Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin's Objective Measuring Cup

The sad reality is (and hopefully the truth doesn't insult too many from non-competitive universities) a 3.3 average GPA is quite low compared to "competitive universities" that hover well over 3.7, and the average HS from which students come, is of far greater difficulty at Harvard and other top tiers. Most valedictorians cannot get into Harvard. It takes objective excellence. The quality of the average HS a U of I student attended would be nowhere near that of NY, Mass., well almost any other. Idaho is generally near the bottom when ranking public education, according to Kiplinger, #98 among publics.

It would seem to be common sense that Americans would demand such information about a Presidential candidate as GPAs, SATs, any objectively comparable data.

The fact is, Sarah Palin, by any stretch, is of a mediocre academic track, as is McCain. America allowed a coups d'etat (didn't elect) George Jr., and despite his poor academics, he went to the finest schools (with a D average). His presidency hasn't worked out very well. Hopefully, America has learned it's lesson from that fiasco.

Our President should be the brightest and best, not someone that simply "fits in" at the local PTA or drinking establishment.

I suspect Sarah's IQ is unimpressive or else it would be made public. The same can be said of any other data that somehow has been demanded in her "long political career". I guess Alaskans don't have much regard for objective standards, just redneck values and NRA membership.

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