Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rapist's Rights in South Dakota!

Well, North Dakota now has a reason to crow; they are not South Dakota. The governor has signed into law an anti-abortion law that leaves rapists more rights to control a woman's body than a woman herself.

The law effectively banning all abortions including those following pregnancy from rape, becomes the first major legislation to test the new vote count of the US Supreme Court. I just hope Justice Stephens, 86, can stay alive to see this one through. I'm sure with Ginsberg as his nurse, (after all, the only woman must be the nurse) he will vote as he has but what about the new guys? Well, this precedent will decide two things 1) A woman's right to control her body and her future 2) A Rapist's child visitation rights. This should be interesting.

According to reports on "Al Franken," rapists have the advantage on this one. One more for men controlling the bodies of women not only during the sex act but in the 18 years following. I will say land just north of the border and publicly held abortion clinics in North Dakota would be a good investment. I hear they are running specials; 2 for the price of 1 in the case of twins. Ladies, on your mark...

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