Monday, June 12, 2006

Voting Delegitimized--A Call For National Strike/Boycott

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by mostconsiderate
Daily Kos
Mon Jun 12, 2006 at 12:27:26 PM PDT

Well, having just read the article by RFK, Jr. in Rolling Stone:
RFK, Jr Rolling Stone Article
It is about the literal stealing of more than 350,000 votes, I am now firmly resolved that we, liberals cannot depend on voting alone to turn things around.

Of course, though our country was established as a result of violent overthrow/armed revolution, since the writing of our constitution laws have been passed making it illegal to encourage or lead the same against even those who took power by illegal means, i.e. G W Bush, twice.


Voting itself, though I recommend it, is proven to be ineffective and illegitimate.

The government has systematically imprisoned millions of likely Democratic voters and even when they get out, felons can't vote. Yes, I mean those sitting in jail for no other "crime" than using drugs recreationally/free-thinking, who were supposedly in possession of amounts enough to be considered evidence of intended distribution.

Let's face it; those of us that are not in prison can't depend on our votes being counted, except possibly for the unintended candidate. Paper trails are being eliminated. And even when it is proven that voter fraud took place, no one is indicted.

Is it possible that the very thing many call terrorism and crime today are, in fact, the legitimate rebels?

As I have no intention of joining revolutionaries in jail, I am left with one remaining solution, a national worker strike and consumer boycott. Not a wimpy, one day thing, but simply staying at home, dieting, cleaning out those shelves, not buying anything that isn't necessary for survival until political and economic pressure is brought to bear!

With 70-million + voting-age Americans doubting the official stories of our government, a majority preferring another leader, yet the current one refuses to step down and congress doesn't lift a finger to impeach or indict for clear breaches of law (FISA, ETC), what choices do we have?

Many say, "Maybe next time", but it never comes. Many say, "Hey, wait until the fall", yet who believes anything will change when even the Democrats are silent about the problems?

Is someone a nut who believes it is time to take maximum legal action against the inaction of the government? Are we just so desensitized that we think nothing CAN change? It is clear we haven't had have faith in voting for year or more would vote. Are we frogs sitting in a pot of water, being slowly brought to a boil, failing to jump out, and dying?

Now is the time. I propose 1) July 4th as the date when all Americans begin to refuse to buy cars, homes, luxuries of any kind. Eat the minimum. Cook at home. Paralyze the economy. 2) If there isn't prompt action, stop going to work on the 11th. Even if only 50-million Americans do this, imagine the power of uniting, something it appears we had forgotten. United we stand; Divided we fall! Do it now. Email your friends, refer this article. Put it in your blog. Talk about it at church and anywhere there are people.


UPDATE - Thanks for the support, but no half measures; no luke warm water. It must be devastatingly clear. NO PURCHASES, NO WORK until the message is clear on every Mainstream Media Outlet there is.

No "splinter groups", no "whining minorities"; Massive across the board... Could I be more clear? Nothing less! Relent only when the President has been impeached. It is a simple up or down vote by congress. Don't relent until the Congress has assigned a team of special prosecutors for the stolen votes in Ohio! Don't relent until there is a commitment to arresting EMPLOYERS trying to get slave labor from our poor neighbors!



Suzanne said...

hi Bryan,

This is my first visit to your site. I was directed to it from a link on Randi Rhodes' message board. You write very passionately, clearly and convincingly. I plan to boycott any shopping on July 4. I've been scaling down my purchases generally anyway, but this will be no half measures: no driving (gas), movies, etc. I often think of Tyler Durden's line in the movie "Fight Club" (which, if you haven't seen it, you should rent after the boycott):

"The things you own end up owning you."

And by extension, the corporations who make them end up owning you as well.

Also: I know this sounds shallow, but I promise you, I am not a shallow person: You are very good looking.
For what that's worth!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on a strike, wish I would have known about it last year, but like most had my head in the sand. A group of us are planning a consumer strike on August 11, and August 18 2007. We need numbers to make it effective. Visit our site for more information and to sign up. If we all work together we can change things!

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