Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fox and Many Blacks Attack Obama--FOX-Objective, Fair News?

Several interviews on all media suggest an outright opposition to Barack Obama strictly on the basis that "he is not black enough" or that he does not come from slave descendants. In recent polls (especially Fox) Obama does better among whites than blacks, and Hillary Clinton does better than he among blacks. This is a surprise.

What is not surprising is Fox News, the admittedly conservative alternative "Fair and Balanced" news source. Fox continues to tout itself as "America's most trusted source", yet consistently professional journalists who have exited the organization have horror stories about their intentional political agenda while pretending to be a balanced source. Recently outed as a "neocon" organization by the documentary film Outfoxed, Fox has no shame in unfairly bashing Obama as he seems to threaten Republican chances.

In this video, we see a juxtaposition of several sources and their vilification and negative connotations, as well as parody from, of course the Daily Show.

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