Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Westmoreland Attacks McGraw-Atlanta Journal & Constitution Endorses McGraw-"Oust Westmoreland"

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Well, finally major media realizes McGraw is a winnable candidate! The day after an attack mailer was sent to the entire district distorting McGraw's positions, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution Endorsed almost every incumbent EXCEPT Westmoreland.

Mike McGraw hit a home run! Not quite Hank Aaron, but it scored!

Basically, after FEC filings made it clear that Westmoreland had done a poll and refused to release it (thus he was ahamed) and that he spent $50000 on a single direct mailer, the AJC jumped on it and said, "Enough" to the bully-Westmoreland.

Of course, Mike McGraw still waits for the other foot to drop as Westmoreland has a huge warchest. At least for now, every other media outlet and the party will take McGraw's candidacy seriously! Cox owns the AJC and local TV WSB (who will follow up--then come the rest) Please contribute to McGraw:

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This is clearly a tacky attack and completely spins all of McGraw's moderate positions.

Can you say backfire?

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