Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gridlock Means Giving Up--Doing Nothing

Please do something!

Recently, I hear many that propose a government in standstill, two branches in opposite parties, "We have enough laws." Everything is fine, here and there; well it's not.

Gridlock does allow stabilization, but in a country that has so much wrong, laws must be changed; lots to be reversed though we will never get back what the Republicans have stolen from the poor and middle class during Bush, with his permission.

We need major reform and gridlock will not allow this. Elections, medicine, education, war powers, privacy... Let's stop excusing them just because ping pong is a monotonous game to watch.

Most of all, back on subject; Bush cannot be allowed to destroy what little credibility and legitimacy our government has; Both parties agree on this no matter their position.

Bush symbolizes America, as does any President; get rid of him AND Cheney, start a new symbol--afresh, either by impeachment or elections. I am sick of being attacked when I go abroad for a President we didn't elect. Young Republicans represent comfortable, spoiled Americans that just can't understand what made us great in the first place; they just don't see why the poor can't just "eat cake." Their conclusions are twisted, insensitive and sometimes either completely based on ignorance or they are lying or just playing the devil's advocate without ever letting us in on the joke.

Transparency must be applied to our politicians and corporations who are given great fiduciary trust, while privacy must be protected. If we don't enforce these principles, we will burn while Nero plays violin.

Both sides in power are so polarized now, and even they agree with these principles. Bush is out of touch with all sides, which doesn't mean he is in the middle-- he is out, the other, an enemy of the state!

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