Friday, June 08, 2007

Senate Doing Nothing Becomes Grand Consolation

Is the Immigration Reform Bill Just Playing Dead?

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Amid political warnings the bill could fail,
Reid scheduled a vote on limiting debate
on the measure for Thursday evening,
in a bid to drive the contentious reform
through the Democratic-led Senate.

It is the lack of shots that were heard around the world today as the US Senate failed to shove an incredibly unpopular immigration bill down the American throat.

The bill began with the pretense that the biggest problems involving immigration were legislative and could be solved by simply passing a new law. The law they insisted was coming, amounted to what more than two-thirds of Americans considered immunity for 12-20 million illegal immigrants. The warcry was, "Bring them out of the shadows." But it occurred to most Americans that these workers are nowhere near the shadows as they have been demanding to be treated as US citizens when they are not even here legally.

The Senate pretended they were doing everyone a favor by committing us to trillions more in debt. The House pretended they had nothing to do with it, but those who failed to speak out against the bill are ON THE RECORD having remained silent and they will be held accountable in 2008.

The Senate originally tried to press this through quickly without even discussion, as if the people would not notice and would hail it as "progress". Many publications shed their objectivity and lied to the American public telling us it was a "popular" bill when a full two thirds of Americans ultimately opposed the core points.

One may ask, "who do I vote against in 2008?" Well, a place to start is to become aware of who voted on what. This is difficult as the Senate intentionally tried to keep most of it off the record by making several voice votes which results in our having no complete record of their intentions. The best measure will ultimately be, who spoke agaisnt it from the beginning.

Meanwhile, here is the list of votes leading to the final death of the bill, lest it raises its ugly head again. Maybe now we can get on with enforcing the laws we have and listening to the American people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

The voting record regarding the "immigration reform bill"

Read carefully and decide who within and how to punish the Senate for ignoring the American people, or if, in fact, they should be rewarded for trying to ignore the will of the people.

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