Sunday, March 12, 2006

Do Muslims Love Their Children But Hate Ours? If they really wanted, what is stopping them from doing harm?

You know, I lived in Long Beach, LA Harbor for quite a while and in all that time I could not help but realize how easily one could send in a dirty bomb without detection. For that matter, who is stopping someone from shooting a plane out of the sky, bombing a hole in a levy after they repair them in New Orleans, or worse, Sacramento?

There is so much they could do if they had the will, but maybe they are not so evil after all. My family is in Atlanta and I read all the time about the possibility of nuclear meltdown at the aging Savannah River plant, one the most unsafe facilities in America. It sits above the water table that spreads underneath the entire Southeast, a huge underground sea. At points it is as shallow as 1,000 ft. beneath the surface. If someone dug a miles long tunnel from Mexico to Texas, what is stopping them from drilling under a tent and exploding a bomb in our water supply?

I feel vulnerable but apparently I shouldn't have fear, as they know our vulnerabilities as well as I, and they still don't do the damage they could. Obviously, they just want us to get out of their countries and leave them to progress at their own rate and in their own way. We may not like their cultures, but who are we to breach their sovereignty?

Oops, I forgot, we have the right because it's OUR oil, right?

I would rather laugh than cry, but I do feel guilty despite my non-participation in this horrible infringement on the rights of people to ride camels and live in tents. It wasn’t that long ago that we were equally despicable to women and other races. We would have certainly fought for our rights to subjugate whom we pleased had anyone come here telling us how to run our country.

Hey, I've got an idea, let's drill into the water table and dose it with a little respect. No, that's too metaphorical; hmmm, how about some Prozac! Maybe while we are at it, we can overpower the radio waves of these fascistic conservatives with Air America (a little plug for Al).

I have no doubt we have thought of these things but we are too decent to do it. Maybe we should consider the Muslims might have the decency as well, as evidenced by their restraint from terrorism here since 9/11. I think they know some of us actually love our children, as do they.

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