Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Nerve of the Rich!

The rich overpaid themselves for the entirety of history, stealing from the poor, and now they say there isn't any money because of the poor.

The rich raped me then complained that I am no longer a virgin.

The rich decided life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness didn't include the necessary ingredients for such; i.e. food, education, health.

The rich man who is not dying, is complaining that those dying are too expensive and it's their own damned fault

The rich determine their own compensation having no correlation to hard work or ideas, but only to the power of their check-writing pens.

The rich deprive me of an education then put me in prison for the result of my ignorance, taking no blame and bearing no responsibility.

The rich and its sworn agents decide what I am worth, rather than the majority deciding what they and their ideas are worth; we are extorted.

The Nerve! I think I now understand the French...

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Lupus Noire said...

Anyone who believes that trickle down economics could ever work has no knowledge of the French revolution or conditions in pre-revolution France. In 1980 the richest 1% of the people in America took home 8% of the annual income. Last year they took home 23%. That's 15% less for the other 99% of the people, those who do all the work, have all the ideas and fight all the battles.
We can still take America back but only if we have the courage to continue the American revolution. As long as the rich can buy us off or scare us off they will continue to perpetuate the downfall of America. And when it falls they will leave. With a new mindset in Washington we have a chance, a small chance, of turning things around. Beware the distractions of bread and circus. Focus on the solutions for getting our country back under control of the people.

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