Friday, November 03, 2006

Mike McGraw vs. Lynn Westmoreland --The Only Positive Message?

You would think none of the elections without public polls are truly contested! Kossacks and Huffpo have absolutely become obsessed with polls.

Tuesday will have a LOT of surprises, even for the pollsters, but even more in races below the radar. I say "you count the votes, I'll GET more votes; let's see whose time is better spent."

The big news here in Georgia is that Mike McGraw vs Lynn Westmoreland was one of only two in the whole state to get endorsements from the leading newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Yes, this is a 1 newspaper city and AJC has clout. Old fashion journalism; they did their homework and saw a poll had been done by Westmoreland, but not released out of shame. "No Comment," said Westmoreland.

But, more importantly, it was in the headline, "Oust Westmoreland" with no reference to the Governor's race or other big money campaigns.

Mike McGraw is possibly the only candidate in the country to be running an "all" positive campaign despite outside advice. Here is the ad that will be running through Tuesday.

Mike McGraw - Positive TV Ad

Is this possibly the ONLY positive TV ad for a congressional candidate this year?

Mike McGraw For Congress Against Lynn "Do-Nothing" Westmoreland is keeping on the high road.

TV Ad :30

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