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David Is Waiting For Goliath To Die! Mike McGraw Fingers Crossed

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It's the final stretch. Every weapon has fired and now we wait to see if an ignorant incumbent Westmoreland will fall. No question, by the money poll, Westmoreland wins big, but we have yet to see if any amount of money is enough to counter the incredible negatives Westmoreland has created for himself as the king of the "do-nothiners".

Mike beat Westmoreland badly in their main debate and in every public meeting since according to every report.

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Mike McGraw has been into the most conservative parts of the GA 3rd and has still been welcomed with open arms. As a moderate "Sam Nunn Democrat", Mike has seen some sideways skepticism, but he has received endorsements and financial support from major current and old Dems throughout Georgia. Though Sam Nunn is no longer an elected official, he is still VERY popular and those Dems that thought there were no options among the liberal masses are returning to the fold. Southern Democrats are conservative in many ways and are sick of being ignored. McGraw speaks their language and they have listened.

A last minute infusion after the Atlanta Journal & Constitution endorsement and headline condemnation of Westmoreland has made it possible for Mike to get his message out in these final days all over the district as his positive TV is running strong.

John Lewis, Sam Nunn, and a long list of respected Dems have helped Mike. The newspaper of record for the state-the AJC could not have been more positive on Mike and more clear that Westmoreland must go with "Oust Westmoreland" in their headline for their midterm election endorsements.

Despite polls being hidden, people are well aware that they may not be favorable to Westmoreland, as he certainly did polls with Public Opinion Research (FEC Filing-$12000 -Polling)and he did not release their findings, though they certainly became known among political insiders, supposedly showing a neck in neck race three weeks before the election.

McGraw's internal phoning has indicated upward trending and within the last week. But polls don't win races and we may see many embarrassed Repubs staying at home, while Dems proudly vote for change.

I realize Kossacks and Huffpo don't believe anything that has not been sent through the PR department, and that's ok as the proof will be in the pudding. McGraw phone banks have heard the most enthusiastic feedback in the last week that I have ever heard of in 30 years of campaigning.

The most phonebankers could get out of the few Westmoreland supporters they could find, was simply to hang up as they have nothing to defend except their kneejerk distrust of Dems.

Mike wants to thank the SEIU for their incredible support and augmentation to Mike's phone banks which allowed more than 10,000 calls, most finding McGraw support even in the deep woods of Georgia.

Finally, all are breathing, waiting and watching TV ads. The only question is, "Will Goliath fall?" Short of a miracle, Westmoreland is going down.

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