Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HBO SPECIAL Hacking Democracy-Complete

Hacking Democracy! Here's the explanation I find most credible for massive losses in rural America especially Georgia, "the best government money can buy"---Julian Bond, NAACP Chair. While people are patting themselves on the back for how well the Dems did, no one is thinking about all those areas where there was no one watching the "henhouse".

In those elections around the state that had no published polls, no one would easily charge that votes were stolen by that method.

Basically, pre-election polls give a check and balance against more than the margin of error of unexpected results.

In thirty years of intimate understanding of Georgia politics, journalism, statistics and the political psychology of man, I have no doubt that we were hugely raped in the back door while we were having good sex in the front.

And nobody is going to do anything about it!

This documentary originally aired on HBO last week. It was pirated onto Google Video, so see it ASAP. Since 11/4, 127,000 people have seen it online just on Google.

See this and say goodbye to rural American unpolled "safe" seats with Diebold machines. They are as vulnerable as a stack of cash on a park bench in NYC.

Recent attempts by people at Diebold to debunk the HBO documentary (who, themselves, did not even see it) turn out to be scammers. What a surprise! As it turned out they worked for Diebold and were working in conjunction with goverment officials to propagandize the issue in their favor.
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MOuntainMan23(Randi Rhodes Forums)
Georgia was a totally corrupt one-party state (Southern Dems) when I grew up there in the 50's.

Breaking up that one-party rule let the Republicans in & they pretty much took over the old Southern Dem one-party apparatus.

One of the principal factors that Jimmy Carter cites for his running for Ga State Senate was the political corruption in the local elections.

So - bad as Diebold is, the electoral corruption in Ga pre-dates electronic voting and will require more than just eliminating Diebold to correct.

Having said that, getting rid of Diebold & adopting a secure and verifiable electoral process is Job One in eliminating that corruption.

QUOTE(End game (Randi Rhodes Forums) @ Nov 11 2006, 05:51 PM) *

How many voters were there?

Georgia has a Dem Secretary of State so it should be harder to steal elections there.

Pacman Champion! (reply to above)

Cathy Cox is a traitor.

1) Her former boss was a lobbyist for Diebold. Thus, it's of little surprise that she chose Diebold.

2) She let Diebold run the '02 elections!

Two party monopoly has led to this state of affairs. Both parties are arrogant and contemptuous of the public, though the GOP has taken corruption to a new level.


Anonymous said...

The 2008 election will be stolen and here's how.

I know this is going to sound crazy but let us start from the premise that you cannot put anything past the Right Wing Thug Machine. We know that Karl Spawn-of-the-Devil Rove and his friends have been planning to establish a permanent Republican majority for well-over 20 years. That being the case, you must assume that nothing they ever do is what it seems on the surface, no matter how far in advance it occurs. So, here's my theory.

I knew something was awfully strange when they announced last year that they would be moving the fall return to Eastern Standard Time (when our clocks fall back one hour) to occur several weeks later than in years gone by. They said that the purpose of delaying the time change was to save energy. Now, at the time, people didn't talk much about it but I thought we couldn't possibly conserve much energy from that one change. This year, when we returned to Eastern Standard Time there was much fanfare about how this would be the last year when the time change would occur in October. And, for some reason, it just struck me that the fanfare seemed odd.

Then, a few weeks ago I heard about some former Diebold employee who said that he was dispatched to Georgia in 2004 to install a patch in the machines after they had been certified and that he was told that the patch was to fix a "time clock problem." We know that there was no clock problem but no one knows what that patch was actually designed to do.

Fast forward to look at the calendar in 2008. The first Saturday in November is immediately before the '08 election. The machines will have been certified by that time but there will be a "legitimate" reason to have to access the macines and install a patch to fix a "time clock problem." And, assuming without conceding that the patch that will be installed is legitimately a clock executable, what if it functions to cause votes cast after 4pm (when most poor, minority and working class people vote) to be recorded as votes for Republican candidates or to simply be wiped out? What if it causes votes cast before 9am to be voided when the machines are hooked up to the tabulating machines?

My point is that the time change will create a legitimate reason to access the machines, a legitimate "clock" program and something that will be harder to label a "malicious code" (even if it functions as such).

Things that make you go, "Hmmm . . . . "

Editor said...

Beautifully put! Based on this documentary there were 19 unaddressed vulnerabilities in the Diebold systems, and that's considering strangers are hacking. What if the hackers are the world's greatest experts on Diebold...Diebold itself?

MarkN said...

Anyone with at least half a brain (this of course excludes Republicans) would realize that those machines did exactly what they were designed to do - cheat and steal the election for the Republicans. There wasn't any technological errors to them at all. After all, the damn things were created by a Republican so of course they're gonna be made to benefit them. That's why the company should be forced out of business because you just know they're gonna try the same old crap again and again.

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