Sunday, July 08, 2007

She DC Unlimited: Lost And Found In A World Of Men

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by 0-SukiDesu-0 DC Woman's Editor

I'm just trying to be happy like anybody else.
So I try to replace the bad with goodness.
The hard part is knowing which one is which

A brief introduction: I am one whose identity is not tied up in one's name, but in her soul; not in her position, but in her relationship with others; not by what she owns, but by what she let's go.

In this article, I would just like to address a philosophy of she not being a part of him but with them either in pleasure or pain. Simone De Beauvoir once said in her book, Second Sex:

"For him she is sex - absolute sex, no less. She is defined and differentiated with reference to man and not he with reference to her; she is the incidental, the inessential as opposed to the essential. He is the Subject, he is the Absolute - she is the Other."

In this section, Duly Consider will seek to find the voice of women, unfiltered by men, so that men may truly know us and that we may know ourselves within our own context. We are so often defined and judged by men and though it is not the intention of this author to separate women from men but to allow women to define themselves. If you are a woman, please discover that which is you. If you are a man and you care to know women, welcome and taste from our lips. If you are a woman who loves women, express your unique voice here. It is a safe place for open minds and expressive souls.

To begin, let me offer a method by which women may submit ideas for articles or pieces you have already written that speak to this request above. If you want to be read or only to have a place where your words go out for scrutiny without judgment, this is the place. As we have many voices, no two shall be the same, but all shall be from the heart first, then the head as we do not pretend that the thought came first before the beating, throbbing of blood through our veins. We are self-aware and independent, and only with these sentiments can we truly allow men to know us as we won ourselves and we will let men own only what is truly theirs.

Men who wish to reflect on women may find many places where they can be lord. As I have been assured by Duly Consider that men's voices are common on this site. It is with this idea that we wish to let men know who we really are and what we really want, but also what we give.

story, politics, love, psychology, art, philosophy and even the sciences are things into which we will delve. It is not ours to endorse ideas here but to encourage them. Welcome all who want to know women. To those who don't, we ask you to allow for the possibility that someday you will see us for who we are, not for who you think we are or want us to be.

Please send submissions to

Editor's Note: She DC and Duly Consider are TM and will we treated as such if there are attempts at infringement. She DC is in no way intended to suggest a certain way to be a woman as such presumption would be counterproductive to our goal of open minds and sufficient basis for ideas. All contributions will be read and those published will meet the high standards we have tried to build throughout the site.


Anonymous said...


I would love and appreciate a forum for the voice of real women, uncluttered by social stigmas.

The natural beauty and raw power that is inherent in each woman should be nourished ~ fed ~ by society.

Embrace Yourself. Be Peace. Find Stillness. Speak Truth. Live Bold. Laugh Freely. Love.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Suki! Looks like a fine addition to the site!

Anonymous said...

I Love it!!
The Editor Mr. Hall is one of my favorite Professors and I love his Blog. It is good to have a womans voice now that isn't so political.

The phat girl in the front row.

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