Monday, February 12, 2007

Who Is Really Arming Iraqi Insurgents?

The most recent surge in finger-pointing at Iran reminds us of the four fingers pointing back at the US and Great Britain according to every source especially the bestselling book, Arming Iraq. Of all the weapons being used in Iraq by people on all sides it is fair to say a huge majority were made in America and provided en masse over many years.

Bush is yet again, a hypocrite as his dad armed and trained rebels in Nicaragua in the war that "didn't happen". Reagan and Bush exchanged weapons for hostages with Iran and now both directly and indirectly have done it again, Bush is crying that Iran is helping the people about whom they care; but worse, we are the ones that put the most weapons in their hands to kill American soldiers. But, hey, war makes money for gun makers.

We can also be sure much of the single $12-Billion stack of cash which is still unaccounted for, was inevitably used to pay for weapons that are being used against US soldiers. One of many smokescreens, this current propaganda campaign regarding Iran's arming insurgents, is just another distraction from looming questions about financial corruption and irreversible failed policy. I would like to say "Good money after bad" but it's all bad and an extraordinary waste of US taxpayer dollars, but worse the things that are sorely needed in the US: Education, health care and peace missions that re-establish the US as an exemplary, peaceful nation.

When America gets over its denial it will not only seek to end the war but will face its role in intentionally undermining itself in order to create a cycle of war profits for companies like Halliburton. So far, most agree the war before, during and after will go down in history as a Fiasco.

Eventually, we will have to stop blaming "them" and take the blame ourselves as voters and those responsible for failing speak out; for failing to demand accountability and for allowing the robber barons to steal us blind while killing people of all nationalities including ours. Of course, as history repeats itself, the US selling arms to its enemies was ignored before; it will be ignored again. If the war doesn't end and weapons we make and sell continue to kill us, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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