit Washington and consequently, billions around the world.

It would be our biggest mistake to forgive what he and many others have done simply because of this symbolic act of contrition. Even as scapegoats go, Libby being convicted then pardoned, was no justice. Rove resigning is no less a thud amidst demands by the public for a resounding solution.

Recently, when asked whether he was leaving to avoid congressional scrutiny, Karl Rove told the WSJ: “I’m not going to stay or leave based on whether it pleases the mob.” And Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has made clear he’s not going to determine his subpoenas based on whether Rove stays or leaves.

Leahy issued the following statement this morning, explaining the Senate Judiciary Committee “will continue its investigation” into Rove...
"The list of senior White House and Justice Department
officials who have resigned during the course of these congressional
investigations continues to grow, and today, Mr. Rove added his name to that list. There is a cloud over this White House, and a gathering storm. A similar cloud envelopes Mr. Rove, even as he leaves the White House."

From the outside it diverts attention away from the remaining cancer, when we cut away only one of the tumors. Sadly, in this case the analogy would be more accurate to suggest one of the tumors has simply been moved into hiding. America is screaming for the cure and they are giving us aspirin.

There is no doubt this is not the end of Rove's influence on this or other despots. As easily as a housewife can do telemarketing from the home, Rove can continue to advise crimes, lies and deceit comfortably from his home while he continues to draw a government paycheck for rest of his life. He will now be free to accept money legally from conspiratorial thinktanks like PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and from other campaigns who wish to cheat their ways into office.

Rove has left behind him a President, Vice President, Attorney General and hundreds if not thousands of co-conspirators scattered throughout the executive branch. He has illegally invoked "Executive Privilege" in order to avoid accountability for his crimes, and like a little boy who burns down the house, he simply runs away and thinks all is forgiven.

Nothing has changed. Justice has not been done, and those who have committed the highest crimes ever are simply being ushered out quietly and their silence is being taken as a poor substitute for solution.

Let's make this clear. 150 attorneys were hired at the justice department whose job it was to investigate, prevent and punish crimes of election fraud, while in reality it is clear they were hired for no other purpose but to allow and to perpetrate the fraud themselves, constituting the formalization of treason.

If America accepts this as appeasement, we will only encourage the further degradation of our institutions. The only real justice is impeachment, conviction and execution of punishment of all the participants in this rape of America by the rich and powerful against the rest of us. The citizenry must demand that those remaining, do their jobs and cleanse the remainder. And the problem will remain unsolved, as the rich will still have all the money they have thieved from those who go to work every day. Even after punishment, we face years of repair.

In the long term, however, repair without reparations is a lingering public punishment. Long after the heads of this conspiracy are brought to justice, congress must have the courage to retake the funds from the robber-barons.

I only offer a solution but certainly no prediction of this outcome. What I cynically believe is that Americans will continue to simmer while others come to a boil and die, much like frogs in a pot. The heat slowly rises; he doesn't notice, thus failing to jump out; he eventually dies.

I only pray America will prove me wrong by demanding tenacious and thorough reform.

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Trampled Patriot said...

I kind of understand the frog-boiling thing, and his leaving is nowhere near enough to satisfy my bloodlust!

He, Bush, Cheney, Gonzales and Libby should fry!

Editor said...

"Apologeia" comes in many forms and "mea culpa" is but one, but I am sure you are right that the internal contrition is covered by regret,embarrassment and shame.

It is interesting that many will see this as a sufficient punishment, but that would be naive. We don't let bank robbers get away with previous heists just because they quit robbing banks.

The frog reference is probably obscure to some, but it is a well known experiment in which the frog will not jump out of the pot of water when slowly brought to a boil. America is this frog as we accept half measures, adjustments to the rate of increase of temperature of the water; but it is still coming to a boil and death is still impending.

voice of reason said...

Are you kidding me? You rant and rave about crimes and conspiracies and not only do you not offer any proof, you don't even offer any examples! You throw around words like treason and names like robber barons but do you have anythiing substantive to say, even one event that you can conclusively say was illegal? Last I checked, the dems were no strangers to corruption or subpeonas either. This is totally irresponsible commentary to subvert the masses who know less than you about laws and or politics.

Editor said...

I leave it to the readers to have been informed and to come to their own conclusions about what his crimes were or were not. It is my conclusion that Rove, etc., were and are still involved in the greatest corruption ever in the White House. And to add insult to injury, they have added more than 100,000 unnecessary deaths to the events of 911 in a war that had nothing to do with the perpetrators.

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