Monday, August 27, 2007

Mr. Gonzales: Hitchin' a Ride!

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Nuff Said!

Ex-US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (ooh, that feels good)
was seen trying to get a ride back to Texas as quickly as you can say...
Karl Rove!


Anonymous said...

I read many of the comments before I clicked on the story, and found many of them racist and anti-Hispanic. I wonder how many of those who posted anti-hispanic or illegal immigrant comments think of themselves as pro-Mexican or open minded. I enjoy how liberals can pretend to be open minded when they are really want to force everyone to think and act as they wish. I guess you can only be racist if you also call yourself a liberal.

Editor said...

Duly Consider is not responsible for the commentary that may appear on other sites. It is certainly not our wish to offend anyone on a racial basis, but political liars are open game for attacks on their character.

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