Friday, August 29, 2008

What One Says When Told Of Sarah Palin Pick

1. Why didn't he just pick his wife Cindy if he just wanted a beauty pageant winner?
2. Why not Anita Bryant?
3. Sarah Palin, oh yeah, she makes great desserts, doesn't she?
4. Her foreign policy experience is that Alaska is adjacent to Russia.
5. Is that the best he could do?
6. Hey, anybody can be President in America!
7. Beauty Queen, Hockey mom, Mayor of a town of 5-thousand people, Governor of a rural state; hasn't she satisfied the Peter principle of being elevated to her highest level of incompetence yet?
8. Proof that McCain thinks with his guts; like a man with no head.
9. McCain, the next morning: "I'm sorry; what was your name? I was a little drunk last night."

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