Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You can lead a horse’s ass to Washington, but the truth?

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Senator Patrick Leahy has decided he is going to subpoena Karl Rove to testify under oath. Well, it’s about time. But according to Whitehouse Spokesperson Tony Snow, he has already offered himself up in such a way that “he would tell the truth” only under the condition that he not be sworn, documented and that he be free to hide one of his hands behind his back at all times with his fingers crossed.

Frankly, it will be nice to get Rove’s lies on official record, but if anyone thinks this is going to result in the unearthing of truth from his thin little lips, they have no idea who they are dealing with. Karl Rove is and has been the biggest “spinmeister” to have ever entered the District of Columbia; and that’s a high honor.

It has been the food from which he thrives. Lie ‘til you die, and even then have a lie placed on the tombstone and hire Tony Snow and Scooter Libby to write the obituary. He has been lying so long he has no idea what the truth is.

As he has been leading Bush’s political career since his days in Texas, it is his modus operandi. It has become his mantra that if you tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. And when lies aren’t enough, break the law and tell secrets that end careers and put lives in danger, while endangering the well built apparatus by which the US had previously tracked nuclear proliferation to the Middle East. Who cares? It’s just another spy, just another country with nukes. Who cares if it is a felony punishable by death? And according to him, it’s not a secret if you are the second or third person to have told it. According to him, everybody already knew it, right?

In his days in Texas, he not only was a master of lies, but he completely automated the rumor mill. He perfected the art. Basically, it was his favorite way to win. Just think of the very thing that would make an opponent unpopular, and whisper it to everyone you know. It didn’t matter that Ann Richards wasn’t a lesbian. She rode a motorcycle. She had to be, according to Rove and his team. And Texans love homosexuals, right?

If anyone thinks Rove is worried about being forced to testify, they are clearly deluded. He couldn’t care less. If you think Gonzales said, “I don’t know”, “I can’t recall, or “I wasn’t in the loop,” were enough to make you roll our eyes, just wait. Rove will have your eyes sticking that way. You will become so familiar with eye-rolling that you will likely give yourself a frontal lobotomy from the friction.

Meanwhile, Bush, Cheney and Snow will simply complain that there has become a proliferation of politics where there once was none.


Bill said...

Well, if Carl Rove were still a hot-shooting, bug-whacker in Texas he could gas all those against his ideas in the house and senate. Then he could easily fill the vacancies with texican gassed bugs and other patriots?

george said...

Patrick Leahy has become an excellent example of the headline's accuracy. Karl Rove is, as is Dick Cheney, just someone for author's like this and Patrick Leahy to hate. I don't necessarily approve of everything that goes on in Washington, but I do subscribe to the theory that any time Congress's approval rating is lower than the President's there are extremely serious problems in Congress and the people have recognized that fact. 'Hate The Administration and everyone in it' is just a way for apparently low-competence people to try to distract from their own lack of ability. Leahy needs to wake up and try to accomplish something or maybe we are better off without him trying to accomplish something based on his record to date. I just hate to see the Congress(Democratically controlled or Republican controlled) wasting more money and time on endless, meaningless hearings on the off chance that they will be able to distort something that is said into a publicity case against the administration. This is the 'modus operandi' of Democrats when they are in control of Congress and the President is Republican, since Reagan was elected at least

Good Dem said...

Just curious, George. Do you actually have any idea what Leahy's record is? I certainly know what Rove's record is, and Libby and the whole list of traitors of the consitution.

But I am sure you would rather Leahy look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else beside me getting sick of hearing about the failings of the Democrat majority in the "Do Nothing Congress"? Did any of those who continually use that label to fault Democrats now in office ever crack an eighth grade civics book? The slim 51-49 edge in the Senate (if and when "Independent Joe" remembers his roots) and a 233-202 split in the House fall far short of mustering the 60% vote needed to overcome a Republican filibuster or Dubya's promised vetoes! Go back to junior high and this time do your reading assignments!

Ed said...

If Leahy is so wrong, why do 'Rove' and 'Gonzo' look like such round faced little lying Nazis when they testify to any question that they are asked by Congressmen. Their contemptuous little grins make their faces look begging to be smashed.

Anonymous said...

Well, George, so what the heck was the Republican Congress doing during Clinton's impeachment and trial? Talk about a waste of time and money. At least the Democrats are pursuing activities which are or approach being illegal, if not treasonous. The unthinking bozos who continue to excuse Dubya and his cronies should get brain transplants from the nearest bird colony.

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