Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Anna Nicole/Idiocracy Effect

Anyone who hasn't seen Anna Nicole in the news, stop reading now and get your eyes and ears replaced. Those who haven't seen Idiocracy, it's on DVD now and you must see it to experience the discomfort of identification with present day society.

The popularity of Anna Nicole news over Iraq on any day including the day of her death can only be explained by the ever-increasing dumbing down of America. Sadly enough, even Anna Nicole knew this about America as she acted dumber than she was, in order to attract Jerry Springer viewers and Enquirer readers to her entourage. She was using a very successful model of the kind of PR, Marilyn Monroe, who actual had a brain too.

The movie, Idiocracy, is idiotic and ingenious at the same time to the same extent that Stephen Colbert is. It's a parody intended to force ignorant, shallow people to identify first with the idiots in the film, then to feel like idiots so they may seek help and change. "Get an education if you are stupid" is the message. No matter how bad things get, you can choose to improve yourself.

The film takes place 500 years in the future, when, as a result of stupid people breeding more than the smart, and corporate America encouraging stupidity, the world has become a cesspool of idiots. One example of this is that the future humans have now started watering their crops with soda pop because the soda pop company has "bought" the FDA; brilliant! Everyone in the film is like the guy that used to pick on you in school for being too smart. Intelligent language is universally referred to as "faggy". How real this is now, not 500 years in the future.

But there is hope; take the warning and change the world. Prevent this from becoming our future. Instead of giving the news organizations a legitimate, business reason to "give you what you want", reward them for giving you what you need. Maybe our cultural icons will become Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates instead of Anna Nicole Smith and pimps singing Hip Hop, because, let's face it; Hip Hop wouldn't know hip if it was connected to their ass!

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